Weekend Recap: skiing, cold weather & family time

Gooood morning and happy Monday! I had a great, and busy, weekend. It was also Eric’s first weekend off work since November 5! How about a recap?

Friday night I worked late. I only had a 2-day work week last week and it was a very busy one! Once I got off work we went to our nephews hockey game and then I went to bed. A thrilling night 🙂

Saturday morning I got up around 8:00am and had breakfast. I had planned to go to yoga at 10am but when I went to the MindBody App to sign-in I saw the class was canceled 🙁 I was super disappointed as I love the 10am flow class on the weekends. I ended up spending my morning walking Chloe and cleaning the house.

img_4058 img_4059

I did some “day in the life” style snaps on Saturday 🙂

After walking Chloe and cleaning my aunt picked my grandma and I up to go cross-country skiing! I am really excited to pick up this new activity this year.



Saturday afternoon I did some running around with my grandma, shoveled the driveway and took Chloe for another long walk. I really wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather as I knew it was going to be freezing on Sunday.

Saturday evening we went to my cousins house for some dinner, drinks and a few rounds of pool. It was super fun and delicious!


How cute is their little guy?? I <3 him!

Sunday morning I was participating in a food drive for work. I met two friends at the wholesale grocery store and we spent a few hours buying a whole bunch of food for the food drive! It was pretty fun but also cold as we were outside quite a bit.

After the food drive I went for lunch with some coworkers and when I got home I took Chloe for our first super cold northern winter walk! It was -17 C (1 C) and felt like -27 C (-16 F) with the windchill!


A lot of Sunday afternoon was spent in bed. I was pretty cold from spending the morning outside, so I had a super, super hot shower and then spent the afternoon curled up in bed with my laptop and my book.

In the evening my sister-in-law came over with our nieces and they hung out with me while her and Eric went shopping. Obviously I put them to work 😉



They loved it. “Who wants to vacuum?” “me me me!” ha ha.

We also made cookies!

At 7:30pm on Sunday I was back in bed curled up under my favourite knit blanket my grandma made me writing this blog post and watching Drop Dead Diva. I think it will be a very early night for me!

How was your weekend? 


Weekend Recap: Family time, bbq-ing, building furniture and relaxing!

Happy Monday! In case you missed it I posted a recap of my Whole 30 Days 16 – 20 on the blog over the weekend.

So at the beginning of March we made the decision to move, at the end of April we finally moved from Kamloops to Fort St. John and this past weekend we were finally back to being in our own place / space and *fully* moved in and settled! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the best time staying with my grandma the last couple of weeks and we are so thankful for her being so accommodating, however it is so nice to have our own space again especially since neither of us have lived with family in 10 years.

So here is the recap of our first settled weekend at home and it was a long weekend to boot!

Thursday night… I started off the long weekend by going to a 75-minute vinyasa flow class. It was so amazing and so what I needed. I got a punchcard to the local yoga studio and really want to try and go at least once a week.

Friday… Eric was working on Friday so I slept in until almost 8am and then met my friend Janine for a run at 8:30. We had a great 40 minute run catching up and visiting!

After the run I spent some time sitting at the kitchen table and finishing my book – Come Away With Me – loved it! Then I had a shower, picked up lunch and drove it to Eric at work as he had forgotten his. In the afternoon I visited with my cousins wife and their two kids.

Friday evening we hosted our nephew and two friends for a sleepover to celebrate our nephews 12th birthday which was on June 27th. They basically devoured pizza, cupcakes and played x-box for 12 hours straight. Sounds like pre-teen boys!


While I didn’t do anything particularly special for Canada Day I did spend some time reflecting on how lucky and grateful I am to be Canadian!

Saturday… After the boys got picked up around 11am I walked to the Farmer’s Market. I LOVE living somewhere where I can walk to the market!!


After the market my dad came over for lunch and he brought Webster in! Webster has been at his house for the last two months since my grandma is allergic. I wanted him to wait to bring him in until we were fully settled as the poor little guy has been through enough stress lately. He’s settling in very nicely!


Saturday afternoon Eric and I cleaned up our house. Feels so good to have our living room all set up!



Then I spent some time sitting on the deck reading.


In the evening Eric BBQ’ed us an amazing feast of steaks, crab legs and grilled veggies and we ate our dinner al fresco on the deck. So fun and really felt like summer.



Sunday… We started Sunday off with a beautiful hike in the hills that are about a 10 minute drive out of town. We ended up hiking to an amazing viewpoint, which was quite the climb!


IMG_1540 (1)

Once we got back from the hike I made breakfast and coffee and spent some time reading my book and visiting with my grandma as she just got back from a week away at my aunts.

At noon we had our family book club chat! With three different time zones, two continents and four cities between five of us it’s amazing we have been able to make it work every month! It was awesome to see my brother on Google Hangout all the way from Germany. Our June book club book was Indian Horse and it was an awesome book, I highly recommend it!


My afternoon was insanely relaxed and it was amazing. I sat on the deck reading some more and then I laid in bed watching Gilmore Girls. It was a solid three hours of relaxing and it was perfection.


In the evening I walked to the grocery store to pick up some olive oil and lemons for a recipe I was making. I know I’m in a tiny Northern BC, Canada town but I felt very European walking back from the grocery store with olive oil and lemons in my purse 😉 It took me about 20 minutes to walk to the store, buy my stuff and walk back. So awesome!

I tried making Whole 30 mayo for the first time on Sunday night and it turned out pretty good! I added avocado and cilantro and ate it on a taco salad. Then I prepped some chia seed puddings for breakfasts this week and got a crockpot meal ready to turn on tomorrow morning for dinner tomorrow night.


A pretty quiet, but excellent, Sunday and long weekend overall!

How was your long weekend? 


Weekend Recap

I am typing this blog post on Monday night from our brand new couch! The words moving, driving and Ikea basically sum up our weekend. When we moved from Kamloops we sold a whole bunch of our furniture since most of it was used or hand-me-downs and didn’t really have a cohesive look. As it was getting closer to the date when we would be moving into our own place we knew we needed a bunch of furniture, the most important being a couch. I spent hours researching online and Eric did a bunch of price checking and after all that we decided our best bet for the look we were going for and the money we had to spend was Ikea.

The closest Ikea is in Edmonton, Alberta. 672 km (417 miles) one way.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.59.14 PM

Oh, and we decided to do the trip in one day. Crazy? Yes. But we really wanted Sunday at home to organize and get ready for the week.

Which led to this on Saturday morning…


That time says 3:54 in case you can’t see it 🙂

Epic road trip! It was actually really fun as crazy as that might sound!



A new TV storage combination, coffee table, couch, desk and a whole bunch of other small miscellaneous items later and our truck was FULL. Full.


And then we turned around and drove all the way home. We pulled into the driveway at 9:00pm, a full 17 hours after we left!

Crazy but it was also kind of fun. The last couple of months have been really insane for us and it was actually kind of nice to spend so much time together and just talk to each other, listen to music and hang out. By the end we were both ready to get OUT of the truck but overall it really wasn’t that bad.

On Sunday we just did stuff around the house ALL day. I organized the garage, Eric finished putting together our ikea furniture and we got our living room mostly set-up. Tonight I’m really feeling settled in and relaxed in our new home and it feels good. When I recently reflected on the last 4 months it’s a little bit unbelievable all the change and upheaval our lives have been through. Hopefully now we will truly be able to settle into our new routine and new life.


How was your weekend?