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Good morning and happy Monday / Tuesday. I was going to do a weekend recap, but as mentioned a few times the days really blur together for me right now and also weekends don’t mean much when I’m on maternity leave and Eric works a 14 and 7 shift. I could probably talk about Eric’s days off in lieu of a weekend recap but right now the weather sucks and Olivia is so young we don’t really do anything ‘fun’ or out of the ordinary. A couple of days we didn’t even leave the house!

So random thoughts post it is!

So with having a baby I knew sleep would be an issue. Talk to any new parent – or parent of young kids for that matter – for longer than 5 or 10 minutes and sleep will come up. However, what I didn’t know was how young it would start and how all encompassing it would be. I really thought I would have a little newborn who just slept and ate for the first 12ish weeks. Ya, that lasted 2 weeks – ha. I have to say Olivia is going to sleep MUCH easier than when she was going through her recent leap, however she still doesn’t really fall asleep on her own and needs to be put to sleep. And if we wait even one second too late until she’s overtired she fights sleep… hard. And the next 5 year battle with sleep begins.

On the note of sleep, there are sooo many things I want to do when she’s napping that sometimes I just find myself standing there mindlessly looking at my phone. Waste of time! I can do that when she’s on me! So I’m starting to prioritize things I know I can’t do when she is awake or sleeping on me – like working out. It’s hard for me to leave a super messy kitchen behind and head downstairs to get my workout in but I feel 100x better when I’ve gotten my sweat on for the day and I know that I can clean the kitchen later while baby wearing her. Actually… I could be writing this blog post while baby wearing so on that note I should head downstairs for my workout πŸ˜‰

I started writing this post at 10am this morning and I’m finishing it up at 10pm tonight. I probably should be asleep because my baby is asleep, but I really wanted to get a blog post up.

Speaking of baby wearing, I finally figured out how to tie the boba tight enough to hold her on me securely and I did a ton of stuff around the house this past weekend while wearing her. Bonus points because she always sleeps while in the carriers so it counts as a nap for her as well. On Saturday I did the dishes, vacuumed the whole house and folded laundry. Then Sunday night I folded more laundry and got her bath all ready while wearing her around!

On a non-baby related note, my family book club read The History of Bees and I provided homemade bread and honey for snacks for our book club chat this weekend.

I’m currently reading two awesome books! Little Fires Everywhere is SO good but taking me forever to get through because it’s a paper book from the library and Born a Crime is also really interesting and good and I’m getting through it fairly quickly as I’m reading it on my phone.

I am planning to create a family photobook every year starting with 2017. Any advice on where I should order one from? Also, here is my favourite recent photo of Olivia. She’s started laughing and smiling ALL the time now and it is so so cute. I snapped this picture when I went to get her after a nice long nap (the one that I worked out during!)

I had my first night out on Sunday night. A great dinner and big glass of wine with a friend. It was so nice to get out and Olivia got some quality time with her Daddy before he goes back to work so a win all around.

I really really miss yoga. I’ve never been good about having a home practice but I think I’m going to have to start one now. I did manage to go to one class while Eric was off work this week but I used to go to 2-3 classes a week!

On the topic of exercise, I’m loving working out again but I’m really anxious to start running again. I have the itch to sign up for a race too. BUT my pelvis still doesn’t feel 100% so I really want to give myself a bit more time to recover before adding in something as high impact as running.

Ok, now I’m really going to bed!

Tell me something random that is up with you!Β 

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  1. Kelly says:

    I just ordered our yearly photo book (also starting with 2017) from mix book and I really like it!
    Also, as someone who started high impact right after having Max (after I was cleared) , you are smart to wait πŸ™‚
    Also I miss yoga too but can’t seem to get there regularly. I need to do a hole practice too but I also find it hard.

  2. Lori says:

    OH MY GOODNESS HER SMILE!!!!! That is just the BEST picture!!!! Definitely give yourself the time to recover fully before trying to run, as you know. It’s hard to be sidelined but trying to come back too early just means possible injury and recovery. That said, perhaps treadmill intervals? When I partially tore my MCL I was able to slowly return by doing intervals. Is there an online yoga available? I know there are workouts available online so I wonder if there’s not that option too? Photo book, I just ordered our 2017 book from Shutterfly. I got a Living Social deal that covered the book and I then I had to pay shipping. I downloaded the app so that for 2018 I just add the pictures as I take them and it should save time when putting the book together. I used Shutterfly for both our wedding book and honeymoon and I like their templates and backgrounds as well as the collage configurations for pictures. They often run deals which is nice! Another option, and I’m not exactly sure how it works, is Cluster. They sent a notice that you could put together a book but since I had already used the pictures I didn’t go that route.

  3. Susan says:

    As a 32 week pregnant lady, I appreciate you telling it like it is about sleep and new baby struggles! I know I won’t really have a grasp of how things are going until i’m In the thick of them but reading this totally helps.
    For a photo book recommendation, I have always used adoramapix. They are absolutely beautiful quality. They lay open flat and are vibrant colors. Take a look at their website. They are definitely pricier than other options but I have always been happy. They also often have a sale, like weekly, which is great.

  4. Emilie says:

    Ahhh sleep. Still battling here at 14 months. Last night Noah wanted to party from 2-5, fun times. He is a terrible mapper in his crib and more often than not, I give in to holding him so he gets a good sleep rather than deal with a crabby baby all evening. We need to really start training him to sleep in the crib. I am also still majorly struggling to work out – also thanks to our sleepnidsues! I should just try with him awake and in the room with me but it feels like that could be a disaster. Regarding the photo book, we used Shutterfly. You can make them right on your phone, and I did it over the course of a few naps. I did 4 for his first year, and will do one per year going forward. They have great sales pretty often!

    Hang in there with the sleep. It does get better as they get older. Noah goes down pretty easily now and last night slept from 8:30-1:30 in his crib!

  5. Lindsey says:

    Sleep does get better! Around 3 months then get more used to routine I found and that helped. You Glad you got a night out! Mom win!
    Hope you have a great week πŸ™‚

  6. Kara says:

    Sleep was my biggest struggle with Norah, Isla not so much! Norah finally stopped waking up in the middle of the night when she was about 2 and now she’s just an early riser. 6:30 is considered sleeping in in Norah’s books πŸ˜›

    I’ve used Blurb to make photobooks in the past and don’t have any complaints! I’ve heard good things about Shutterfly as well! This year I think I’d like to start doing family albums this way since I have a hard time remembering to print out and organize photos for the girls’ individual books.

    Something random: We sold our VW Golf the other day so we’re now a 2-vehicle family!

  7. They just talked about photo books on young house love has a podcast this week and they went with Blurb. They said it worked great for them. I also want to try to make a photo book a year. I figure it will be easier to do once we have a cute baby to take pictures of. Our year for the photo book might need to start in March, though, as I cant’ see us taking many pictures between now and when the baby is born!

    I’m most nervous about the sleep aspect of parenting. I have heard so many stories about getting up multiple times a night that I”m going into it expecting to be up 2-4 times a night with the baby. That way I will be pleasantly surprised if we get a good sleeper! It’s so different from baby to baby and it’s completely unpredictable so I am trying not to think about it too much. I feel very lucky to be able to take 20 weeks of materntiy leave, though. That’s waaaaaay more than the average American woman. So hopefully we will be getting ok sleep by the time i go back to work.

  8. Marie-Christine says:

    I can’t think straight when I don’t get 6 hours of sleep, so I don’t know how I would do with a newborn! πŸ˜‰

    Something random about me: I’m really tired of winter and it’s only January! We had 40 cm of snow yesterday only and more to come today! I’m lucky to own a big jeep so I don’t get stuck in the snow in the streets because the snow clearing is really badly done here!!

    Creating a family photobook every year is really a great idea! I should do the same with our travels!

  9. At first glance the first picture just looks like you’ve got a boob hanging out. Turns out – adorable baby. whew!

    I always felt like, when my daughters were both nursing and/or in diapers that it felt like living in a strip club. Every other song a boob popped out or someone was taking clothes off. That strange sleep deprived state makes for a surreal couple of months.

  10. San says:

    Ha, I love that you’re making a list of things you can do WITH baby strapped to you and things you can only do WITHOUT baby… bu that’s supersmart.

    Also glad you got to get a few hours away with a friend. I am sure that was a nice change.

    Something random about me: we’ve been in the woes of the government shutdown this week here in the US (I work for the government but am deemed “unessential”- ha!) and it’s been real fun around here lately… hahaha.

  11. I made a yearbook for Emery through Snapfish and designed the pages through the Project Life app. I liked Snapfish because they do offer 50% off coupons and it was needed when I printed.

  12. Jenny says:

    Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for home practice and I like shutterfly for photobooks!

  13. Stephany says:

    I just ordered a photobook from Chatbooks, all of the Instagram pictures I’ve taken of Dutch throughout the years. (Yes, I’m that kind of Dog Mom, haha) I think they only do their photo books with 60 pictures, though, so I have 5 books coming to me over the next few months. (I… have taken a lot of photos of my dog.)

    Newborn sleep issues, ahhhh. One of the things I am most scared about if I ever have a baby!

    Something random: I’ve spent the past few weeks going through my Goodreads Want to Read list and removing books I don’t think I want to read or books that have low ratings. I was nearing 900 books on that list, so it was a little overwhelming, haha.

  14. Shoshanah says:

    I love the idea of family photo books! I started one for Kaylee’s first year and got 9 months in and never finished it. But I still want to continue eventually. I do get Chatbooks which makes photos of my instagram pictures. It’s basically the only way I ever get photos printed.

  15. Oh my goodness, she is so cute!!!!

    That baby wearing is a life-saver! That’s great that she sleep while being worn – bonus!

  16. Leigh says:

    Oh sleep! I swear you get it all figured out and then they go and change something on you or get sick. We did sleep training with Amelia and it worked so well! Gabe goes down for naps and at night well, but still wakes up 1-2 times. He just can’t quite get it and I feel bad letting him cry since his room is next door to Amelia’s. One day I’ll sleep through the night again πŸ™‚

    I was just reading another blog about family year books, and she suggested updating it every few weeks so it’s not overwhelming at the end of the year. I like that idea!

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