Coffee Date

Let’s have a quick coffee date, shall we?? And yes, I’ve still been drinking my 1 (sometimes 2!) cups of coffee per day throughout my pregnancy. I have added back in creamer recently when I was drinking my coffee black for a long time. There is just something I absolutely love about that cup of coffee in the morning with delicious half-and-half cream in it turning it that beautiful rich caramel colour. Hmmmm.

If we were having coffee today¬†I would definitely tell you about the insane snowfall we had yesterday. It broke records from 1918. We got over 20 cm of thick, wet, heavy snow. I was very happy that Eric was on day’s off as he spent over an hour shovelling our driveway, front porch and back deck!

You may recall that last year it snowed almost this much on October 1, so I will just be grateful for the extra 24 days of fall we had this year ūüôā

If we were having coffee today¬†I would tell you that I only have 4 working days left until I’m on maternity leave! I could actually probably go now, I’m really just cleaning up files and doing a few last little bits of passing stuff off. My replacement has been with me for 4 weeks now because I wanted to make sure we had enough time together in case I had to go off early and she’s handling most of the day-to-day stuff on her own now. However, it’s kind of nice to have a quieter and slower transition from work because the last two times I’ve moved on from jobs it’s been a bit frantic so I will just enjoy the next 4 days at a leisurely pace.

If we were having coffee today¬†I might mention that I started reading the new Dan Brown book yesterday. Eric is a big Dan Brown fan so went and bought it and I thought I might as well pick it up. So far I’m really enjoying it and I think it will be one of those guilty pleasure type reads for me. I also just finished reading All the Ugly and Wonderful Things yesterday morning which was a very disturbing, but very well written, book.

If we were having coffee today¬†I would tell you that this may be mine and Eric’s last weekend off together just the two of us. It seems so strange to say that! Because of Eric’s work schedule, his next weekend off is November 18/19, which is 5 days after our due date. So yes theoretically that could be our last weekend off together too, but we are going into this weekend kind of expecting this to be it. We don’t really have too many plans, we have our last prenatal class on Saturday morning and we are going to get pictures hung in the baby’s room and really just try to soak up our time together just the two of us. Probably will go out for breakfast or dinner or to a movie or something but I’m not entirely sure yet. With his crazy work schedule over the last year it’s honestly just so nice for us both to be at home at the same time even if we aren’t ‘hanging out’ so I will just enjoy that.

If we were having coffee today¬†I might tell you I got a new iPhone last week. We were able to get a great deal through an employee purchase plan at our company and I wanted to take advantage of it before going on maternity leave so got an iPhone 8 Plus. It’s weird getting used to having such a big phone but it’s also so nice to have a new phone as my old one was getting very slow.

And to wrap up the post, here is a random photo of the sunset from last night, so pretty ūüôā

If we were having coffee today, what would you tell me? 


Coffee Date

Should we sit down and have coffee & a donut today?

I am actually not enjoying this right now, this is a photo from my vacation last week when I met my friend Tara for a coffee and donut at PDK Cafe in downtown Kamloops. We used to run together and now we eat donuts together ūüėČ

Anyways, as I write this blog post I am drinking a cup of coffee and also eating a sweet potato bowl. Same, same right?

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I would probably talk about how it feels like summer is absolutely flying by. How is it already August 10? Eric’s last week off work for the summer is August 21 – 27 and we’re going camping and fishing with his family. I’m looking forward to having one last summer hurrah.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†you might ask me when I plan to go on maternity leave (I swear I get asked that once a day right now) and I would tell you that I’m hoping to work until Friday, November 3. My due date is November 13, so I think this is totally doable. And yes I am planning on taking the full year off – so grateful to have that option in Canada!

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I might mention that I really miss spending the majority of my day laying by the pool and reading my book, which was basically what I did for the majority of the time I was down south last week.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I would likely complain about how HOT our house gets during the day! The front of the house faces directly east and the back faces directly west so we get the full morning sun on the front and the full afternoon/evening sun on the house in the back. When I got home from work yesterday it was 24 C in our house! In the summer I like to keep it closer to 18 C. So I’m trying to figure out where to strategically place fans and which windows to open and close when to see if I can keep it cooler in here during the day.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I would tell you that life feels kind of boring lately. We haven’t been able to enjoy all the summer adventures we usually do because of Eric’s work schedule and that has bummed me out a few times this summer. However, I know this is just a phase of life we’re in now and it too shall pass. Plus for the most part our life is ah-ma-zing right now and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing.

If we were having coffee this morning…¬†I might remind you that four years ago to the day, I was doing this. Scrambling over a mountain in Squamish for my first (and so far only) 50km ultra marathon! I still cannot believe I did a 50km race. That honestly feels like a different life sometimes.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee this morning? 


Happy hump day coffee date!

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Let’s have a super quick catch-up via coffee shall we?

If we were having coffee today I would definitely talk about how we get possession of our new house today! I unfortunately have to work at an event all day until 6 tonight, but Eric is on days off right now so will start moving our stuff over today.

If we were having coffee today¬†I would definitely complain about the weather. It’s been around -30 C (-22 F) with the windchill for the last week. Considering we got our first heavy snowfall on October 1 it has been a lonnnggg winter!

If we were having coffee today¬†I would also tell you that in the future I will be planning warm weather getaways for March, not December. Don’t get me wrong, going to Hawaii in December was amazing but I am needing a warm weather getaway right now more than anything!

If we were having coffee today¬†I would tell you that not being on social media has honestly been amazing for me. I truly don’t miss it at all. I literally feel like I have gained extra time in my day, which I know is also sad because that shows how much I was on social media before. The endless scroll was a serious problem in my life.

If we were having coffee today¬†I would admit that I have replaced some of my social media scrolling with online shopping.. I’ve ordered a few things from Wayfair for our new house and I ordered some new workout clothes from Gap Fit because they were having a 35% off sale the other day!

That’s it for me!¬†What would you share with me if we were having coffee today?¬†