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Reading Heat & Light by Jennifer Haigh. I bought this book a few months ago when it was on sale through kindle and just started reading it the other night. So far it seems interesting. Has anyone read it?

As an aside, I’m reading SO MUCH now that I’ve got kindle and the Libby app on my phone. I finished 6 books in January, which is the most books I’ve read in a month in a very long time. Recently I was reading a book that was so good (North of Normal) I stayed up reading until 5:30am after getting up to feed Olivia at 4am (she was back asleep by 4:30!) – whoops! So much for resting when the baby rests 😉

Loving the obvious things – baby cuddles 🙂 On a non baby related note I am also loving reading so much again as it truly is one of my favourite hobbies and I was worried it was going to majorly fall by the wayside after I only read 2 books in December so I’m happy I’ve found a way to fit it back in even if I don’t exactly love reading on my phone. It works for now!

Feeling perpetually tired. But it’s also kind of just becoming my new normal at this point.

Thinking about how I need to pass the Fitness Theory exam to get BCRPA certified so I can keep teaching group fitness classes. Teaching group fitness is something I really love so I really need to get my butt in gear to study for and pass this exam to keep my certification going so I can teach more classes this spring and summer.

Anticipating nicer weather! I am so over the cold winter. I want to get outside for walks regularly again and I know Chloe wants that as well.

Watching Scandal and Life in Pieces. I just started season 7 of Scandal and I find Life in Pieces to be the most hilarious show ever so I’ve been rewatching it as I very quickly watched the first two seasons over the last couple of months.

Working out again regularly and loving it! I’m doing a Fitness Blender program right now and have managed to work out 4x per week for the last three weeks. I’ve also managed to get to two yoga classes over the last few weeks and both were amazing. I do think I’m going to have to start a home practice for yoga though as there is just no way I can get to more than 1, or maybe 2 at the most, classes per week right now.

Grateful for a healthy little girl. I’m guessing that will be what I’m most grateful for for awhile 🙂

Listening to podcasts still but I did download spotify on my phone to start listening to music more often and so far Olivia seems to enjoy having some music playing.

Wishing for spring and summer. This is a double edged sword though because while I am wishing for nicer weather I am NOT wishing my maternity leave away or time with my sweet baby away, she is already growing up way too fast!

What are you reading, thinking about and grateful for today? 

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  1. That’s awesome that you are getting so much reading done! I set a goal of 52 books for 2018 and then a mom friend commented and said I better front load my reading if I am going to achieve that… so I dropped it down to 30 books. But hearing how much you are reading gives me hope that I can keep up my reading habit!

    I totally understand not wanting to wish away your time with Olivia. Maybe you will get lucky and get an early spring? That’s what I’m hoping for as I’d love to get out for stroller walks in March when our baby is born, but March can be a cold and snowy month! But I am glad I’ll be on mat leave through most of July so will get some nice warm summer months!

    I’m reading “Manhattan Beach.” I just started it last night so it’s too soon to tell if I will like it or not. I’m thinking about all the doctor appointments and things i have to do to manage this pregnancy, and I”m grateful that my OB caught my blood clot last week!!!

  2. Creen says:

    I’ve had North of Normal on my to-read list for awhile now. I’ll have to bump it up.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I read so much on mat leave the first time! Not so much the second time, but that was equally my fault.
    I am so over winter too! I think with kids winter is worse sometimes haha. Cabin fever is real! You will have the best summer with Olivia!

  4. San says:

    Sounds like you’re settling into a new routine, which is awesome.

  5. Stephany says:

    That’s awesome that you’re still finding time to read with a new baby! Modern technology is amazing 🙂

    Life in Pieces is the best, isn’t it? I need Netflix to give us season 2! I’ve only seen half of season 2.

    I’m currently reading The End of Everything, thinking about my big crazy dramatic hair appointment this weekend, and grateful for my mom.

  6. I think when Isla was 2 months old I read 9 books that month. I mean breastfeeding and holding a sleeping baby lends to lots of down time haha.

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