Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of September!

Happy October! Even though it was a very cold day yesterday, we did not wake up to a blanket of snow like we did last October 1, so for that I am very grateful ūüôā


I was thinking the other day how much my podcast tastes have changed. Right now I’m really into listening to podcasts where two people chat about every day life. Also, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I am especially enjoying podcasts about motherhood/parenthood as I prepare to enter that stage of life myself. Here is a rundown of my favourite podcasts lately: The Girl Next Door | Chatty Sisters | The Simple Show | Matrimoney | Minimalist Moms Podcast | The Mom Hour.

If you have any other recommendations of podcasts that are two people chatting about every day life please let me know. Bonus points if it has a motherhood / parenthood angle! I also really like husband & wife podcasts but the only two I listen to are Matrimoney and Young House Love Has a Podcast.


My workouts have definitely decreased as I move further into the third trimester. Unfortunately, due to our local pool being closed for maintenance in September I didn’t do ANY swimming. And after completing 10,000 steps every single day from June 1 – August 31 I really cut back on the walks in September as well. Also, I know walking feels amazing to most pregnant ladies but it’s actually felt the most uncomfortable for me. I get round ligament pain pretty bad in my lower belly if I go for too long of walks or walk too quickly.

The two things that feel amazing to me are strength training and yoga. I did several Fitness Blender workouts the first few weeks of September and on September 21 I started teaching a morning bootcamp class twice per week! So far my participants do not seem to mind that I modify a lot and they still do the full version! ūüôā I teach it on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15 – 7am. Exercise also still feels best to me in the morning, by the end of the day I am very tired and get crampy if I’m on my feet too much. I went to 9 yoga classes in September, some of them prenatal and some regular classes. I modify A LOT in the regular classes, but still love how they make me feel, especially hip openers.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the pool one or two times per week in October!


I read four books in September. I’ve read 40 books so far in 2017 so need to get moving on it if I want to finish 12 more to meet my goal of reading 52 books this year!

Behold the Dreamers¬†was definitely my favourite book of September. It is such a well-written book that really shines a light on the difficult experiences immigrants to North America face and how much those of us born here take things for granted. I can see why it was an Oprah book club pick!¬†The Little Paris Bookshop¬†was not my favourite at all, I definitely would have given up on this book if it wasn’t a book club pick! I managed to get through it (barely) but don’t recommend it at all.¬†The Hate U Give¬†has had a lot of buzz and I did really enjoy it. It’s a page turner and very relevant right now. I did find it to be a bit on the long side, and some of the dialogue lacking, but overall enjoyed it.¬†The Year of Living Danishly¬†was interesting and well-written, though I did find the author spent more time making fun of Danes and their traditions than praising them! However, it did reiterate the impact living in a country where people feel safe, secure and taken care of by the government can have on one’s happiness.


I loved this dress and kimono I wore to my baby shower, both are from Pink Blush Maternity.

I also liked the outfit I wore for our maternity photos. The top is from Pink Blush Maternity as well!

I just wore this outfit last Friday. Both the dress and jean jacket are pre-pregnancy pieces. Obviously the jean jacket doesn’t do up whatsoever, however works as a layering piece. I’m 34 weeks today and basically at the point of pregnancy where I’m living in leggings and dresses!

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks from September? 


Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of August!

Better late than never for my August recap! I don’t really have that much to report for August though so this is going to be a short one!


I spent most of August still binge listening to Girl Next Door Podcast. I started listening to their episodes from the very beginning, which was in 2014, so I had A LOT of episodes to catch up on. I am going to be so sad when I get caught up and only hear from them every 2 weeks when new episodes drop!


I didn’t track my workouts, but I walked 10,000 steps every day in August, swam a few times, did 1-2 Fitness Blender workouts per week and went to yoga 6 times. I only know how much I went to yoga because I can check in the app I use to sign up for classes! So overall a good workout month, especially for being pregnant and I was away quite a bit in August.


I only read three (3) books in August. Dreamland Burning was by far my favourite. It is a super fast read and very relevant, I highly recommend it. Tell the Wolves I’m Home was a very well-written book, and I enjoyed the story, but it was a bit too literary and too long for me. I was ready for it to be done by the end. And Slaughterhouse Five was just a strange, strange book. Again, the writing was fantastic and it was a fast read. But the plot was just too “out there” for my taste.


I have not been very good about taking photos of my outfits this summer, but I do have two looks to share with you.

Terrible photo quality but I really liked this striped dress + jean jacket combo and got lots of comments on it when I shared it on my Instagram story! However, since taking this photo my belly has grown and this dress is now better worn as a long t-shirt with leggings, ha ha.

This was the first time I wore a scarf this year and I just really like how this outfit pulled together. It was feeling very fall-ish here at the end of August and then all of a sudden the temperature spiked in the last week and it has been almost 30 C (80 F) in the peak of the afternoon! Very warm for up north for September, but our summers are so short up here I won’t complain too much, except it has been a bit warm in our house for sleeping at night.

That said, last year we got snow on October 1, so again, not complaining ūüėČ


My favourite photo from the month is this one of Chloe and I on the beach in Hazelton. It was so nice to spend a week in the mountains!

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks from August? What was your favourite photo that you took last month? 


Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of July!

Hello everyone! I disappeared last week because I spent 6 days in southern BC at my mom’s lake house. It was pretty lovely and I will do a more thorough recap of that little vacation later this week.

In the meantime, here is my July recap.


I am full on obsessed with the Girl Next Door Podcast. So much so, that I started at the beginning and have been listening to ALL of their episodes! A big task considering they have been podcasting every 2 weeks since 2014!! It means some of my other podcasts are queueing up big time in my feed as I binge on Girl Next Door, but I don’t mind because their podcast is so fun to listen to. An episode I really enjoyed is when they talked about how they met their husbands and marriage maintenance back in February of 2014.


July was another solid workout month for me, though near the end of the month I did start to feel a bit of pressure in my lower belly which reminded me I might have to ease off on some stuff for the remainder of this pregnancy. I wrote more in this blog post about the types of workouts I’ve been doing during pregnancy.

  • In July, I continued to walk 10,000+ steps every single day. As of today (Aug 7) I have walked 10k+ steps every single day since June 1! I am going to try and keep it up for August as well.
  • In July, I went to 6 regular yoga classes and 3 prenatal yoga classes.
  • In July, I did 9 Fitness Blender (HIIT / Strength) workouts.
  • In July, I swam twice (hoping to increase this to 2x per week in August!)

I am definitely feeling pretty happy with my activity level these days.


I managed to read another 5 books in July! My favourites from the month were definitely¬†Dark Matter¬†and¬†At Home in the World.¬†Both were page turners, though Dark Matter was more of a thriller, what’s-going-to-happen-next type of page turner and At Home in the World was just a super interesting memoir about traveling the world with 3 children in tow – Tsh Oxenreider is such an amazing writer and her words really brought the places they visited alive on the page.¬†I was disappointed in both¬†The Color of Our Sky¬†and¬†The Widow,¬†I thought both would be better than they were. I really enjoyed¬†Option B.¬†It’s a very interesting book on resiliency and I enjoyed how the authors balanced sharing the real life battle that Sheryl Sandberg faced after losing her husband alongside pertinent statistics and information related to resiliency and happiness. Overall a good reading month!

Looks… or not!

I don’t have a single ‘outfit’ look to share with you this month honestly! The one I was going to share was my pretty kimono from Pink Blush Maternity but I realized I already shared that last month. I will try to be better about taking a couple of look photos in August, I’m honestly living in leggings and long maternity tops these days…


I had trouble narrowing down which photo to share from July as I don’t have a really beautiful one to share like I did in June, but rather a few photos to sum up my month…


I need to do a full post all about my garden and gardening soon, but suffice to say I’m loving it. It is so fun and satisfying to grow your own food – and to eat food you have grown. So far lettuce is doing the best as I’ve harvested my lettuce several times already.

This is a photo of our back patio / deck where I have spent A LOT of time this summer. I absolutely love this space and how it came together. It is my little oasis and I love to sit out there and read on weekend mornings or in the evenings.

Probably my favourite photo of July ūüôā Baby H waving hello at our anatomy scan on July 11! We have decided to stay ‘Team Green’ and not find out what we are having but I know people love to guess… so what do you think Baby H is? Boy or girl?

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks of July?