Eric’s 30th Birthday Party!

In just over a week (on November 14) Eric turns 30! I have been planning to throw him a party since the summer and it was originally scheduled for November 12 but I had to move it to this past weekend because Eric’s shift at work got rearranged.

Not going to lie, getting ready for it a week early when I had a terribly painful pulled muscle that meant limited mobility and not sleeping well and a bad cough was not ideal. But thanks to lots of help from family members we pulled it off!

I also have to say that all the wonderful ideas for this party were ripped off from this amazing party I found when I googled “beer themed 30th birthday party”.

Because we live in a smallish duplex I ended up renting a hall for the party which was 100% the right idea especially with all the kids we had there!



For decorations I had these awesome “Happy Beer Day” balloons and then set up centrepieces using old beer bottles and fake flowers. I also brought Eric’s growler collection down and set it up on a side table along with all of his school photos 🙂



The party store where I got the Happy Beer Day balloons and huge 30 balloons even had a beer mug balloon! It was seriously perfect.


Oh and a local bakery in town made the beer mug cake, which was completely inspired by the party link above. They did an awesome job! And then my aunt made some delicious cupcakes to go with it.


I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of them but my grandma made some amazing little sliders which were a huge hit. And my friend Janine made yummy pacho’s!


We also did beer tastings!


Oh and one of the coolest things we had there was a giant jenga game, courtesy of my brother! The adults never ended up playing jenga at all because the kids loved the blocks so much and hauled them all over the room and built towers with them.


There were also multiple dance parties – mostly by the guests under age 8. The hall just happened to have a cool disco ball speaker. 🙂


A bit of line dancing happened by the adults too.


It was really fun and we had an awesome time! People dropped in and out but in the end there were 20 adults, 7 kids and 3 babies who made an appearance! Sadly a few people had to cancel when the date changed but we still had a good turnout.


After the event we went for some more drinks with Eric’s friends and some family members and then went out to the bar. We didn’t get home until 1am, which is superrrr late for me! We spent yesterday in bed and lazing around the house, it was lovely.

I am super pleased with how well the beer party went and very grateful for family and friends who helped out by making food, bringing games and especially thankful to my dad and grandma who helped me decorate! I admit Eric wasn’t *completely* surprised but he didn’t know exactly what was happening and he did enjoy himself so a win all around 🙂

Have you ever thrown a surprise party? This was my first one and I could work harder on making sure it’s an actual full surprise next time – but it still went pretty well 🙂



Weekend Recap

Howdy and happy Monday!

We had a good weekend over in these parts so I figured I’d give you a little weekend recap. I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing them every weekend, but would like to get back into it!

Friday night we went to a BBQ at Eric’s coworkers homes with his work team. It was really fun to chat with everyone and get to know people better!

Saturday morning we had a fundraiser event for work. I had organized a team for the United Way fire truck pull here so we met up with 8 other people from our office to pull a fire truck. It was pretty fun! After that was over I went to the Farmer’s Market with my brother, then went grocery shopping and in the afternoon I helped Eric clean out our garage as we are getting ready to park my car in there this winter.

Saturday evening we cooked a massive salmon Eric’s parents brought us back from a fishing trip they just went on. We had 8 people over for dinner and still had half a salmon left afterwards!!


After our big family dinner everyone else went home but my brother hung out for a bit and played some Canasta with Eric and I. But by 9:30 I was seriously fading and knew I wouldn’t last for another game so had to call it quits and go to sleep!


Sunday morning started out with some coffee and some cleaning. After cleaning the main floor of the house (dishes, vacuuming, wiping the counters etc.) I settled down with my coffee and book and had a relaxed 30 minutes of reading. Eric had headed out to his parents for the day and the house was quiet, it was nice!


At about 9:30 I got dressed and headed out to meet my friend Janine at the Terry Fox Run. It was a really nice event to take part in, I can’t believe I’ve never done it before!


After the 5km run I headed to the yoga studio for a yoga flow class. As usual, it was a nice and strong class that had me sweating like crazy!

After yoga I decided to spend the afternoon baking. The lovely Lisa sent me the Minimalist Baker Cookbook for a birthday present and I wanted to try one of the recipes out. I decided to make the zucchini walnut muffins. They turned out awesome and will make for great snacking this week.


After baking I took Chloe for a walk. Welcome to life up north! Check out how many leaves have already fallen. I am embracing it (or trying to!) and loving the fall weather. But ya, that long winter is looming and I have been mentally preparing myself since July 😉


Then last night I babysat my cousins little guy so he could go out for dinner with his wife. He’s the cutest little guy and I had fun hanging out with him.


And that concludes the weekend. It was a pretty good mix of family time, friend time, social time and being productive with a bit of relaxing down time. I could have used a tiny bit more relaxing down time, but we don’t have anything on deck for the next few weekends so I’m sure I will get some more soon enough.

What did you do this weekend? 


Summer Fun

So even though I have barely been blogging I have been having a lot of summer fun this year so I thought I would share some photos and snippets of the fun…

The Shuswap – August 2016

The week after August Long Weekend I spent in the Shuswap at my mom’s new summer place in Scotch Creek, BC.


It was a great week with lots of time by the pool, lots of reading and lots of hanging out with family. We also biked everywhere which is my favourite thing about Scotch Creek!



Mornings with coffee and my book were my FAVOURITE. Is there anything more relaxing than coffee and reading?!


My aunt and I also visited a nearby winery and went to a drop-in yoga class on the beach!


We spent our second last day there at the lake and rented Stand Up Paddleboards – super fun!



I also had visits with two wonderful friends, who I miss soooo much! And their sweet babes of course <3

It was a really great week and also nice to have some time off from work and just chill, which is what summer is all about right!

Moberly Lake – August 2016

This past weekend Eric and I rented a cabin on Moberly Lake, which is a lake about 1.5 hours from Fort St. John. There was no cell phone service and extremely spotty wifi so it was really nice to disconnect for a couple of days.




A sunset on Saturday night and then a beautiful sunrise paddle on Sunday morning!


Chloe had fun playing in the water!


And we did a ton of kayaking! It was so lovely!


When we weren’t kayaking we were on the deck reading and drinking beer.

It was a super wonderful weekend and also really great for Eric and I to get away together as he wasn’t able to join me at the Shuswap earlier in the month because of work.

We don’t really have much else planned for the rest of the summer but we do want to spend some day trips checking out lakes in the area and going kayaking, especially since we finally got a second kayak!

What kinds of summer fun activities have you been up to this year?