The high of my week was starting to exercise again! I was 6 weeks postpartum last Friday and even though I don’t have my official doctor check-up until January 24 (almost 9 weeks postpartum) I’m feeling good so have added in some exercise again. I’m following the Fitness Blender Burn program and it’s felt so good to get my sweat on again. I am taking it very easy and really paying close attention to how I feel and sticking to low impact.

The low of my week was dealing with my little sleep fighter. Little miss Olivia is going through Leap #2 and a few days ago started fighting sleep like crazy. It has been taking 1.5 – 2 hours to get her to sleep at night and also for her daytime naps. Thank god she still sleeps quite well and for about a 4 hour stretch once she does go to sleep.

The low of my week was also the FRIGID temperatures we are having. It felt like -50 F yesterday with the windchill!! Insane.

A podcast episode I loved was The Lazy Genius Loses Weight. Such a great message for this time of year when so many people are setting weight loss goals. I am really focusing on NOT thinking about weight loss postpartum and rather focusing on feeling good and eating foods and moving my body in ways that make me feel good – who cares about some number on the scale!

For my workouts, I completed Fitness Blender workouts on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I went to mom & baby yoga on Wednesday and I walked Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Plan is for another Fitness Blender workout today!

The best money I spent was on purchasing the Core + Floor Restore program after reading about it on Fannetastic Food. It’s been so fun to follow Anne’s blog since her daughter Riese was born the same day as Olivia!

My plans this weekend include our baby shower! Tomorrow my aunt is hosting a baby shower for Olivia and I’m looking forward to showing her off to a bunch of extended family 🙂 Other then that, not much. Since Eric works for 14 days straight and then has 7 days off and I’m on maternity leave weekends really don’t mean much to me right now. It’s just another 2 days. However, Eric will be on days off starting next week and that we can’t wait for. Just watch Olivia start to sleep perfectly again 😉

What was the best money you spent this week? What was the high of your week? What is the weather like where you are? 


Currently: December Edition

Reading nothing right now. I just finished Lie to Me (felt meh about it) and I’m about to start The History of Bees, maybe tonight. I have good intentions of reading and then life with a newborn thwarts me! I hope I can start reading on my kindle while nursing soon. Any suggestions for good books to read while dealing with the exhausted/fuzzy newborn brain??

Loving baby cuddles! Seriously, is there anything better??

Feeling pretty tired. We are so lucky to have a good sleeper and a baby who sleeps well in her bassinet (knock on wood as baby sleep can change at the drop of a hat). But the most I’ve slept in a row in the last 4 weeks is five hours and usually it’s more like 3-4 hours. It’s also pretty broken up sleep as other new moms know because you are regularly waking up every time the baby grunts or makes a peep. So yes, definitely feeling the new mom exhaustion!

Thinking about January! On January 5th I will be 6 weeks postpartum and able to workout again, I can’t wait and plan to start a Fitness Blender program the following week. I also can’t wait to get back to yoga.

Anticipating Christmas! Such a special Christmas for us this year. Hard to believe that last year we were getting ready to head to Kauai for Christmas and also were thinking we might never have a baby… life can change a lot in a year.

Watching so much Netflix! Right now I am mostly watching Scandal. I started it over from the beginning and am already almost done Season 2 since I spend so much time on the couch feeding Olivia which equals lots of time watching Netflix. I’m also watching and loving Life in Pieces, sooo funny. Oh, and a few corny Christmas movies thrown in there too. I still need to watch The Holiday, which is my very favourite Christmas movie, hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days.

Working on getting organized. I am someone who craves organization and routine so after a month long break I’ve broken out my bullet journal again and it’s really helped me feel more like myself. Even if my to do’s include things like “return book to library” and just getting that one thing done is a huge accomplishment for the day.

Grateful for this beautiful little girl.

Listening to podcasts, as per usual. No new ones to share though.

Wishing for 7-8 hours of sleep in a row. That would be heaven right now. Other than that I am feeling pretty content and not wishing for much…

What are you watching, loving, listening to and grateful for? 



First off, thank you to Leigh for this wonderful Christmas ornament for the Canadian Bloggers Christmas Swap. What a perfect ornament to add to our tree this year 🙂

The high of my week was I feel like this is a kind of sad SAHM type thing to say… but my high of the week was watching episode after episode of Life in Pieces on Netflix yesterday. I just cuddled up on the couch with my sweet girl on my chest and binged Netflix. Life in Pieces is SO FUNNY and the perfect mindless show for me to be watching right now. Also, ALL the newborn cuddles was a high of my week. I seriously love the snuggles at this age and I am soaking them up.

The low of my week was Eric going back to work on Tuesday. Luckily he only works until the 22nd and then he has 9 days off for the Christmas holidays. But then in the New Year he goes back on night shift. I can’t even think about it, it makes me too sad.

A podcast episode I loved was The Mom Hour episode on Newborn Attachment. Obviously very relevant to where I am in my life right now considering I spend all day with a newborn – who is 3 weeks old today!

For my workouts, I completed walks. Still just doing short walks of 15 – 20 minutes right now. Today I am going to go for my first slightly longer walk at the walking track. I’m 3 weeks postpartum today and plan to wait the full recommended 6 weeks until I start actual workouts again, but I do want to continue walking daily and keep slowly adding time to my walks so I can build back up to walking for a full hour. I am feeling pretty great and on my way to healed at 3 weeks postpartum, which is great! Also yesterday was my first walk with Olivia in one of my carriers. I will have to do a full blog post on the carriers we are using at some point. It went pretty well but I didn’t have it quite tight enough so felt like I had to have one hand under her bum for extra support the whole time.

The best money I spent was on mailing our Christmas cards! We don’t always do Christmas cards but this year I wanted to because we took some adorable Christmas-y photos during our newborn photo shoot. I kind of combined them into a birth announcement for Olivia too. So excited for everyone to get them!

My plans this weekend include going for lunch with a friend on Saturday and that’s about all I have in the way of actual ‘plans’, You just never know what each day is going to look like right now because my boss is only 3 weeks old. Plus with Eric working through the weekends and me on maternity leave weekends don’t really feel ‘special’ at all. They are just two more days of the week! So no real plans this weekend other than lunch with a friend, going for walks, hanging out with my baby 🙂

What was the high and low of your week? What are your plans this weekend?