Baby H’s Nursery

Hiya friends! I’ve now officially had 4 full days of maternity leave (6 if you count the weekend, but I don’t as those would have been “days off” anyways :)) and I’ve kept myself fairly busy. I’ll do a separate post with all the things I’ve been up to, but one thing I did this weekend was put the finishing touches on Baby H’s nursery, which I’m excited to share.

In our old home in Kamloops when I would imagine creating a nursery I always thought it would include some major painting work. However, since our current home is a new build it seemed crazy to paint over brand new paint, and also the entire house is already a nice neutral grey, which was perfect for our gender neutral nursery.

Here are some pics…

On the right hand side of the room is the crib, the glider is centred under the window with the nightstand tucked in the corner.

I just adore this nightstand! My mom helped me refinish it with chalk paint. The light on top is from Ikea and the adorable little moccasins were made by my mother-in-law. I seriously cannot wait for Baby H to wear those! Of course I had to have something pineapple in the nursery of our miracle baby 🙂

Across from the crib is the dresser we are using as a changing table and the start of Baby H’s book collection. I bought this dresser at a thrift store in Kamloops over 2 years ago for $20! It was always going to be the dresser for the baby’s room and I’m so grateful that time is finally here. The changing pad on top is from Walmart and the adorable little chevron basket was a gift and holds all of the diaper changing essentials.

A mirror and a collage of our maternity photos / Baby H’s ultrasound picture hang above the changing table. That blank space below the photo collage frame will be for his or her name once we know what that is 🙂

My mom bought Baby H the teepee at Costco, and while he/she won’t be able to play in it for awhile it works well to hide the laundry basket for now 🙂 The crib is from Wayfair and was very generously gifted to us by my dad! Also I didn’t take any pictures of the closet, but it is directly to the right of the teepee and right full of stuff as well.

Of course Baby H already has an extensive book collection, thanks mostly to gifts from family and friends! We got the shelving at Jysk and plan to buy two more shelves to continue up the wall as his/her book collection grows.

I love these two prints I picked up at a local store (The Artisan Farmhouse) and they are in grey frames from Walmart.


We already owned the dresser and the nightstand but refinished them both with chalk paint so they would match. My aunt gave us her old glider and my grandma refinished the cushions on it and my dad gifted us our crib. So we were lucky that we did not have to spend a lot of money purchasing furniture for the nursery. The total cost for refinishing the glider, dresser and nightstand was less than $200! We have been so lucky with how generous our family and friends have been.

I am in love with this space and can’t stop staring at it. I plan to spend a lot of time in there over the remainder of my maternity leave using the glider and reading a few labour and baby preparation books I still haven’t really dove into. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute 😉

I’m also really happy with how the space turned out because it doesn’t feel too baby-ish or kid-ish. I think it could very easily be converted into a ‘big kid room’ down the road, or also a completely different space if we ever decide to rearrange completely. We are lucky to have a 4-bedroom home so it was a no brainer to dedicate an entire room to Baby H. When we lived in Kamloops we had always planned on having a nursery/office space combined since we only had a 3 bedroom home there and did not want to give up our guest room.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Baby H’s nursery.


New House Tour

Hello, hello!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy moving into our new home. We have now been sleeping over here for almost 2 weeks and as of this weekend we finally, and officially, moved the last of our things over. Hallelujah!  Just some cleaning is left at our old place. Oh, and the garage at our new place is CHOCK FULL of stuff to be unpacked and put away. One step at a time though. The kitchen, living room and master bedroom are all unpacked which I guess are the most important parts.

So, onto the tour 🙂

Here is the entry way when you first walk in the front door… The door to the right takes you down to the basement and then going straight down the hall takes you up to the main living area. That little door you can see two the left takes you into the mudroom where there is some built-in shelving, a door out to the garage and a 1/2 bath with a sink and toilet.

It’s a nice big open concept kitchen / dining room / living room, which we love!

The stairs on the far left of the above photo go up to the bedrooms – master bedroom, two spare rooms, and a laundry room.

Top of the stairs, the doorway on the left goes into the master bedroom.

Another angle from the top of the stairs. The master bedroom is to the right of this photo and the laundry room is right there at the top of the stairs. This is the first time I’ve ever had laundry on the same floor as the master bedroom – luxurious!!

I only took a picture of one of the extra bedrooms upstairs because they all look the same 🙂

Master bedroom.

First time ever having a TV in the bedroom too…. LOVE IT!! I spent an insane amount of time in bed watching Homeland this weekend 🙂

Possibly my favourite part of the entire house… the window seat in our bedroom! Love love love it.

Another favourite feature, the double sinks in the master bedroom ensuite <3

And finally the basement, if you scroll back up to the very top photo remember how I said the door on the right goes down to the basement? Well here it is..

We have a few more things in the basement now, these pictures were taken when we very first took possession.

And that’s it! It’s wonderful to have so much space. We gained about 600 square feet over our rental that we lived in for the last 9 months and about 900 square feet over our townhouse in Kamloops. Pretty exciting to have so much space. We actually have a few cupboards in the kitchen with nothing in them! We’ll see how long that lasts 😉

Hopefully now that I’m feeling more settled in the new home I will be able to get back to regular blogging again!


Home Hacks: How to get stuff done around the house

In January I participated in The January Cure through Apartment Therapy. I admit I did not do every single one of the challenges they sent, but I did a few of them, and one of my favourites that I will definitely start using more often is to set a timer for 30 minutes and do as much as you can in those 30 minutes, whether that’s cleaning, purging, organizing. Whatever! Knowing you only have to do it for 30 minutes makes it much easier to get started and you would be seriously surprised how much you can get done in 30 minutes.

I was recently sent an article for “Home Hacks” and thought I’d share a few here. Some of them I already try to use in my own home organization and some I will be adopting going forward.

Have A System

If you ever want to get a good grip on your home and the jobs that come with it, requires working on organizational habits. It can help to come up with some kind of cleaning schedule or cleaning chart. When you have a system in place it can be easier to manage all the “to do’s”. This is NOT something I do right now, but I would like to try it! I guess I kind of do it in some ways, for example I only ever grocery shop, meal prep and do laundry on the weekends and I usually do the dishes on weekday evenings. 


In recent years I’ve really noticed how much I hate clutter and “stuff”. I am really trying to have less stuff. A chaotic environment can lead to a chaotic mind and that is certainly the case for me. I am starting to feel a really strong urge to declutter and purge but it feels overwhelming!! I think I need to apply the 30 minute strategy and do it in 30 minutes at a time… And to hold myself accountable, I will start this weekend and report back next week 🙂

Sell your Stuff!

Now-a-days between Facebook Buy & Sell groups, Kijiji, Craigslist and consignment stores it’s pretty easy to sell your unwanted stuff and make a bit of money. Before we left Kamloops I sold the majority of our furniture and made almost $1,000, which I then put towards our new furniture from Ikea once we moved!

Shop Smart

When you do have to buy ‘stuff’ then you’ll want to shop smart. My grandma has led me to become obsessed with coupon clipping for groceries!! When you do, you can use them to buy some of the items you’ve had your eye on and save a lot of money – sometimes up to 70%. And, you can even find that some websites like to run incentives like Invite a friend and receive a discount, which will give you an even better deal.


So recently, and for the first time ever, Eric and I have hired someone to clean our house. She comes every 2nd week for 2 hours and scrubs the floors & the bathrooms, changes our bedding, just generally cleans our house. It has made my life so much better and less stressful during this busy time – both of us work a lot more hours than we ever have before and we also both have a 20 – 25 minute commute one way to work, so spend almost an hour a day commuting. Man, that eats up a lot of time! So if it’s possibly in your budget I recommend working out what chores or cleaning you do that you can cut out or outsource! I have one friend who just gets a deep clean of her house done every 6 weeks, so that would be an option too! 

Other favourite ‘home hacks’ I learned from the January Cure: Organize a drawer – if you’re feeling overwhelmed by cleaning/organizing just pick ONE thing, it can even just be one drawer! A drawer will take you 10 minutes to clean out or organize and help build momentum. Buy flowers – they really spruce up the house! I love to buy them every second week right after the cleaner comes, a spotless house and fresh flowers? Perfection.

What are your favourite home cleaning & organization hacks??