Looking Back

I’ve often shared Looking Forward posts on this blog, but I thought that I would do a looking back post today because this first week of March has been significant for us over the last few years…

Three Years Ago 

Life was good and at the time I would have described it as “perfect”. We were both working jobs we enjoyed a lot, even though admittedly we did not have a lot of extra money. We spent our weekends going to the gym together, going for brunch or going for hikes and trail runs and we spent all of our disposable income on traveling. We were gearing up to head to Maui in a month and after three years of being married we were finally ready to start trying for a family!

Two Years Ago 

After a tumultuous year that included Eric being laid off from his job twice and our infertility diagnosis we made the huge, huge, HUGE decision to rent out our house, for me to quit my job and for us to move back to our hometown for new career opportunities. Still to this day the hardest decision we’ve ever made. And while I will never regret this decision because of what came afterwards, I will always miss aspects of our life down there. Especially the amazing friends we had.

One Year Ago 

At this time a year ago we had just found out we were 4 weeks pregnant. We also took possession of our house that week. It was the start of a very anxious filled several weeks as we’d waited so long for this pregnancy and early pregnancy is a scary time as you know the chances of something going wrong or losing the baby are very high. I was also insanely sick.


I’m 4 months into my 1 year maternity leave with our amazing, adorable, hilarious, fun baby girl. She absolutely lights up our life. Eric just started a new job where he will only work 8 hour shifts 5 days per week instead of the 12 hour shifts, 14 days straight he has been working for almost two years. This new schedule has just started this week, but we’re already so excited for the extra time we will have together as a family and I am excited that he will be able to participate so much more fully in parenting even on the days he is working.


There have been many trials and tribulations for us over the last three years, and life certainly isn’t perfect. But it’s also not about having a perfect life anyways. The messy parts can lead to something beautiful, they did for us. And I wouldn’t change the journey for anything!

What were you doing three years ago, two years ago and one year ago at this time?

What are you doing today?

How does your life look different? 

PS: Wishing my brother a very happy 25th birthday today! Also send him all your good thoughts today as he heads out on his Appalachian Trail hike – today is day 1 of his hike!


Looking Forward

After seeing Lisa’s Looking Forward post last week I realized that I have quite a lot to look forward to in the early part of 2017 and wanted to share a similar post with you all!

Today I am looking forward to a quiet night in with Eric. We never do anything super “special” to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it will be nice to just spend some time together tonight and relax. Especially since today is Eric’s first day of his week off and he just finished working 14 days straight where we really don’t get to see much of each other at all.

This week I am looking forward to attending a meditation workshop tomorrow night. I have really gotten into meditating over the last year after I bought the calm app for my phone. In October 2016 I made it a goal to meditate every single day. My favourite time to meditate was actually right after waking up. My alarm would go off and I would immediately plug in my headphones and do a guided meditation. It was a really lovely transition from sleeping to being awake.

This weekend I am just looking forward to hanging out with Eric as it’s his weekend off. I really, really miss (more than I ever knew I would) our routines from when we worked similar schedules. For a long time we both worked Mon – Fri and even had similar hours. Since moving, Eric has been working 12 hour days. He did have weekends off but in October he switched to a different role in the company and now works 14 & 7 – 14 days on (12 hour days) and then 7 days off. I still work 5 & 2 (5 days on and then 2 days off (aka – a typical work week). Our schedules really don’t mesh and it’s tough. Anyways, this weekend off together will be nice even though we don’t have many plans!

This month I am looking forward to moving into our new home! We have been renting since moving and saving money like crazy. Last month we finally found the home we wanted and put in an offer. The subjects came off on February 10 and on March 8 we will get possession of our new home. It’s a half-duplex but is incredibly big and spacious. One of the things that sold us on it was the amazing kitchen. I cannot wait to cook in this place!

This spring I am looking forward to our next big trip together to England & Iceland! We are going April/May for 2 weeks and it’s going to be amazing. First we are spending 4 nights in London where we will take in Harry Potter & the Cursed Child (our main reason for this trip – Eric got the tickets over a year ago!) and then we will head off to Iceland for 10 days where we have rented a camper van to drive the Ring Road! If you have any tips for either place I’d love to hear them 🙂

I am also very much looking forward to traveling to Minneapolis in May for Lisa & Phil’s wedding!! <3

As for the rest of the year… I have some ideas about the adventures it will hold, but I’m not totally sure what they will look like yet. Stay tuned! I am determined to make 2017 a wonderful and epic year in any way I can 🙂

What are you looking forward to today, this week, this weekend and this spring? 



Looking Forward!

Oh hey friends, I thought it would be fun to do a ‘Looking Forward’ post today as I have not done one in a very, very long time.

Today I am looking forward to going to yoga after work tonight and trying out my new Manduka mat (which I will be reviewing on the blog soon)!

manduka mat

I’ve been so busy with going to classes at the gym and doing home workouts and the occasional run that I have not been doing much yoga at all these days, maybe 2-3 classes a week. I have been thinking a lot about the idea of a yoga retreat lately. The hard thing is that Eric and I prioritize traveling together and he doesn’t do yoga. I need to figure out a way to integrate a day of yoga into our next vacation or if I could find an inexpensive long weekend yoga retreat to do with girlfriends that would be perfect. At the very least I’m hoping to check out a yoga studio when we’re in Maui – I love going to yoga in new places!

This week I am looking forward to another beautiful, sunshine-y weekend in these parts. So grateful for this weather! I am running a half-marathon on Sunday morning – the hypothermic half won’t be very hypothermic in Kamloops! – and other than that I don’t really have any plans. We will be doing some hiking with Chloe, I need to do some fitness course studying, and some yoga and reading will be in order.

This month Ok so it’s slightly over a month away (44 sleeps to be exact) but I don’t care I’m counting it! I’m sooo looking forward to our beachside break to Maui in April! Literally counting down the days to this little getaway. If you guys can believe it we I haven’t planned out a single thing. Ok, we have plans in our heads, we know we want to go hiking and trail running. We know we want to do some snorkeling. We know we want to eat good food. But we haven’t actually planned out anything or booked anything with the exception of the condo and the flight. It’s so not like me but I am working on being better about not planning out / being in control of every single thing in my life so I’m trying to be a bit spontaneous with this one!

Amber Eric s Wed-0026

This year I am also really looking forward to our second vacation of 2015 which is to the Sunshine Coast in July! We will finally make it back to the beautiful area we got married for our third wedding anniversary and I’m so so excited. We opted to rent a secluded, self-catered cabin for 4 nights rather than stay at the resort where we got married and again we have no real plans for that trip either. British Columbia, and especially the sunshine coast, is so full of beautiful and rustic locations so I can’t wait to do more exploring in the area!

Side note; I had a few people ask me where we book accommodation for traveling. We used Air BnB for our July vacation to the Sunshine Coast and VRBO for our condo in Maui. I often use Priceline for hotels (though more and more we opt for self-catered when traveling) and I have also heard venere.com is great. When randomly browsing trip destinations the other day (seriously people, trip planning could be a part-time job for me) I noticed that venere.com offers good deals for hotels in lots of beach destinations, including the beautiful Torremolinos, Spain, which looks amazing! Spain is on my never ending travel bucket list.

Other things I’m looking forward to this year is summer time in general, I just love summer where we live and we will hopefully be doing lots of camping! Also I’m excited to host Lisa over Labour Day weekend in September.

What are you looking forward to today, this week, this month or this year?