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Reading nothing right now. I just finished Lie to Me (felt meh about it) and I’m about to start The History of Bees, maybe tonight. I have good intentions of reading and then life with a newborn thwarts me! I hope I can start reading on my kindle while nursing soon. Any suggestions for good books to read while dealing with the exhausted/fuzzy newborn brain??

Loving baby cuddles! Seriously, is there anything better??

Feeling pretty tired. We are so lucky to have a good sleeper and a baby who sleeps well in her bassinet (knock on wood as baby sleep can change at the drop of a hat). But the most I’ve slept in a row in the last 4 weeks is five hours and usually it’s more like 3-4 hours. It’s also pretty broken up sleep as other new moms know because you are regularly waking up every time the baby grunts or makes a peep. So yes, definitely feeling the new mom exhaustion!

Thinking about January! On January 5th I will be 6 weeks postpartum and able to workout again, I can’t wait and plan to start a Fitness Blender program the following week. I also can’t wait to get back to yoga.

Anticipating Christmas! Such a special Christmas for us this year. Hard to believe that last year we were getting ready to head to Kauai for Christmas and also were thinking we might never have a baby… life can change a lot in a year.

Watching so much Netflix! Right now I am mostly watching Scandal. I started it over from the beginning and am already almost done Season 2 since I spend so much time on the couch feeding Olivia which equals lots of time watching Netflix. I’m also watching and loving Life in Pieces, sooo funny. Oh, and a few corny Christmas movies thrown in there too. I still need to watch The Holiday, which is my very favourite Christmas movie, hopefully that will happen in the next couple of days.

Working on getting organized. I am someone who craves organization and routine so after a month long break I’ve broken out my bullet journal again and it’s really helped me feel more like myself. Even if my to do’s include things like “return book to library” and just getting that one thing done is a huge accomplishment for the day.

Grateful for this beautiful little girl.

Listening to podcasts, as per usual. No new ones to share though.

Wishing for 7-8 hours of sleep in a row. That would be heaven right now. Other than that I am feeling pretty content and not wishing for much…

What are you watching, loving, listening to and grateful for? 

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  1. I am so glad that life is so much different this year compared to last year at this time and that you have the best Christmas blessing you could have ever asked for. Olivia is so cute. I can’t get enough of the baby photos so keep them coming!! I just want to snuggle her and smell her head!

    Have you read any books by Stephanie Perkins? The first in her series is Anna and the French Kiss and it’s really delightful. I think there are 3 other books in that series. You don’t have to read them in order as she just highlights different characters in future books. But those would be a great, light read!

    I’m not watching much these days. We don’t have any netflix shows that we both like right now so I usually go upstairs to read while Phil watches tv! I’m listening to all the podcasts as usual. And I’m grateful for all the kicks and movements I’m feeling each day during the pregnancy. As you know, this pregnancy has been hard for me so it’s good to have something positive to focus on!

  2. Stephany says:

    I second Lisa’s suggestion of Stephanie Perkins! YA romances are my JAM when I need something light-hearted and fun to read that won’t take much brainpower.

    I’m currently watching season 1 of Mad Men and loving it so much. Loving this Christmas season, even though it’s flown by in a blink of an eye. Listening to podcasts and Christmas music, alternating between the two. And grateful for Dutch and how happy he makes me.

  3. Lindsey says:

    I could not have the girls in our room for that reason, I would wake at every noise!
    I found having even one to do a day for me to be huge, it helped me feel more organized and accomplished so every day of mat leave I had one to do at least!

  4. Nora says:

    watching: Cheesy Christmas movies on Hallmark channel or whatever AMC and Freeform (formerly ABC family) have running
    Loving: That next week is a mostly off week for me!
    Listening: all the Christmas albums. Right this moment it’s the soundtrack to “This Christmas,”
    Grateful: friends, family + a clean PET scan!

    I love seeing all the pics of your gorgeous baby and you! Motherhood looks darn good on you 🙂 I’m glad that journaling helps you to feel more like yourself and better – I can’t imagine the fuzziness you must be feeling. Merry Christmas, friend!

  5. Britt says:

    Never the Bride by Charlotte Fallowfield was funny and light. Good post-baby read. I still read a lot of chick-lit type books because my brain function is low these days 😉

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