Favourite picture from the week:

Olivia relaxing on the couch with a bottle of milk! I swear she looks so grown up in this photo! 

The high of my week was going to another fun date night at the local brewery for board games night! This time my brother tagged along as well and it was super duper fun. My brother is getting ready to set off on a huge adventure next week, he is flying down to Georgia and hiking the Appalachian Trail (read along on his blog here) so it was fun to hang out with him before he leaves.

The low of my week was yesterday when we got another snow storm. March is coming in like a lion, it dang well better go out like a lamb! I am so so so SO done with winter.

For my workouts, I completed the following workouts:

The best money I spent was on getting our house cleaned! We had an interesting experience with said house cleaner as she ate one of our bananas without asking and this was the first time she had ever cleaned our house or we had ever met her… BUT she did a decent job cleaning and it felt so so so good to have the whole house clean for the first time in months. I can only squeeze in bits and pieces of cleaning when Olivia naps and I’d much rather use her nap times to do things like workout or write blog posts! Definitely planning to continue having a cleaner in every 4 – 6 weeks.

What I’m listening to (and loving): Stranglers, about the Boston stranglings that happened 50 years ago. I kind of burned myself out on mom podcasts (though I’m still listening to them a lot too) so it’s been fun to listen to a true crime podcast again.

What I’m watching: check out this post for all the shows I’ve recently watched. I JUST finished up The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel and plan to start Shameless next.

What I’m reading: Kitchens of the Great Midwest. I got it for sale on Kindle the other day and just started reading it. It’s really good so far but I’m very early into it!

What was the best money you spent last week and what are you reading right now? 


What I’ve Been Watching Lately

One of the things I was told about having a baby has not held true for me (at least so far). I was told multiple times I wouldn’t have time to read or watch TV. Now, I can only speak for the first 3 months of course as that’s the only experience I have so far. I know it does get harder as kids get older. However, in the past 3 months I have watched more TV than I did in the whole year previous to Olivia being born and I have read an equal number of books as I did before she was born.

Unless you’re one of those ‘crazy’ people who sleeps when the baby sleeps – trust me, you will have plenty of time to watch TV and read. I’m totally kidding about being crazy to sleep when the baby sleeps, by the way. I WISH that was me some days. Other than the very first week after she was born and when I had mastitis I literally cannot sleep when she sleeps – trust me, I’ve tried. Even when I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep the night before I am a terrible, terrible napper. I have spent many an afternoon laying in bed frustrated that I can’t catch up on some much needed sleep while she naps.

Luckily, I find laying in bed watching a great TV show and / or reading a book almost as relaxing as sleeping and I have spent A LOT of time doing that. So today I thought I would share with you some of the TV shows I’ve watched over the last 3 months. I should say that I am not really a movie person at all. I have too short of an attention span I think. Also, I really like dipping in and out of TV show episodes. If I start an episode I don’t necessarily have to finish it all in one sitting. I am fine to watch 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes of it and then turn it off and pick up where I left off a couple of hours or even days later. Very similarly to how I listen to podcasts.

So here are the shows I’ve been watching and enjoying over the last 3 months…


I actually watched the first few seasons of Scandal years ago when it first came out but started watching it from the beginning again in early December.  This was my go to show in those early early newborn days. I would sit on the couch with Olivia alternating between nursing her and having her sleep on me and would watch episode after episode, which is probably how I managed to watch 7 seasons in around 8 weeks.

It’s a bit corny, and it got really dumb there for a bit around season 6, but I really like where they are going with Season 7 now (which is the last season). I became quite attached to the characters and I enjoy the political stuff.

Side note: the last time I did a What I’m Watching Lately post was in 2014 and I also referenced Scandal then – ha!



Oh my god you guys, this show. SO FUNNY. I got my entire family watching it as well. I love how each episode is split into four short stories – it’s such an easily digestible show that way. I have startled Olivia by laughing out loud so hard while watching this show when I am nursing her! Only seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix. I can’t wait to watch season 3! Just do yourself a favour and check this show out, especially if you are looking for something laugh out loud funny to watch. Family Bingo and the Tiny House episode are my favourites so far.



I watched season 1 as it came out last year and I was planning to wait for season 2 to be on Netflix but then everyone and their dog was talking about it and I finished Scandal sooo I ended up buying season 2 on iTunes! So glad I did. It was such a nice treat and I loved season 2 100x more than season 1. I think there are two or three more episodes coming this season as well. This show makes me feel all the feels and cry all the tears. I love the Pearsons!



This show is on Amazon Prime Video and I binge watched 7 of the 8 episodes over the last couple of days. This is written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who is the writer behind Gilmore Girls. It’s very very different from Gilmore Girls but it has the fast, witty dialogue that GG is known for. I also really enjoy watching a show in a different time period, and find myself feeling very grateful I don’t have to live as a woman in the 1950’s!

Next show I plan to check out is Shameless, I have heard so many people talking about it!

What’s the last show you binge watched? Any reccomendations for me based on what I’ve shared above? 


Our Infertility Story

I tried to write this blog post several times over the last 10ish months and also wrote it in my head at least a million times. But I just couldn’t bring myself to share it until I had my baby in my arms. A part of me still didn’t believe that we were really getting a baby after all we went through even after seeing her on the ultrasound machine and feeling her move. Even as my belly grew bigger and bigger and bigger. Even when I went on maternity leave from work for a year.

But now I’ve had a sweet sweet baby girl in my arms for 12 weeks and sometimes I still have to squeeze my eyes shut super tight and wonder if this is real or not. But I finally feel ready to share this story. 

And, today (February 19) is also the one year anniversary of our IUI procedure which gave us Olivia, so it seemed like the right day to finally share this. 


In January 2015, after 10 years, I stopped taking birth control. We weren’t quite ready to start trying for our family yet, but I wanted my body to get ready. As some of you may remember we went on an amazing trip to Maui in April 2015 and that is when we officially started trying.

Since stopping my birth control in January I hadn’t had a cycle. However, we knew that sometimes it takes the body time to get regulated, especially after so long on birth control. We were trying to be patient. In May of that year I started having other symptoms – terrible hot flashes and night sweats. Basically like I was going through menopause. It was awful.

After multiple visits to my family doctor and blood tests to try and figure out what was going on I was referred to an OBGYN in the fall of 2015. The OB sent me for MORE blood tests and in November 2015 I was given the diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and referred to the fertility clinic in Kelowna. The way they come up with this diagnosis is based on hormone levels. My FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) levels were at post-menopausal levels.

We were still living in Kamloops at this point so this clinic was about a 2 – 2.5 hour drive away from us. We were referred in November 2015 and had our first appointment at the end of January 2016, at that point they tested my AMH (Anti-Mullerin Hormone) level, which gives an estimate of remaining egg supply. A normal range is 1.5-4 and my number was 0.08. Translation: at the ripe ‘old’ age of 27 I had very, very, very few eggs.

The recommendation from the fertility clinic was to move directly to donor eggs. They didn’t believe there was any point in even trying with my own eggs.

I’m sure you can imagine how devastating this news was. We decided to take a few months to process. Only a month after this appointment an amazing career opportunity was presented to me and we decided to make a big move. The fertility stuff was placed on the back burner for awhile.

During the summer of 2016 we were finally ready to start trying and I started my first cycle of medications with the goal of trying an IUI. After 6 days of injections my hormone levels indicated that nothing was happening so we canceled the cycle. Well, 12 days after my last injection my body was showing signs of ovulation and I got blood work done and sure enough the tests indicated my body was recruiting follicles and about to ovulate.

This seemed promising so we headed into another round of medications right off that cycle. However, my doctor was pretty sure the high estrogen / cycle starting so late after stopping the medications was just a coincidence. And sure enough, after another round of medications my estrogen was still super low and our second cycle was canceled.

At this point we decided to take a break and regroup. I requested a referral to a clinic in Vancouver. The Medical Director at this clinic is one of the most renowned IVF doctors in Canada. I was so excited and felt sure she would be able to help me. I was putting all my eggs in one basket (pun intended).

After waiting over the month for a phone consult I ended up devastated. Once she heard my very high FSH numbers I was basically written off. I was told that no amount of drugs could make my body make an egg and when I told her about success stories I had read and heard about online she said they were hard to believe… I remember I ended that call feeling so defeated.

This was in early October and I spent about a month moping. Mid-November I had a skype appointment with my old doctor from Kelowna and they agreed to try one round of IVF with me. It would begin in February as I wanted to spend the next 3 months taking my vitamins and getting my body as healthy as possible. I have a whole list of vitamins and supplements I was taking daily after doing lots and lots of research. I won’t list them all here but if anyone reading this post is in a similar situation and wants to know just leave me a comment and I’ll email you directly 🙂

I tried to put the infertility stuff we were dealing with out of my mind for those three months and just enjoy life. In December we traveled to Kauai, Hawaii for Christmas. While it was a wonderful holiday it was definitely tainted with sadness. I had decided that I would make this one last attempt to get pregnant with my own eggs and if it didn’t work I would spend the rest of 2017 saving money and getting in the mindset to move forward with donor eggs.

When we returned from Kauai I went on the Whole 30 program (to this day I have no clue if this had anything to do with us conceiving or not, but I think it’s important to note that I followed Whole30 strictly from January 9 – February 9, 2017). On January 24, out of the blue, I got a cycle on my own.

After 11.5 days of injecting myself with hormone medication four times per day my estrogen was still extremely low and the cycle was canceled. I was heartbroken but ready to move on. I did ask to go for follow-up blood work one week later just to see what was happening considering what had happened the previous summer. My doctor seemed skeptical, but agreed.

One week after my last injection I went for blood work. I remember I almost skipped it. What was the point? But I went anyways just to close the final door on this journey. Because of living in a remote community my clinic didn’t receive the results until the next day. What do you know – my estrogen was high. High enough to indicate my body was creating a follicle. I made plans to travel to Kelowna. The next day I used an at-home ovulation kit (one of the fancy, expensive ones) and it indicated that my body was at ‘peak ovulation’. Eric and I flew down to Kelowna at the last minute and spent the weekend in a hotel.

It turned out I had one follicle. And it wasn’t even that big – only 16 mm. I still remember when I ovulated because I felt some cramping in my right side that night. The next day the follicle had collapsed and they told us we could do the IUI if we wanted but they weren’t sure it would work. We opted to do it, we’d already spent so much money traveling down there and on all the medications, what was an extra $400 for the procedure?

I spent the next two weeks in agony waiting for the day I would go for my beta test. I was scheduled to go on Tuesday, March 6 and that Sunday night I couldn’t wait any longer so I dug out an old home pregnancy test I’d had from when we very first started trying.

I started shaking when I got a positive. I continued to be on edge for the entire first trimester and most of the second. As mentioned above, I honestly had trouble believing it was happening until I held our baby in my arms.

That small follicle became our healthy baby girl. Against all the odds, it worked. I still can hardly believe it myself.

The total cost of conceiving our baby (including the first two failed cycles and all costs associated with travel i.e. plane tickets, meals, hotel, car rental etc.) was just shy of $12,000. Luckily our extended health benefit plans through work covered the almost $6,000 worth of medications. The other half was travel, procedures and appointments and was paid for out of pocket because as great as our healthcare is in some ways, it does not cover appointments or procedures related to infertility.

So today is Olivia’s day. One year ago today, against all odds, she was conceived. And I will spend the entire day feeling immensely grateful for that.

She is perfect.