Happy Wednesday!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I think Wednesday’s might be the day for random updates going forward. I snapped the above picture of my girl and me yesterday evening. I really wanted to cook and eat dinner and Olivia really needed to have one more little nap to get her through until bedtime (which has been around 8pm the last week or so) so into the boba wrap she went. She had her dark little eyes wide open for the first 15 or so minutes she was wrapped up and then zonked out for a 30 minute nap which gave me time to finish making dinner, eat said dinner and clean up the kitchen!

Speaking of food, I attempted my third Whole 30 recently. I made it four days of strict Whole 30 before I decided I would be allowing glasses of wine on this Whole 30 because when you have a baby and you’re getting by on an average of 5 hours of sleep per night for months on end you need your glass of wine at the end of the day! Then I made it 7 days total of strict eating + 1 glass of red wine per day. Then Eric and I went on our date night and I decided beer and pizza was worth failing my third Whole 30.

The above became my favourite breakfast combo. Toasted sweet potato topped with compliant bacon, spinach, two runny eggs and hot sauce. So so so yum!

I was planning on getting right back on Whole 30 after our date night but then this past weekend I got mastitis and ended up in the ER and had to go on antibiotics. Suffice to say I felt pretty darn terrible all weekend and the last thing I felt like doing was eating healthy. I had cereal and toast for dinner more than once!

I want to be clear that I was not doing Whole 30 to lose weight. It took me 41.5 weeks to gain all my pregnancy weight and I fully expect it to take me the same amount of time to lose it, and I’m really in no hurry to do so. I just find the Whole 30 program is an amazing way to reset my eating and bring me back to focusing on wholesome foods and getting lots and lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet. And, honestly, even only doing it for 7 days did that for me. I might start doing a few 7 day resets over the next several months just to always bring me back to the healthy eating style I love the most, which is eating as much as I want and whenever I want, but only eating fresh and whole foods. That is what I love about Whole 30!

That’s about it for me these days. I am feeling pretty done with winter and ready for nicer weather. I am grateful for the walking track, but I’d like to start taking walks from our house again, and bringing Chloe along. Counting down the days until spring!

What would you like to share with me on this random Wednesday? Happy hump day! 


A full weekend!

Hey friends. Happy Tuesday! Hope all my American friends had a wonderful 4th of July. Just popping in quickly to say hi. We are off to the Sunshine Coast today to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary (which is on Thursday). This will be our first time back to the place we got married since our wedding three years ago. Crazy! Sadly, our entire province seems to be burning up right now and there are some really bad wildfires in the area. I’m really hoping they don’t interfere with our plans to go kayaking and hiking too much but I guess we’ll see..

Last weekend was really great! Friday night we ventured out into the heat and walked the 1.5km to Earl’s for appies and drinks followed by frozen yogurt.

Saturday morning we slept in and then I went to the Farmer’s Market and for coffee and a donut with my mom. I followed that up with a sweaty hot yoga class and some house cleaning. Then we spent the afternoon fishing and kayaking at a nearby lake. We finished the evening off grilling steaks and vegetables on the deck.

IMG 7918 IMG 7932

IMG 7936 IMG 7938

Sunday I went for a trail run with friends and then to the gym with Eric, we followed that up with an amazing brunch date at Jamaican restaurant (that’s jerk pork eggs benedict pictured below). A couple more hours were spent puttering around the house and then it was time for a BBQ and the last two slowpitch games of the season with our ball team! Even though it has taken up a huge chunk of our weekends the last three months I’m definitely sad to see ball come to an end. It’s been a lot of fun.

IMG 7955 IMG 7975

It was a super full and great weekend! And now we are off on a little holiday. I was super excited to pack up these three bottles of fancy wine I’ve been saving specifically for our anniversary trip 🙂

IMG 7981

See ya next week! Please cross your fingers for us that they get the wildfires under control… Have a good week!

How was your weekend? 


Weekend Recap: Hiking, pedicures, wine and swimming!

Another weekend has come and gone! I actually really love reading through my weekend recaps because they are all so different. Some weekends are busy, some weekends are very active, some are a mix of being productive around the house and relaxing, some are purely relaxing.

This past weekend was not only busy it was also very social! I spent a good chunk of time catching up with friends!


On Friday I had a nice long video chat with Lisa, while we text almost daily we had not had a video chat in a couple of months so it was great to catch up. The next time we chat in mid-July will be all about planning her trip to visit us over labour day weekend! So excited!

Then Friday afternoon I went for a hike with Bronwyn and got all caught up on her life. While we read each other’s blogs and stay in touch on social media it was great to catch up in person again. I didn’t get a photo of us together but here is the view from the top of our hike 🙂

IMG 7622


Saturday morning started with a long trail run with several friends! We were only supposed to go for a 1.5 hour run but getting lost resulted in a 2 hour, 13 km run!

IMG 7635

The funny part is the trail we got lost on was part of our normal morning loop, so we run it weekly! However, we were going the opposite way on it that we usually go and it was funny/weird how different it looked coming from the opposite direction! Ah well, it was fun 🙂

After the run I had a quick shower and joined my mom at the Farmer’s Market and then around 1:00pm I met my friend Jen for the first part of a fun girls afternoon — a pedicure! I sadly did not get any photos of us while getting our pedicure but it was great fun. I hadn’t got one since before our trip to Maui so my toes really needed the love.

Post pedicure we headed out to a local winery I haven’t had the chance to check out yet. Kamloops now has four wineries! It’s so exciting. We had an awesome wine tasting at Privato Winery and then enjoyed a glass of wine on their beautiful patio.

IMG 7642

IMG 7650

After the wine we headed back to Jen’s parents and did our makeup and hair and met up with another friend for a fun dinner out and more drinks.

IMG 7655

How hot are these two mama’s? I had fun crashing their kid-free night 🙂

What was especially amusing to me is about six or seven years ago our nights out would begin at 10:00pm with drinks and appies before going out dancing. On Saturday our night ended at 10:00pm and we were more than ready to hit the sack by that point. Too funny 😉


I have to admit I was feeling a tad hungover on Sunday morning so I laid in bed until about 9:00am. Eric dropped me off at Jen’s to pick up my car on his way to the gym and then I had big plans to go to the gym myself but ended up ditching it in favour of grocery shopping and doing some puttering around the house.

Sunday afternoon I headed up to my mom’s to hang out by the pool and Geralyn brought baby Cohen over for his first ever swim!

IMG 7665

IMG 7699

After a fun Sunday afternoon lounging in the pool Eric and I had to pack up our stuff and head to, what else? Baseball! Sometimes it can be a drag getting ourselves there on Sunday evening but we always have a good time with our team. This week our team actually won both games so that was awesome. We are finally getting good at playing together and the season is ending! I also got my hand stepped on by someone wearing cleats while scrambling on the ground for the ball at first base, that was not awesome.

IMG 7674

Eric batting! 

After baseball we picked up fast food, our new Sunday night tradition. Terrible I know. And came home to watch the Game of Thrones finale, which broke both our hearts. Let’s not talk about it.

It was a fabulous weekend and I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful friends in different areas of my life and that I got to spend time with them all this weekend!

How was your weekend? If you had to pick one word for it would it be social, relaxing, productive or something else?