What my workouts look like lately

I’ve done lots of posts on the blog over the years about my workouts because working out is a big part of my life and something I really love doing. Nothing feels better to me than a good sweat session.

Now, here I am with a 3.5 month old baby, definitely a very different phase of life than ever before. Luckily I am on maternity leave so my full-time job right now is taking care of baby Olivia. But let me tell you, this boss really keeps me on my toes. Just when I think I have my breaks (aka naps) figured out – she throws me for a loop and wakes up early or doesn’t go down for a nap when I think she will. So I have to be flexible about when and how I fit my workouts in these days and they are definitely cut short more often than they used to be!

Here is what my workouts look like now…

Lot’s of interrupted at-home Fitness Blender workouts…often finished with a 14 lb baby as my weight!


This is my main go-to workouts right now. I try to do Fitness Blender workouts at least twice, if not three times per week. It works best for me if I follow an actual fitness blender program vs just randomly doing workouts, I like to have a plan and I love the big check marks I get on their new website calendar! I did the FB Burn program in January and I’m working my way through the FB Sweat program right now. These programs are 5x per week but I usually only do 2-3x per week and then add the missed workouts on at the end to get an additional couple of weeks out of the programs.

Lots & lots & lots of walking.

With little baby Carlos in tow… Eric, Olivia, Chloe and I enjoyed our first family walk outside last weekend. It was soooo beautiful out. Then Olivia, Chloe and I got out for another walk yesterday. I also walk at the track with my mom 3ish times per week and meet a group of other moms and their babies for a walk 1x per week. Olivia loves the ergo 360 baby carrier and she feels so-so about her stroller. She just recently got big enough to face out in the ergo and she loves loves loves that because this baby really enjoys looking all around and taking everything in!

Some running mixed in with the walking… when I feel like it that is.

Usually 1-2 x per week when I go to the track with my mom she pushes the stroller and I do some running. I am yet to do more than 5 minutes of running straight. Usually I do 1/2 lap run, 1/2 lap walk and work up to a full lap of running and 1/2 lap of walking. I do have the BOB Revolution stroller so I definitely can run with Olivia in the stroller, but my mom likes pushing her around the track which is nice for me so I can focus on my run! I am looking forward to some outdoor runs once the weather gets nicer and all the snow melts.

A little bit of yoga.

I am probably averaging two yoga classes at the studio per month. I’d really like to try and bump that up to three now that Eric’s work schedule has changed and I have a bit more flexibility in my evening schedule. I am also trying to do 1 – 2 yoga practices per week at home even though practicing at home really isn’t my thing… Exciting news, just last week I put my deposit down for Yoga Teacher Training! That will be starting in August 2018 and I cannot wait. I definitely need to really get my strong yoga practice back though. If you have any favourite at-home yoga practices please send them my way.

And just started back at spin once a week!

I’m going to regularly go to Tuesday evening spin at the gym. I bought a punch card the other week and have gone twice now. Holy moly it’s a workout. I’m a sweaty mess by the end but it feels soooo good to do some intense cardio! I also am doing a spin instructor training at the gym coming up in April (the first two full days I will be away from Olivia – cue sobbing emoticon face!!) and I’m looking forward to that as I really want to start teaching more and more fitness classes in the future.


So that’s what my workouts are looking like these days! It’s not as easy to workout with a baby as it was without one, but I just need to make sure I go into each day knowing what my workout is going to be that day and prioritize it in my schedule. Sometimes that means only doing half a workout, or finishing my workout while also dancing, singing and making faces to keep Olivia entertained, and sometimes it means skipping it all together because she’s not napping well that day. If there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a parent it’s that being flexible and adaptable is key!

What do your workouts look like these days? 


Mind and Body After Baby: 3 months postpartum

I totally meant to do a 1 month postpartum update but then completely dropped the ball on that. Time really does go so quickly right now.

Body Update

I’ve lost about 36 pounds of the 43 pounds I gained while pregnant, but I’ve pretty much stalled out there and the last 7 pounds aren’t coming off so easily. I’ve started tracking my food in MyFitnessPal to see if paying closer attention to what I eat will help, but then I went and made cookies last week and have been enjoying a few each day so that’s not helping lol. Also, when I got pregnant I was about 15 pounds above my “happy” weight. I may never get back to that happy weight, and that’s completely OK, but I would definitely like to lose an additional 10 – 15 pounds from where I am right now.

Even though I overall feel pretty darn good in my body I still don’t love what I look like in photos, I just feel like my face looks so round. Again, maybe that will be my new post baby reality. But I’m definitely getting happier and happier with what I see when I look in the mirror. I was carrying a BIG baby and my stomach got really stretched out so there is definitely quite a bit of excess skin on my stomach still and even 3 months later I still have a little pooch, but it’s shrinking – especially as I’ve started working out again.

Here are some comparison photos.

My last belly picture taken at 41 weeks (taken 4 days before Olivia was finally born)

5 days postpartum:

~ 1 month postpartum (wow did that shirt ever photograph weird!):

3 months postpartum:

On a different note, I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic floor health regularly to try and get my pelvic floor back to normal and also to assess my diastasis recti. I did have a bit of ab separation above my belly button but that was it and I’ve been doing some physiotherapy exercises to help rectify that and also help with some of the pelvis pain I was feeling regularly after labour and delivery. It has been a huge help and I really recommend every pregnant person see one after delivery, regardless of whether you have a c-section or deliver vaginally! I’ve also just started listening to the To Birth and Beyond podcast which is all about prenatal and postpartum health and one of the hosts is a physiotherapist.

I started typing this post up awhile ago (story of my life these days) and then this past Tuesday night I went to a spin class at the gym. It was my first spin class in a long time and I worked super hard and really pushed myself and was a sweaty mess at the end. It felt really, really good and was a reminder to me how – for me – exercise is ALL about my mental health. I am not jumping back into working out to get my “pre baby body” back (what even is that? How can anyone expect to have the same body as before after what our bodies go through during pregnancy and delivery). but rather I am jumping back into exercise because it’s one of the things that makes me feel like me. And feeling like at least a partial version of yourself some of the time is so important in the postpartum journey.

Mind Update 

I would like to think my mind space is pretty good and pretty much back to normal now, however I also thought that during the first month postpartum and now looking back on that I was soooo fuzzy and out of it and barely remember what was going on during that time, sooo…. maybe at 6 months postpartum I will also look back on this time and think about how fuzzy it is! I definitely do not feel nearly as hormonal or emotional as I did in the first 4 weeks, so that is nice.

On average I get about 6 – 6.5 hours of sleep per night, which certainly isn’t terrible for having a baby but is also low compared to the 8 I used to get. Some nights I only get 4 – 5 and some nights I’m lucky enough to get 7. I actually feel like I’ve been functioning fairly well on such little sleep, however that could change as I get further into it. It has only been 3.5 months after all!

I’ve had a bit of postpartum anxiety here and there, which I think is pretty normal. I’ve had some major worries about Olivia’s weight gain as she was a very big baby and has now only gained about 3.5 lbs in the past almost 4 months. She’s still a normal size for her current age, but since she was so large at birth that gave me some serious anxiety. That said, I try really hard to just reassure myself that everything is fine, if she was hungry all the time or underweight I would know. I would say that is one thing that is difficult about exclusively breastfeeding, you just never really know how much your baby is getting and have to trust they are getting enough.

Actually, on the exclusively breastfeeding note, that is one thing that has been difficult. I knew breastfeeding would be hard, but I thought it would get easier after the first 8 weeks. It actually got harder for me around 10-12 weeks. That was when Olivia’s eating habits really shifted from newborn cluster feeding to more snacking and when I got mastitis. I might do a completely separate post on breastfeeding as it still is a struggle some days, but at the same time I’m SO grateful we have been able to do it as it was really important to me when pregnant and it’s allowed for some really special bonding moments that I love. But it’s also super hard, and the hard part can’t be discounted.

I feel like this post was a bit rambly, but that’s where I’m at 3 months postpartum. Here are some of the ‘milestones’ I hit – and plan to be hitting – in my postpartum body journey.

  • Began working out again at 6 weeks postpartum
  • Began running again at 12 weeks postpartum – though my ‘running’ is very very much still a run/walk. I’m yet to run more than about 5 minutes consecutively.
  • Returned to yoga at 7 weeks postpartum
  • Will be returning to teaching fitness classes at 5 months postpartum
  • Will be participating in Yoga Teacher Training at 9 months postpartum – yup, I’m doing my YTT this year! Just put my deposit down! More on this later 🙂

I am still modifying a lot in everything I do. I just really listen to my body. I am also doing some core exercises as recommended by my physiotherapist as my core strength is really lacking.

Congratulations if you made it to the end of this very long and rambly post 🙂

If you have kids, what did your mind & body look like postpartum?

Any tips or thoughts for me?


Workouts Lately

Over the years I’ve shared lots of blog posts about the kind of workouts I’m doing from weekly training recaps to monthly workout recaps to random posts such as this one.

Now that I’m about halfway through my 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy, and coming up on 6 months pregnant, my workouts are definitely looking a lot different than they used to. For example, look how much I worked out in February 2015!! I definitely do not workout that much these days but I have been feeling pretty good about how active I’ve managed to stay during this pregnancy, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately…


I kept up a really solid yoga practice at the beginning of the pregnancy and I am continuing to do 2 – 3 classes per week including 1 prenatal class per week. I’m definitely noticing how much I have to modify though, especially in the last couple of weeks as my belly gets better. I also find that morning yoga practices feel wayyyy better before my belly is not only full of baby but is also full of food from eating all day! I definitely hope to keep up my yoga practice right until the end if I can. I just signed up for another 8-week prenatal session that starts end of August so I’ll be solidly into my third trimester by then. The prenatal yoga especially feels really good because it’s less flowing and more long holds and lots of hip openers, which feels amazing right now.

Fitness Blender HIIT / Strength Workouts 

I’ve loved adding these back in during my 2nd trimester! Doing HIIT didn’t feel that great when I was super nauseous and sick during the 1st trimester so it’s been great to get back to it. I also just love that I can do these workouts at home with minimal equipment. Right now I’m doing three Fitness Blender workouts per week that range from 25 – 40 minutes each. My favourite workouts are the ones that include HIIT and strength movements so I get my heart rate up, get my sweat on and also feel like I get some good strength training in. I haven’t had any issue modifying these workouts for pregnancy either, I just cut out the high impact jumping and modify all the core stuff to do things like bird dog or plank instead of crunches.

I should also say that with both Fitness Blender workouts and yoga I am still going on my back. I stopped going on my stomach at all around 16 weeks because it didn’t feel good, but it still feels OK to be on my back for a short amount of time (I prop myself up with a bolster for long savasanas) so I’m going with it. Some people are not comfortable going on their back as early as 16 – 18 weeks though. You just have to do what feels right for you!


I have managed to log a minimum of 10,000 + steps every single day since June 1! I’m trying to keep the streak up for all of July and maybe even all of August too. This usually involves at least 1 walk per day with Chloe but more often than not it’s 2 dog walks and then just my other general moving around the house. I don’t sit still very often in the evenings and am always moving / puttering around the house and yard which helps me get my steps in as well. Once or twice a week I try to push the pace on our walks a bit and do a bit of a faster walk to get a sweat on and get some cardio. I really do miss running and look forward to adding it back into my routine after Baby H is here – I might be done with long-distance running though, we’ll see.


I actually haven’t been swimming since my first trimester when it was the only cardio I could stand because of the nausea. But now that I’m really noticing my belly getting in the way again I am going to try and add it back in once a week as it is a great pregnancy workout and also just all around awesome cardio.


Right now I am doing a Fitness Blender workout and/or yoga class at least 5 days a week and walking 10,000+ steps every day. I haven’t added the swimming back in yet, but plan to soon!

What do your workouts look like lately? If you’ve been pregnant before, what did they look like when you were pregnant, especially in the 3rd trimester as you got bigger!?