Iceland: Days 4 – 6

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Day 4

We woke up in Hofn to super cloudy / foggy conditions. We literally could not see 3 feet in front of us. Luckily once we got on the road and got out of the town and towards the coast the fog actually cleared off quite a bit and we had some beautiful views. This was actually one of my favourite days of our whole trip – the views were absolutely incredible and the weather was perfect as we weaved through the Eastfjords.

We didn’t really do anything overly exciting this day – we just drove along the coast, and pulled over lots to check out the amazing views!

Aren’t Eric’s sunglasses the best! ha ha

The BEST part of the Campervan by far was being able to pull over with views like this whenever we wanted to rest – or eat!

Before finding our camping spot in Egilsstadir Iceland, we did a side trip to Seydisfjordur, which I highly highly recommend. It was a BEAUTIFUL drive down there and the cutest little town.

You can see the town of Seydisfjordur in the valley of this photo – such a pretty drive down!

And the most adorable little town, we sat right here and had a drink. 🙂 Then we made our way back to Egilsstadir for our third night of camping where we continued to have beautiful sunshine!

Day 5

Day 5 was a BIG travel day for us! We covered almost 500 km and all of Northern Iceland.

So, I’m sure others might have different opinions on this, but we really weren’t a huge fan of Northern Iceland. The landscape was very desolate and in general we weren’t as drawn to pull over regularly like we were throughout the south, southeast and eastfjords, which is part of the reason we ended up covering so much mileage!

There were some amazing waterfalls – as per usual – right off the road though.

We did do some cool stuff in Northern Iceland though. First, we visited one of the famous waterfalls – Dettifoss. It was a really cool waterfall and a seriously beautiful day out!

After that it felt like we drove and drove and drove and drove 🙂


We ended up camping at the Saeberg Hostel on night #4 and man was this place ever an amazing little gem! It had a huge kitchen with big windows overlooking the water and this super cool little outdoor hot tub that was heated geothermally on the side of the hill overlooking the water. So cool! Being preggo, I couldn’t spend too much time in it. But Eric lounged in it for a good hour. Lucky guy!

Day 6

We got a super late start on day 6. We slept in until about 9am and then took advantage of the amazing big kitchen at the hostel to make a bit of a feast. French toast with nutella and peach syrup. Yum!

Next we drove to the Bjarnarhofn Shark Museum, where all hakarl is made. It was pretty interesting to learn about how they make hakarl – for example, there are no active shark hunts anymore and rather all hakarl is made from sharks that are accidentally caught in fisherman nets – so they can end up with anywhere from 5 sharks a year to 60!

We got to try some more hakarl and also go see all the shark that was hanging and fermenting out back. That made for quite the smell!

How I feel about hakarl 🙂

Our reading break spot that day – campervan for the win!

We also visited Kirkjufell, which is the most photographed waterfall and mountain in Iceland. I honestly found it a tad underwhelming…

Probably because we had such a huge driving day the day before we ended up pulling over early to camp on this night. We were both pretty tired and we found this amazing spot to stay. So, camping in the wild (aka not at designated camping spots) is apparently not allowed in Iceland. However, we were very careful to make sure we cleaned up after ourselves and did not leave any waste behind. Plus the spot we were in was very secluded – and, it was STUNNING.

A typical campervan meal!

That sunset though *heart eyes*

And that was day 6! At this point we had covered over 1,300 km (800 miles) in 5 days of driving! We were definitely getting pretty tired, which I think you will see reflected in how laidback the next 3 days are…

But stay tuned for that recap next time 🙂

Have you ever tried hakarl? Would you? 


Iceland: Days 1 – 3

We headed to Iceland on Monday, May 1. By the time we got into Reykjavik from the airport it was about 5pm and raining pretty hard so we didn’t spend too much time exploring Reykjavik, we got checked into our hotel room and then headed out for dinner.

Day 1

So going into our trip to Iceland we had heard from multiple people how expensive it is and how much food at restaurants is, but we still got hit with serious sticker shock! The pub we went to only had two krona’s (equivalent to $ signs) on google so we were like, ok this can’t be that expensive… Well, most pints of beer were about $20 CAD. For one pint. Thank god I was pregnant!

At dinner we ate hakarl (fermented shark), something Eric had been wanting to try for years. It is not good. Ha ha. After our dinner out we basically just made our way back to our hotel room and went to sleep. Exciting times 🙂

Day 2 

We had the morning free in Reykjavik so we started off by having breakfast at our hotel and then wandered around again. I wish I’d taken more photos, it’s a really cute town with really interesting streets and the houses / buildings are like straight out of a fisherman’s village.

At noon, GO Campers picked us up at our hotel room to take us to their office so we could get our campervan!

We spent about an hour there getting all organized and making sure we had everything we needed to live out of our campervan for the next 8 days, and then we were off! First stop, grocery store and liquor store 🙂

So we had a tentative itinerary set out for our road trip around Iceland but it all pretty much went out the window when our first day in the campervan the wind was extreme. They recommend not driving in wind levels over 16 and I think it was around 15 and raining super hard that day, so we decided to just save the southwest / golden circle for the end of the trip and head straight south to get out of the rain and wind.

That was the best part about the campervan, we could be totally flexible depending on weather!

One of the coolest – and probably most famous things – about Iceland is all the waterfalls. You are driving along the road and all of a sudden you look over and see an INCREDIBLE waterfall just off the main road! The first one we stopped at was Seljalandsfoss.

This is the one you can walk behind. SO cool! We got sooo wet. Ha ha

Then we continued a little bit further along the road towards our first camping spot of the trip. On night #1 we stayed at Skogafoss and landed a killer camping spot with a great view of this big beautiful waterfall.

Pretty epic if you ask me! Eric met a fellow Canadian when he was walking up to the top of the waterfall so he came over for a beer. He’d already been in Iceland for 4 days at that point so it was fun to get some tips about where to go and what to see.

And that’s pretty much it for Day #2!

Day 3 

We started day #3 by climbing to the top of the Skogafoss waterfall and then hiking along the trail that starts up there. It’s actually a pretty epic 25km trail but we only went out about 2km. I really wish we had hiked further on it because the trail was sooo amazing but we didn’t bring any water and weren’t prepared for too long of a hike.

Photos don’t do it justice, it was so beautiful!

After our hike, we had breakfast in the campervan and then set off to continue on our journey around the Ring Road!

We stopped at Reynisfjara Beach, which was really pretty but again the weather wasn’t too amazing so we didn’t stay long.

Next we stopped at Fjadrargijufur Canyon, which was one of my very favourite places that we visited in Iceland. Again, I wish the weather was better, but it was such a cool canyon. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The geography in Iceland was truly beyond incredible.


We fit all of the above in before noon on Day 3, so it wasn’t long before we were exhausted. We found a random pullout and pulled over for a nap! Another campervan advantage 🙂

When we woke up from our nap the sun was out!! We drove a little further up the road and went for a beautiful hike in the sunshine to check out these three small waterfalls.

In hindsight, I wish we’d spent an extra night in this part of Iceland, it really was our favourite part compared to everything else we saw. Soo beautiful and so many amazing places to hike and visit. We ended up rushing through the last little bit of Day 3 to get to the airport so we didn’t even really get to explore Vatnajokull National Park, which I’ve heard is amazing. Next time! We had to rush to Hofn to make sure we got the bars for our bed from the airport in time. However, at this point we’d already walked over 20,000 steps that day so I wasn’t *too* bummed about not doing anymore hiking that very day 🙂

We spent night #2 in Hofn. I didn’t take a picture of our camping spot because it was super cloudy and foggy. Before getting settled in for camping we went for our second big dinner out of the trip because apparently Hofn is famous for Langoustine. I actually can’t believe I did not take photos of our food because we had the most amazing langoustine soup and other delicious food. It was once again outrageously expensive, but I’m glad we had the experience.

And that concludes Day 3! Days 4 – 6 recap coming up next 🙂

Have you ever been to Iceland? Have you ever done an extended camping trip? I think this was actually the most days we’ve ever camped for in a row before!


GO Campers Campervan Review

As with our last two trips to Maui and Kauai, I am doing a few posts about specific parts of our trip that I can link to in the day-by-day recaps I will do later.

The first post I want to do is a very thorough review of our GO Campers Campervan that we spent 8 nights and 9 days driving around Iceland in! A couple of years ago Eric watched a YouTube video about a couple who rented a Campervan and drove around Iceland’s Ring Road. We immediately added it to our trip bucket list and I’m excited to say it now has a big check mark beside it.

We rented the GO LITE Camper 3-pax from GO Campers and I’m really glad we decided to rent the slightly bigger camper instead of the smaller 2-person one. The 3-pax actually ended up being a really great size for 2 people.

In the back it had 3 benches for seating around a kitchen table (which we ended up taking down for the entire 9 days to give us more space in the back) and then the couches folded down into a bed.

View from the back showing how we could store our luggage under the back bench. The two side benches also had storage underneath. We used one side for our groceries and the other side for our bedding.

Two different views of the backseat with the benches up. The backrests would then go in the middle on top of bars to create the bed. It was a good set-up.

Our cooking / counter area. We had a sink with running water, a cookstove and a cooler box that would charge during the day.

Eric liked the campervan too 😉

Our trusty van got us through over 2,200 km / 1,365 miles in the 9 days we had it! It truly was the best way to see a beautiful country because we could be so flexible with where we went and where we stayed – as you’ll see when I do our day-to-day recaps of the trip. Also GO Campers was fantastic to deal with, the campervan was brand new and had never been used before and it ended up not having the bars we needed to set up our bed. We managed to make it work for the first night, but I emailed GO Campers right away and they made arrangements to fly the bars we needed out to Hofn, the next town we’d be stopping at. It definitely helped make the bed much more comfortable and I was very grateful to them for getting them to us even though we were already 1/4 of our way around the Ring Road.

We would definitely do more campervanning trips in the future! Though next time we would have to make sure we got an automatic transmission as Eric was pretty tired having to do ALL the driving!

Have you or would you ever travel by campervan?