Currently in March

Reading The Untelling by Tayari Jones. Everyone is talking about An American Marriage right now so when I saw this book by Jones on sale on kindle I decided to buy it. So far it’s just OK. The writing is really good but the story is kind of meh.

Loving the nicer spring weather we have had this past week. On Sunday Olivia, Chloe and I went for an almost 1 hour walk outside and yesterday I ran errands in my birkenstocks! It is supposed to snow later this week though but I’m crossing my fingers that is not accurate. March came in like a lion (we had a HUGE snowstorm on March 1) so it dang well better go out like a lamb!

Feeling pretty good. I was feeling super super tired last week but I feel better this week. I average about 6.5 hours of sleep a night according to my Apple Watch, which isn’t awful but definitely isn’t the 8-9 I used to get. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m just so happy I have a 12 month maternity leave as I couldn’t imagine working on such little sleep and I *really* hope that I’m sleeping more by the time I go back to work!

Thinking about yoga teacher training! I am so excited that I am finally doing something I have been thinking about for several years. Yoga teacher training starts in August and I just know it’s going to be an amazing experience.

Anticipating a super busy summer with many trips down south starting in May. I have a feeling the last 7 months of my maternity leave are going to absolutely fly by.

Watching Shameless. I’m about 7 episodes into the first season and feel meh about it even though multiple people recommended it to me. I’m also still watching Scandal each week when new episodes come out and I just watched the season finale of This is Us.

Working on being better at meal planning and eating food from deep in our freezer and pantry. I default to going grocery shopping when we have perfectly good food at home way too often, so I’m trying really hard to stop doing that and use up some of the food we’ve had on hand for awhile.

Grateful for my adorable, perfect daughter. She is more fun every day. I love her so much!

Listening to music more often! I almost never listened to music (podcasts all the way) but have started listening to some spotify playlists while Olivia and I are hanging out during the day and she seems to like it! I usually just play the ‘top hits’ playlist.

Wishing that the nice weather would come and stay for good. I’m so done with winter!

What are you grateful for, thinking about and wishing for right now? 

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Looking Back

I’ve often shared Looking Forward posts on this blog, but I thought that I would do a looking back post today because this first week of March has been significant for us over the last few years…

Three Years Ago 

Life was good and at the time I would have described it as “perfect”. We were both working jobs we enjoyed a lot, even though admittedly we did not have a lot of extra money. We spent our weekends going to the gym together, going for brunch or going for hikes and trail runs and we spent all of our disposable income on traveling. We were gearing up to head to Maui in a month and after three years of being married we were finally ready to start trying for a family!

Two Years Ago 

After a tumultuous year that included Eric being laid off from his job twice and our infertility diagnosis we made the huge, huge, HUGE decision to rent out our house, for me to quit my job and for us to move back to our hometown for new career opportunities. Still to this day the hardest decision we’ve ever made. And while I will never regret this decision because of what came afterwards, I will always miss aspects of our life down there. Especially the amazing friends we had.

One Year Ago 

At this time a year ago we had just found out we were 4 weeks pregnant. We also took possession of our house that week. It was the start of a very anxious filled several weeks as we’d waited so long for this pregnancy and early pregnancy is a scary time as you know the chances of something going wrong or losing the baby are very high. I was also insanely sick.


I’m 4 months into my 1 year maternity leave with our amazing, adorable, hilarious, fun baby girl. She absolutely lights up our life. Eric just started a new job where he will only work 8 hour shifts 5 days per week instead of the 12 hour shifts, 14 days straight he has been working for almost two years. This new schedule has just started this week, but we’re already so excited for the extra time we will have together as a family and I am excited that he will be able to participate so much more fully in parenting even on the days he is working.


There have been many trials and tribulations for us over the last three years, and life certainly isn’t perfect. But it’s also not about having a perfect life anyways. The messy parts can lead to something beautiful, they did for us. And I wouldn’t change the journey for anything!

What were you doing three years ago, two years ago and one year ago at this time?

What are you doing today?

How does your life look different? 

PS: Wishing my brother a very happy 25th birthday today! Also send him all your good thoughts today as he heads out on his Appalachian Trail hike – today is day 1 of his hike!



Favourite picture from the week:

Olivia relaxing on the couch with a bottle of milk! I swear she looks so grown up in this photo! 

The high of my week was going to another fun date night at the local brewery for board games night! This time my brother tagged along as well and it was super duper fun. My brother is getting ready to set off on a huge adventure next week, he is flying down to Georgia and hiking the Appalachian Trail (read along on his blog here) so it was fun to hang out with him before he leaves.

The low of my week was yesterday when we got another snow storm. March is coming in like a lion, it dang well better go out like a lamb! I am so so so SO done with winter.

For my workouts, I completed the following workouts:

The best money I spent was on getting our house cleaned! We had an interesting experience with said house cleaner as she ate one of our bananas without asking and this was the first time she had ever cleaned our house or we had ever met her… BUT she did a decent job cleaning and it felt so so so good to have the whole house clean for the first time in months. I can only squeeze in bits and pieces of cleaning when Olivia naps and I’d much rather use her nap times to do things like workout or write blog posts! Definitely planning to continue having a cleaner in every 4 – 6 weeks.

What I’m listening to (and loving): Stranglers, about the Boston stranglings that happened 50 years ago. I kind of burned myself out on mom podcasts (though I’m still listening to them a lot too) so it’s been fun to listen to a true crime podcast again.

What I’m watching: check out this post for all the shows I’ve recently watched. I JUST finished up The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel and plan to start Shameless next.

What I’m reading: Kitchens of the Great Midwest. I got it for sale on Kindle the other day and just started reading it. It’s really good so far but I’m very early into it!

What was the best money you spent last week and what are you reading right now?