2 weeks to go!

I know I was doing monthly countdowns before but I felt that the two week countdown deserved to be acknowledged! Two weeks is kind of crazy to me. I mean every week it feels closer (obviously) but two weeks feels insanely close. I only have 7 working days left until I’m on vacation and the wedding is only 14 sleeps away.


Anyways, my mom arrived here on Friday night so it’s definitely wedding crunch time. We have quite a few things to do in the next two weeks including tackling the only DIY projects I’m undertaking this entire wedding process, which is creating the program fans (inspiration picture below) and the table numbers. I really wanted to do something so cool and original for these but I’m kind of not in the mood to brainstorm anything anymore so I think they’ll just be basic table numbers.

Program Example


Other things on my agenda for this week is getting my hair coloured on Wednesday night. I haven’t coloured it since 2009 (see photo below) but it’s going to be similar to that colour with a few “sun-kissed highlights” in it. My hairdressers words, not mine. Also since my fabulous hairdresser isn’t here I’m going to see someone brand new (but highly recommended) and taking lots of notes and photos with me and stating up front that I’m getting married in 1.5 weeks!

Red hair in 2009

Then on Friday I’m testing out another spray tan. Last time I went with the “light” colour and while I had fabulous colour the next day, four days later it was totally gone. So this time I’m testing out the “medium” shade. However, Jen and Michele both tested “medium” last time and they said they both turned orange soo, we’ll see how it goes! I will then have one more spray tan next Friday before leaving for Vancouver and since we leave for Vancouver on Friday but the wedding isn’t until Monday I want to make sure I choose a shade that lasts!

Also, last time I got spray tanned I couldn’t stop thinking about THIS!

That’s it, that’s all for me. Happy Monday friends!



1 month to go!

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Rehearsal dinner dress

Our wedding date is 1 month from today. Holy hell! Actually, wedding festivities will really start in less than a month when my vacation from work starts and when I make the trek down to Vancouver to spend the weekend before the wedding with family and friends there!

Nothing feels real quite yet, to be honest. Despite the fact that we’ve been engaged for 15 months now and I did some pretty intense planning back in January/February things have just been cascading the last month. Not necessarily in a bad way, there are just a lot of things to think about and a lot of details to sort out. I send out 1-2 wedding emails every day and it consumes my thoughts. If I thought about it every day before I now think about it all day, every day!  Work has been busy and that’s actually been a very pleasant distraction from constantly thinking about the WEDDING!

This was also a very productive wedding week for us as we finalized the ceremony script, ordered the guys tuxes and I bought a dress for the rehearsal dinner (sneak peak above) among a few other things!

Since I’m sure I’ll have lots more detailed wedding posts coming up (we’re starting some DIY stuff soon when my mom gets down here) over the next month for this 1 month out one I’m actually kind of at a loss for words. 1 months is so soon. 30 sleeps away. Whoa.

Anyways, since I don’t think it’s completely healthy to spend so much time and energy thinking about/being excited about/being invested in this one day, here are some things I’m looking forward to that are coming up AFTER the wedding. Because, you know, there is life after the wedding apparently. Even though some days it doesn’t really feel like it because I don’t really think that far ahead anymore!

  • Our Honeymoon! We’re spending it on Vancouver Island. 4 nights in Tofino and 1 night in Victoria!
  • Going camping lots in July and August.
  • Running a half-marathon at the end of July and a big trail race on labour day weekend!
  • My birthday weekend (I’m planning on booking a wine tour for us!)
  • Being married! (duh!)

This was a random mish-mash post and it’s a Saturday so if you take nothing out of this post, take away this: the wedding is 1 month away which is insanely soon, it still all doesn’t feel real, I brought a pretty white, lace dress for the rehearsal and there are some things to look forward to after the wedding even though it’s hard to think *that* far ahead right now!

Question of the day: What are you looking forward to in the coming months? 


2 months to go!

Catching up on wedding planning? Here are my previous posts on this topic:


As I’m sure you can imagine the last month has been pretty consumed with the marathon so not much has happened on the wedding planning front since my last update. However, I think the wedding will be the PERFECT thing to distract me as I go through my post-marathon blues, am I right?

Tent at rockwater

A recent favourite wedding picture taken at our resort. {Source} 

Instead of my usual to-do list format, here are some random blurbs on wedding planning in general, and how I’m feeling with only two months to go until the big day.

– Despite making a decision about what we’re going to do for tuxes, we’re yet to actually order them. The guy at the tux store should not have told us we only needed to do it a month ahead of time because now we probably will. Oh well! At least we know exactly what we want.

– The final guest list numbers are in more or less (give or take 5 or 10 people more or less). I am really happy with the number of people we’re going to have (less than 100) and think it will make for a really nice, intimate – but still fun! – affair. Of course, I’m really sad that certain people couldn’t make it and I’ve definitely had a few disappointing no RSVP’s, but overall I am happy with how it’s unfolding.

– I created a Facebook group for my bridal party and it seems to be working as a great way to keep all the important information in one area without sending a million emails!

– Day of itinerary is something lurking at the back of my mind. I know I need to start planning this soon as well as a day before itinerary and logistics of getting everyone from Vancouver to the resort and the day on Saturday when we’ll be in Vancouver and will be a bit of a “mini” bachelorette party for me (no, I will not be getting crazy drunk or going too wild two nights before my wedding!)

– I’m really, really, REALLY looking forward to our honeymoon. This year has been ca-ra-zy so far and our honeymoon is the “light at the end of the tunnel” in terms of a chance to really kickback and relax after a crazy-busy 7 months!

– I’ve been meaning to write a blog post talking about changing my name (I am changing it!) but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will in the next month!

– Eric and I have a dancing lesson on Monday! I booked this months ago and completely forgot about it until last week! It should be interesting to say the least. Hope my quads are back to 100% by then.

– Speaking of dancing, we need to finish filling out our music profile for the DJ.

– Speaking of that, we also need to finish writing and planning our ceremony. And write a joint ‘Thank You’ type speech for the reception. Oy.

– My dress doesn’t need to be hemmed! It is the PERFECT length with my kitten-heel shoes. So happy about that!

– That’s about it. My mind has been totally focused and obsessed with the marathon the last little while so wedding mode is back on. There is quite a bit to be done in the next two months.

Anything else I should be thinking about 2 months out? I’m sure I’m missing something…