Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Good morning and happy Monday / Tuesday. I was going to do a weekend recap, but as mentioned a few times the days really blur together for me right now and also weekends don’t mean much when I’m on maternity leave and Eric works a 14 and 7 shift. I could probably talk about Eric’s days off in lieu of a weekend recap but right now the weather sucks and Olivia is so young we don’t really do anything ‘fun’ or out of the ordinary. A couple of days we didn’t even leave the house!

So random thoughts post it is!

So with having a baby I knew sleep would be an issue. Talk to any new parent – or parent of young kids for that matter – for longer than 5 or 10 minutes and sleep will come up. However, what I didn’t know was how young it would start and how all encompassing it would be. I really thought I would have a little newborn who just slept and ate for the first 12ish weeks. Ya, that lasted 2 weeks – ha. I have to say Olivia is going to sleep MUCH easier than when she was going through her recent leap, however she still doesn’t really fall asleep on her own and needs to be put to sleep. And if we wait even one second too late until she’s overtired she fights sleep… hard. And the next 5 year battle with sleep begins.

On the note of sleep, there are sooo many things I want to do when she’s napping that sometimes I just find myself standing there mindlessly looking at my phone. Waste of time! I can do that when she’s on me! So I’m starting to prioritize things I know I can’t do when she is awake or sleeping on me – like working out. It’s hard for me to leave a super messy kitchen behind and head downstairs to get my workout in but I feel 100x better when I’ve gotten my sweat on for the day and I know that I can clean the kitchen later while baby wearing her. Actually… I could be writing this blog post while baby wearing so on that note I should head downstairs for my workout ūüėČ

I started writing this post at 10am this morning and I’m finishing it up at 10pm tonight. I probably should be asleep because my baby is asleep, but I really wanted to get a blog post up.

Speaking of baby wearing, I finally figured out how to tie the boba tight enough to hold her on me securely and I did a ton of stuff around the house this past weekend while wearing her. Bonus points because she always sleeps while in the carriers so it counts as a nap for her as well. On Saturday I did the dishes, vacuumed the whole house and folded laundry. Then Sunday night I folded more laundry and got her bath all ready while wearing her around!

On a non-baby related note, my family book club read The History of Bees and I provided homemade bread and honey for snacks for our book club chat this weekend.

I’m currently reading two awesome books! Little Fires Everywhere is SO good but taking me forever to get through because it’s a paper book from the library and Born a Crime is also really interesting and good and I’m getting through it fairly quickly as I’m reading it on my phone.

I am planning to create a family photobook every year starting with 2017. Any advice on where I should order one from? Also, here is my favourite recent photo of Olivia. She’s started laughing and smiling ALL the time now and it is so so cute. I snapped this picture when I went to get her after a nice long nap (the one that I worked out during!)

I had my first night out on Sunday night. A great dinner and big glass of wine with a friend. It was so nice to get out and Olivia got some quality time with her Daddy before he goes back to work so a win all around.

I really really miss yoga. I’ve never been good about having a home practice but I think I’m going to have to start one now. I did manage to go to one class while Eric was off work this week but I used to go to 2-3 classes a week!

On the topic of exercise, I’m loving working out again but I’m really anxious to start running again. I have the itch to sign up for a race too. BUT my pelvis still doesn’t feel 100% so I really want to give myself a bit more time to recover before adding in something as high impact as running.

Ok, now I’m really going to bed!

Tell me something random that is up with you! 


Random Wednesday Thoughts

It’s 10am on Wednesday morning and I’m sitting here with my coffee reading blog posts while listening / watching my baby stir on the baby monitor and waiting until she actually starts crying to go get her because if I’m lucky she will go back to sleep. I am also looking at a pile of dishes on my counter and thinking about how I really need to have a shower and I should probably be using this precious sleeping time to do those things, but instead I’m reading blog posts, sipping my coffee and now writing my own blog post. Sometimes you just need to recharge.

I’m thinking about how tough last night was. It was the first shift of 14 night shifts for Eric. It’s not the overnight / middle of the night that’s hard, it’s putting the baby to sleep and dealing with the witching hour in the evening that was the toughest. From about 5 – 10 every night Olivia is fussy and just wants to be held and it’s also that early battle to put her to sleep for the night. Last night I started laying her down in her bassinet at 8:30pm and finally got her down at 9:45pm but I watched her on the monitor and she didn’t go to sleep until 10:30pm. Anyone else know that feeling where you just can’t relax when your baby is still awake? You feel tense until you know for sure they are asleep, or at least that’s how I felt. I finally got myself into bed at 11 because again – I just needed some quiet time in the quiet house for a minute. I ate a bowl of cereal and read my book and it felt luxurious. Luckily, our amazing sleeper slept until 3:45am and I was the one to get her up at that time because I¬†needed¬†to nurse her to relieve my rock hard boobs.

The other thing I’m thinking about is all you mama’s who live in cities with no family support and whose husbands work long hours. If I was staring down the barrel of 14 night shifts in a row with NO extra help I don’t know what I would do. Last night was tough, I know that I will have help from my mom or other family members several of the next 14 nights to make it more bearable, or I’ll have family visiting during the day and holding Olivia so I can do other things around the house or nap (though napping continues to be hard for me even with a newborn). It definitely takes a village and I am oh so grateful for mine. It’s made this whole transition to parenthood much easier than I think it is for a lot of people.

I’m also thinking about how on Monday I’m going to start exercising again. On Friday I will be 6 weeks postpartum and ready to start adding workouts back into my daily life. I miss them a lot. I’ve already been walking for an hour almost daily and I plan to add in Fitness Blender workouts to start and maybe go back to yoga once or twice a week whenever I can fit it in if Eric is home or I have a babysitter. In the next few weeks I’d also like to get back into running, I haven’t ran for over a year and I miss it.

Any tips for postpartum workouts or adding exercise back in postpartum?

Ok, now I’m thinking I really better go get in that shower. I really can’t push it off another day and this baby is going to wake up any minute…

What are your random Wednesday morning thoughts? 


Top moments of 2017

Happy New Years Eve, friends! It is bitterly cold here. -33 C (-27 F) and feels like -42 C (-43 F). People are doing the boiling water vs extreme cold challenge and videoing boiling water turning to snow when thrown in the air, that’s how cold it is. Brrr.

Anyways, I can’t finish off the year without doing a year end recap. In 2015 I did my top 15 moments of the year and in 2016 I shared my top nine moments off of Instagram along with some other reflections.

2017 was a big year. Huge.

But I’m also typing this up at 9:30pm after only 5 hours of broken sleep last night and knowing I’ve got a couple of hours still before me and baby are going to bed and then only a few more hours after that till I will be up again. Ah, life with a newborn :).

Soooo… Here are my top nine moments as shared on Instagram yesterday. These actually aren’t the top nine that Instagram generated for me based on photo likes (I’ll share that photo at the end but it was ALL Olivia and one photo of Webster when he came home after escaping for 48 hours in the spring). The below is a collage I compiled on my own sharing my top moments from 2017.

Top left to right…

  1. The kitchen in our new home we purchased in February and took possession of in March (we also found out we were pregnant 2 days before taking possession!)
  2. In front of Big Ben in London
  3. Heading to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London
  4. One of the many incredible stops on our Iceland road trip 
  5. Announcing our pregnancy online
  6. Pregnant belly progression from 16, 24, 32 and 40 weeks
  7. It’s a girl! Olivia Mabelynn is here!¬†
  8. My favourite photo from our newborn photo shoot.
  9. Olivia’s first Christmas.

And here is my top nine on Instagram based on photo likes…

Honourable mention moments that also definitely are part of my top moments from 2017…

In my 2016 recap blog post I said:

One year ago today I never in a million years would have guessed that my life would look the way it does right now.

The same is true for this year. I definitely would have never predicted that my life would look the way it does now at the end of 2017 but I am so so so grateful it does and I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.

Happy New Year! 

What were your top moments of 2017?