Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of December!

This will be a short and sweet December recap as I only have two books, no workouts and 1 look to share with you all! December was our first full month with little miss Olivia in our lives though, so it was of course a super special month.


I really enjoyed The Simple Show ‘What’s Saving My Life Right Now’ episodes in December and I actually have an upcoming blog post of what’s saving my life right now – newborn edition that was inspired by these podcast episodes. Stay tuned!


Nada. Just walking. I did my first 1 hour walk at the indoor track at 3 weeks postpartum and I have walked 45-60 minutes about 4 times per week since then. I’m adding regular workouts back in in January, though.


I finished two books in December, but one of them I started November 20th. Neither of the books were huge page turners for me which is why it took me awhile to finish them I think even though they were both marketed as ‘thriller’ books I didn’t find either of them very riveting at all…


You Will Know Me was OK at the beginning but it really started to drag by the end and the “twist” wasn’t much of a twist at all. Lie to Me was only a 2 star read for me. Now granted I started this book just before going into labour and so read most of it in the very early newborn days. So it might have just not been the right time of life for me to read this but I felt like this story was way over the top and trying to rip off Gone Girl with an unbelievable story and very flat characters.


The only look I’ll share is a couple of pictures from our newborn photoshoot on December 1, when Olivia was only 1 week old. She has grown and changed SO MUCH since this already. I have her 6 week recap coming soon…

This is a maternity top from motherhood maternity and maternity leggings. I’ve still been wearing my maternity clothes a lot in my postpartum life because they are so comfy and stretchy!


December 2017 was such a big month for us. Our first full month with Olivia, Eric went back to work after spending Olivia’s first 2.5 weeks of life at home with me, we celebrated Olivia’s first Christmas, we hosted 20 people and kids at our house for Christmas dinner and we closed off 2017 – probably our biggest year yet!!

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks of December? 

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  1. Hosting 20 people when you have a newborn is impressive!! I bet you are glad you have a big, roomy house and can host that many people! I can’t wait to have a bigger house so we can host bigger groups. Right now it’s super cramped if we have 10+ people but my immediate family will have 20 people in it once the baby is born so I would like to be able to comfortably host my family some day!

    I just started listening to the what’s saving my life episodes – they are good! I should do a post like that soon, too. My workouts were limited to walking as well. I read quite a few books in December and my favorite was We Were the Lucky Ones. I hope you get it from the library in time to read it for our book club. It was so good!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Great job on all the walking!! I loved my maternity leggings and since Avery was a November baby and with my c-section I lived in them and sweater dresses!

  3. Ummmm I still wear a maternity sweater NOW! haha It is so comfy and stretchy and long! That is the one thing I love about maternity clothes, they are LONG!

  4. Stephany says:

    Oh my goodness, KUDOS for hosting Christmas dinner for 20 people when you have a newborn. That’s amazing!

    I have You Will Know Me on my Kindle. I think I bought it when it was $.99 one day, but haven’t gotten around to reading it. Your review makes me less likely to pick it up anytime soon!

  5. I am going to look up The Simple Show right now! I am on the lookout for new podcasts to listen to on my long walks this summer (ha – I’m dreaming of summer because I can’t feel my feet due to being frozen solid).

    You look great! I bet those maternity clothes are so comfy! My friend showed me the waist on her maternity jeans once, and I was envious. They were so high and stretchy and looked incredibly comfortable.

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