3 months of Olivia!

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Olivia was 12 weeks old last Friday and will be 3 months old on Saturday.

Ironically enough, I started typing up this blog post while she is napping on me in the boba carrier after a VERY crappy night of sleep the night before and a very fussy day on Wednesday. Probably one of the worst we’ve had. On Tuesday night little miss was up every 1.5 hours and I got around 4 hours of sleep. Wednesday night was a bit better though and I’m finishing up typing this blog post on Thursday evening so we’ll see how Thursday night goes 🙂

Her adorable pouty face 🙂

So, since we last chatted at Olivia’s 10 week update she has once again changed so much! I was just reading through it and sadly her sleep has actually gotten worse, whomp whomp! Olivia was an absolutely amazing newborn sleeper. She slept 4 hours in a row from the time she was born and slept 6 hours straight when she was 4 weeks old, but over the last few weeks her night time sleep has really been on the decline. I would say now she’s averaging more like 3.5 – 4 hour stretches on the regular with the occasional 5 – 5.5 hour stretch thrown in. I can’t even remember the last time she slept for 6 hours straight! And after the first longer stretch she’s up between every 1.5 – 2.5 hours. While we plan to sleep train, I believe 12 weeks is too young for sleep training so for right now I am trying to soothe her back to sleep in other ways than by feeding her as at 3 months old and almost 14 lbs she really does not need to eat every 1.5 – 2 hours overnight anymore. Starting with the least intervention (shushing her and not touching her) all the way up to picking her up and rocking her back to sleep. I lay her down drowsy but awake as much as I can but at night I just kind of want to put her in a deep sleep and be done with it so it’s hard!

Right now nighttime sleep is ~8pm to ~8am with anywhere from 2-5 wake ups in the 12 hour period (would love to get it consistently down to 2!) I am working on moving her bedtime back a bit to ~7:30pm. We don’t want it any earlier than that or else she would not be able to see Eric when he gets home from work.

Olivia sleeps in the crib in her own room now but is still sleeping in the baby nest my grandma made. She wears the Love to Dream 50/50 swaddle for night sleeping and is still being swaddled up during daytime naps, though she almost always breaks her little hands free. In the photo below I really didn’t mind that she’d broken her hand free since she was using it to hold her pacifier in 😉 Saves mommy from replacing it multiple times!

I am still following a schedule of trying to get her down for a nap ever 1.5 hours of awake time. Her naps are actually pretty great. Almost all of her naps are in her crib and she will usually have one long nap of 1.5 – 2 hours per day. The other naps are in the 45 minute range. She usually still has one nap per day where I am baby wearing her.

Over the last couple of weeks Olivia has started smiling SO much. She also has started really interacting with us. For example, the other day I was holding her on my lap facing me after she ate and she would smile and make a little grunt and I would throw my head back and laugh, as soon as I brought my face back down and made eye contact with her she would do it again. I even tested her and kept my head back longer and she didn’t make the smile/noise again until I looked at her. So cute.

She is also reaching and grabbing for more and more of her toys and kicking her little feet like crazy! I am sure she is going to be grabbing her feet with her hands very soon.

Two big milestone things that happened over the last couple of weeks is Olivia rolled from her tummy onto her back twice (both times when naked – she only seems to enjoy tummy time if she is naked ha ha) and she also laughed for the first time when I went to get her up after her afternoon nap the other day. It was hands down the most amazing thing I have witnessed so far as a parent. Baby giggles are THE BEST.

She has outgrown her baby bathtub and so far baths in the big tub have not been her favourite. We’re going to keep trying though and hopefully soon she will love baths in the big tub just as much as she loved baths in her baby bath. Stay tuned!

Also, Olivia had her first two visits to the chiropractor! She didn’t really like the adjustments themselves very much BUT they did help her go poop after 2 days of being constipated. I know breastfed babies can go several days without pooping, but I just don’t think that can be very comfortable and I think she was quite uncomfortable based on how she was acting so I’m glad the chiropractor got things moving.

I plan to write a separate post about maternity leave and how being at home has been for me mentally and emotionally, however I will say that even though some days are very very hard, and I struggle with the lack of structure, I am still incredibly grateful for the 12 months of (partially paid!) maternity leave I get. I literally could not even fathom being back at work right now with our current sleep and also I couldn’t imagine having her in daycare full time right now. I am so grateful I get this very special time with my girl.

Olivia weighed 13 lbs 6.4oz just after hitting 12 weeks. She was in the 97th percentile when born but has now seemed to even out to a more ‘average’ size for her age.

She is one well accessorized babe thanks to her crafty Great-Grandma (GG). Shoes, hat and bib all courtesy of GG. 

She is an absolute joy and lights up our life. No matter how hard of a day we have, I never ever forget how lucky we are to have her. We love her so very much!

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  1. Lisa of Lisa’s Yarns says:

    Gosh she is so darn cute! I loved the video of her laughing that you posted on Facebook. I listened to it multiple times! There is nothing better than the sound of baby giggles! Hopefully daddy has gotten to hear some of those laughs, too!

    I hope her sleep gets better very soon. I am sure it is tough to go from better, longer stretches to her getting up so often! Hopefully this sleep regression ends very soon!

    I still can’t believe she is already 3 months, though. She has grown and changed so fast and seems like such a bright, happy baby!!

  2. Leigh says:

    Oh man, baby sleep is so rough at times! I think we used the same swaddle with Gabe and he liked it until he started rolling over. I’m so grateful for 12 months of maternity leave too, but oh man, motherhood is so, so hard some days. On the hard days, I’m trying to not wish the time away as I know I will miss the kids when I’m back at work

  3. San says:

    She’s adorable, Amber. I love her with the big beanie! 🙂

  4. Stephany says:

    I cannot believe it’s been three months already! I also don’t know how some parents do it, with having to go back to work within three months – and some parents only get 8 weeks! I remember when I worked in a daycare and a woman coming into our center with a five-week old, asking if we had room for her and we had to turn her away because the baby was too young. But she was looking for a daycare because she had to be back at work and couldn’t afford to take any more time off. Isn’t that awful? Maternity leave is horrendous in the states, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, I’m glad you still get so much more time with your little love and I hope the baby sleep gets easier soon. It has to be so tough to be so sleep deprived all of the time!

  5. It seems like that three months flew by SO quickly! She is absolutely gorgeous; I love her smile 🙂

    Yes, we are very, very lucky in Canada to have such good maternity leave. I know how hard it was for my friends and family when they had to go back after even a year, so I counldn’t imagine if it was even earlier than that. That would be soooooo hard.

  6. Caroline says:

    She’s just so beautiful!! It’s so amazing that you get one year of maternity leave in Canada!

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