Happy Wednesday!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I think Wednesday’s might be the day for random updates going forward. I snapped the above picture of my girl and me yesterday evening. I really wanted to cook and eat dinner and Olivia really needed to have one more little nap to get her through until bedtime (which has been around 8pm the last week or so) so into the boba wrap she went. She had her dark little eyes wide open for the first 15 or so minutes she was wrapped up and then zonked out for a 30 minute nap which gave me time to finish making dinner, eat said dinner and clean up the kitchen!

Speaking of food, I attempted my third Whole 30 recently. I made it four days of strict Whole 30 before I decided I would be allowing glasses of wine on this Whole 30 because when you have a baby and you’re getting by on an average of 5 hours of sleep per night for months on end you need your glass of wine at the end of the day! Then I made it 7 days total of strict eating + 1 glass of red wine per day. Then Eric and I went on our date night and I decided beer and pizza was worth failing my third Whole 30.

The above became my favourite breakfast combo. Toasted sweet potato topped with compliant bacon, spinach, two runny eggs and hot sauce. So so so yum!

I was planning on getting right back on Whole 30 after our date night but then this past weekend I got mastitis and ended up in the ER and had to go on antibiotics. Suffice to say I felt pretty darn terrible all weekend and the last thing I felt like doing was eating healthy. I had cereal and toast for dinner more than once!

I want to be clear that I was not doing Whole 30 to lose weight. It took me 41.5 weeks to gain all my pregnancy weight and I fully expect it to take me the same amount of time to lose it, and I’m really in no hurry to do so. I just find the Whole 30 program is an amazing way to reset my eating and bring me back to focusing on wholesome foods and getting lots and lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet. And, honestly, even only doing it for 7 days did that for me. I might start doing a few 7 day resets over the next several months just to always bring me back to the healthy eating style I love the most, which is eating as much as I want and whenever I want, but only eating fresh and whole foods. That is what I love about Whole 30!

That’s about it for me these days. I am feeling pretty done with winter and ready for nicer weather. I am grateful for the walking track, but I’d like to start taking walks from our house again, and bringing Chloe along. Counting down the days until spring!

What would you like to share with me on this random Wednesday? Happy hump day! 


Whole30 Round 2 Wrap-up

I finished my second Whole30 on Monday, February 6! I recapped the first week here and weeks 2 & 3 here.

I’m so glad I tackled Whole30 for a second time. The first time I did Whole30 was last June/July and at the time I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it. I spent at least a month getting mentally prepared for it and spent about 1-2 weeks meal prepping / planning before starting. It was quite an expensive Whole30 last time, whereas this time my Whole30 groceries only ended up being an extra $100 more than our regular grocery budget. And considering I only ate once in the entire 30 days, I will call that a win! I also bought way more fresh fruit last time, which was partially due to the season.

The 2nd time was definitely easier. I didn’t get any crazy ‘carb flu’ at the beginning of it and I definitely found it easier to eat on the fly because I had a really good understanding of what I could and could not have. However, other aspects of it were harder. I really missed Friday night beers with Eric and towards the end I kind of got tired of cooking and just kept eating leftovers and then got really bored. By the last three days I was ready for it to just be over already!

Last Tuesday was my first official day post-Whole30. I had a bit of cheese right after work for a snack and then for dinner I had sushi and wine. Two other things I had been craving like crazy during my second round of Whole30! I didn’t bother doing the reintroduction phase because I did a reduced version of it last time and I don’t believe I have any food intolerances.

I admit I have totally face planted into bad food for the last week. After sushi came fries, more wine, beer, pizza, hot wings and fro-yo. Those are just a few of the things I had last week!! This week I am determined to do better.

Will I do Whole30 again? 

Definitely. I love this eating program. It is such a great reset for me and I truly feel SO amazing when I fuel my body with REAL & WHOLE foods for 30 days. Even though parts of it are definitely hard and I miss takeout and I miss wine and beer it also feels amazing to eat such real and healthy foods and to tame my sugar dragon. I plan to do Whole30 again in June or July (I’d like to keep up doing it twice a year) and I might even take on a Whole45 or Whole60 next time… I wouldn’t mind doing it for a few extra days and seeing how my body does!

Have you ever done Whole30? Would you do it again or would you try it? 


Whole30 Round 2 Weeks 2 & 3 + homemade sauerkraut

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I totally flaked at recapping week 2 of my second round of Whole30. Now here I am coming to you from Day 22! Honestly, my second time doing Whole30 has been kind of laid back and even a bit boring. For the most part it’s definitely a lot easier, but I’ve had a couple of hard days.

This Paleo Buffalo Chicken Casserole might be one of my favourite Whole30 recipes yet! I topped it with homemade Whole30 ranch, which was also super yum! Making homemade Whole30 sauces really helps take some of your meals to the next level!

Kale, sweet potato and peppers sauteed with olive and oil and topped with a fried egg.

A delicious sweet potato bowl (still my fav!) with 2 scrambled eggs and salsa on the side for my Day 15 breakfast!

Day 14 was a super hard day for me this time around. I just had all the cravings and wanted pizza so so badly. It also fell on the weekend, which wasn’t easy either as I do find eating well on the weekends is much harder than during the week. But I made it through days 14 and 15 and to the downhill slope and it’s been pretty easy from here on out.

This was super delicious! The roast chicken simmered in the crockpot all day and then I blended up the juices and onion and garlic to go over the potatoes. A side of braised red cabbage finished it off.

These “nachos” were SO good! Roasted the sweet potatoes and topped them with pulled pork, salsa, avocado and olives.

Beef tacos! I made the beef carnitas in the crockpot and then wrapped them in lettuce with avocado mayo and salsa. A crockpot is a MUST HAVE for Whole30.

So this is definitely my favourite Whole30 meal and something I’ve been eating again and again and again… and again!

I keep boiled baby potatoes in the fridge at all times and then I saute them with olive oil, compliant Whole30 bavarian smokies and whatever veggies are in the fridge. Right at the end I add some of our homemade sauerkraut and then top with Whole30 avocado mayo and hot sauce and of course some green olives 🙂 Sooooo delish. I’ve ate this probably every second day or so.

My “treat” after a crazy morning last week (I didn’t end up going to Vancouver because my flight was canceled – long long story). By the time I had my first coffee of the day it was 11am so a huge ass coffee and a Larabar was needed!

Homemade Sauerkraut 

I eat a TON of sauerkraut, especially during Whole30 and yesterday my grandma helped me make two new jars of it! It was so so easy!

First you slice the cabbage. My grandma has this cool slicer that made slicing it muchhhhh easier than chopping it with a knife. We sliced it into this huge bowl.

Then you throw in some salt (we did this by taste so I can’t even tell you how much). Also, apparently it’s important to use coarse salt and not table salt that is iodized. After slicing it you ‘knead’ the cabbage and push down on it and squeeze out all the juices! The salt really helps get the cabbage nice and juicy. Then you put it in a huge jar and continue to press the cabbage down and push the juices up to the top. We managed to fill two full jars!

My grandma gave me two plastic container lids leftover from margarine containers and you put them in the jars and really push the sauerkraut down so the juice sits on top of the plastic lid. Then we covered it with paper towel and used elastics to keep the paper towel on.

They’ll now sit and ferment on the counter for 7 – 10 days and we will have super delicious sauerkraut to enjoy. Can’t wait!

Are you doing Whole30 right now? If so, how’s it going? Are you a fan of sauerkraut?