Second Trimester Recap: 2nd Half

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Weeks 23 – 25


Week 23 is when I started feeling a little less than stellar. I would say weeks 16 – 22 were the “sweet spot” of pregnancy for me. I felt amazing, had tons of energy, wasn’t too big, was sleeping great. Other than a bit of mental/emotional anxiety around waiting for our anatomy scan, those weeks were pretty excellent.

Around 23 weeks I started getting veryyyy tired and sleeping a lot more and for longer.

The above photo was snapped after a 5:30am Fitness Blender workout, so even though I was feeling tired and not sleeping as well, I was still managing to get my workouts in (and still am at 32 weeks now!) Honestly, moving feels SO much better than not moving for me and moving in the morning before my belly is full from a day of eating also feels 100x better. So even though it’s hard to get out of bed sometimes in the mornings, I’m always so so happy when I do.

Wearing the exact same outfit – 16 weeks on the left and 24 weeks on the right. I will be taking another photo this week at 32 weeks in the same outfit as well! Hard to believe it grew that much in 8 weeks!

I was down south staying at my mom’s when I hit 25 weeks and I remember my belly was starting to get super hard at this point. I was also having some pressure / round ligament pain when working out so I took a week off all workouts other than walking and that seemed to help.

Mentally & Emotionally:

At this point I was still riding the high from my anatomy scan at 22 weeks and feeling good mentally and emotionally. Baby H was also starting to wriggle and move much more, which I loved! My pregnancy anxiety went way way down.

One thing I have been a bit anxious about during this pregnancy is movement or lack of. Some doctors / sources online will say that you should feel your baby move 10 times every 2 hours and that is NOT the case for Baby H. He/she likes to take nice long naps and sometimes I won’t feel them for several hours! Throughout the pregnancy he/she has been most active in the early morning and at night right before bed. But often during the day I do not feel them for several hours (up to 4 or 5), especially on days where I am moving lots. So that has caused a bit of anxiety for me.

Weeks 26 – 27

26 weeks! 


I was starting to feel quite large around 26/27 weeks, but still managing to push through regular workouts. I believe this was also when I started to really not sleep well. As the belly got bigger and bigger I found I was having trouble getting comfortable and was tossing and turning a lot at night. Around 30 weeks I hit peak exhaustion with this and got a snoogle! So glad I did.


27 weeks! 

It was around 27 weeks that my back started bugging me. I have had some issues with back pain in my mid/upper back on my left side for years but normally it’s nothing a chiropractor adjustment or massage can fix. However, since 27 weeks this issue has really been rearing it’s head and giving me quite a bit of trouble. For awhile it was only bugging me every couple of days, but now by the end of every single day my back aches. I have been going for regular chiropractor visits and prenatal massages, and they do help a bit, but it’s always back within a day or two. I’m sure carrying around the extra weight is not helping.

At 27 weeks I had a prenatal appointment and Baby H’s heart rate was 142 BPM!

Mentally & Emotionally: 

It’s so funny writing these blog posts looking back, because when I look back I’m like ‘oh I was way less tired than I am now!’ or ‘wow, I miss when my back only bothered me every 2nd or 3rd day instead of every. single. day.’ or ‘I thought I was sleeping bad at 27 weeks?!? HA! 32 week me is laughing so hard at that.’

However, when you’re actually in the thick of the hard stuff, it does feel quite hard and mentally and emotionally I was definitely tired, struggling with the uncomfortableness as I got bigger and also struggling with the lack of sleep. I definitely wasn’t as ‘done’ with pregnancy as I am now, but I was getting there.

Other updates from the second half of trimester #2: 

My mom helped me paint this dresser and nightstand for the babies room with a cream chalk paint. I am in love with how they turned out! The nursery is still an absolute disaster / mess, however my first baby shower was this past weekend, so I’m really hoping to start organizing it now and will do a little tour as soon as it’s done.

How freaking precious are these little moccassins my mother-in-law made for Baby H?? ALL the heart eyes for these little things. I cannot wait for him/her to wear them <3 <3 <3

And that’s about it for the second half of the 2nd trimester! Next will be a recap of the third trimester. Since I kind of want to write it before Baby H comes, I might start by recapping weeks 28 – 38.

Other pregnancy posts churning in my brain that are coming soon: sharing our full infertility story, why we chose to not find out Baby H’s gender and if we’re happy with that decision (spoiler: we are!), nursery tour (when it’s actually done).

Anything else you want to know?


Baby Shower Recap!

This past weekend I flew down to Kamloops for a baby shower for Baby H! My mom and some of her friends hosted it at the lake where she has a place and several of my wonderful friends from Kamloops made the trek out for it.

My shower outfit. Both the dress and the kimono are from Pink Blush Maternity, and I’m really hoping to be able to wear both after baby as well!

A great spread of food!

My mom’s friend also organized some super fun shower games. We played “Price is right” for baby items, guess the gestation in days of individual mammals, people wrote notes on diapers for us to read in the middle of the night and they had a build-a-baby station set up with playdough, which was my personal favourite. My friends built some good babies 😉

I was very thankful we did not play the tasting / smelling chocolate in a diaper game 😉

Don’t be fooled by the “it’s a boy” balloon 😉 There was also an “it’s a girl” balloon right under it.

And of course the best part was seeing so many amazing faraway friends from different areas of my life. A friend from my old book club, my running group, a university friend, my old coworkers and just long-time friends all were there to help celebrate with us. It was so great to see everyone and I just wish I could have had more time with them all!


My good friend Katie is also pregnant so this was the first of many pictures of our little babes together. She is due in March 🙂


Life comes full circle sometimes. The picture on the left was 2.5 years ago when my coworker Geralyn was pregnant and then on the right, it’s my turn! We had just started trying to start a family when the photo on the left was taken, so I feel SO blessed and grateful that it was my turn to have a baby shower this past weekend. <3

32 weeks!

It was a wonderful day and I can’t say THANK YOU enough to my mom and her friends for planning it, for all my friends who made the trek out to the lake to see me and to shower Baby H with love. This little babe is so so lucky!

It was an incredibly quick trip down south as I only had one more day down there before we drove back yesterday. On Monday, my mom, grandpa and I made the trek to Vernon to visit Davison Orchards and pick up some honey crisp apples. We left with 7 cases of apples total, 2 of them may or may not have been for me 😉

I also got some cute home decor 🙂

Then yesterday my mom and I made the trek home. 1,050 km / 650 miles and 11.5 hours later of driving and we were home. This pregnant lady did not to bad for such a long trip. My mom graciously did ALL the driving.

Now it is time to get the nursery organized. It currently looks like this…


My goal is to get you an after photo by October 1 at the very latest. Stay tuned 😉


10,000 steps a day!

So long time readers of my blog know that I love a good random challenge. I’ve done my 30 day yoga challenges, my mile a day running challenges and last December I attempted to walk 12,000 steps every day (not in an easy feat in our super cold winter climate!)

So for June, I set the goal to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps every single day. Come the end of June I decided to carry my challenge on through July. Then August 1 rolled around and I figured why not keep going! So here I am on September 1 and from June 1 – August 31 I have managed to walk 10,000+ steps every single day (I track this using my Fit Bit Alta).

I am pretty proud of this accomplishment, especially with being pregnant. The last week of this challenge has honestly been the hardest as I approach 30 weeks of pregnancy and just in general starting to feel more uncomfortable and find myself having to slow down or I get round ligament pain.

Also 10,000 steps is just enough steps that I do feel like I have to put in the extra effort to reach them, especially with having a desk job, but it’s not a stretch like 12,000 steps was. To reach my 10,000 steps I had to go for at least one longer, and often two shorter, walks with Chloe each day and also make the effort to walk around the office regularly during the day. Luckily I am a pretty active person in general and don’t tend to just sit on the couch after a day at work. I’m more likely to be puttering around the house, kitchen or yard and just generally moving which also helps to get more steps in.

I thought about continuing this challenge right until I have the baby BUT with how difficult it has been to hit my 10,000 steps every day for the last week I think it’s time to take this ‘expectation’ off myself. In September, I am still planning on tracking how many days I hit the 10k steps through a habit tracker in my bullet journal, but if I’m at 8,000 steps at bedtime I will not force myself to go for another walk to hit my 10k (yes, I’ve done that!)

I’ve definitely found a new love for walking now that I am pregnant and no longer running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to get back into running when the time is right, but going for walks is so relaxing and a lovely way to decompress after a long day. Especially because I always listen to podcasts when I’m walking and it makes the time enjoyable!

I’m now coming up on a year since I got my Fit Bit and I’m so glad I asked for it for my birthday last year. I know some people are skeptical about how accurate they are, but all I know is that having it and seeing how many steps I’ve hit (or haven’t hit) motivates me to move my body more and that’s a win in my books!

Do you have a Fit Bit? Have you ever done a step challenge where you tried to hit a goal # of steps for a certain amount of days in a row?