Third Trimester Recap

Well, yesterday was Baby H’s due date and as of writing this blog post late last night there was still no sign of him/her. I have a strong feeling that he/she is staying cozy for awhile.

In the meantime, I had wonderful intentions of doing two recaps of the third trimester just like I did in the second trimester but the last 12 weeks FLEW BY! So now that I’m officially 40 weeks + 1 day pregnant here is my third trimester recap 🙂

Previous pregnancy recaps: 


First of all – the third trimester is when the belly REALLY grows. Holy moly. I honestly look back on 2nd trimester belly photos and I think “you thought you were big then? It looks like you ate a large sandwich!” ha ha.

For comparison… 28 weeks on the left and 38 weeks on the right. Now that is A LOT of belly growth. Lol


And here I am in the same outfit at 16 weeks, 24 weeks, 32 weeks and yesterday at 40 weeks…

So ya, the belly has grown A LOT in the last trimester.

Weeks 28 – 30


Working out started to get harder around the 28 – 30 week mark. I definitely noticed myself having to modify A LOT and the belly was really getting in the way. I remember around this time I was starting to get plagued with a really sore back by the end of each day and I started going to the chiropractor and prenatal massage regularly. Thank goodness for extended health benefits at work!

At 29 weeks I said “starting to wonder how this belly can possibly grow for 11+ more weeks” – oh sweetie, if only you knew! I also marked down that I was peeing a million times a day.

I started to get really exhausted around 30 weeks. I was not sleeping well at all and had sore hips and crampiness at the end of each night.

30 weeks! 

Mentally & Emotionally

I would say my anxiety subsided A LOT in the third trimester, mostly due to feeling baby move every day. That said, Baby H is a pretty chill baby and does not / did not move as much as what I’d heard was normal. For example, I was told 10 movements every 2 hours and Baby H does NOT move that much at all. At some point in the 28 – 30 week mark I headed into Labour & Delivery for a Non Stress Test because I hadn’t felt Baby H move for about 6 hours. Of course everything was completely fine. Overall though, once we hit that third trimester and each week I knew how high Baby H’s likeliness of survival was even if I did go into early labour I was much much less anxious.

Weeks 31 – 33


I was still struggling with sleep at this point and ended up getting a snoogle pregnancy pillow which really helped from weeks 31 – 36ish. At that point I felt too big for it and went back to using two regular pillows to prop myself up. My back was also still really bothering me.

I started feeling lots of BIG movements like Baby H was really rolling around in there at this point. It was so cool! I also continued to go strong with the workouts and recorded doing three strength / HIIT workouts the week I hit 32 weeks.

My mom and her friends also threw Baby H and me an amazing baby shower at this point!

32 weeks pregnant and right after my baby shower! 

Mentally & Emotionally 

I really started to struggle a bit with weight gain and how I looked in photos during these weeks. I remember we got our maternity photos done when I was 32 weeks pregnant and to be totally honest I don’t love the way I look in them even though I love the photos themselves. Obviously gaining weight is par for the course when it comes to pregnancy, but as someone who has always struggled with body image / weight it is hard seeing myself look noticeably bigger in photos. The photo below of me on my 29th birthday at 31 weeks pregnant is an example of this, I really hate my double chin in it. That said, I’m FREAKING PREGNANT, which is something I wanted on both of my previous birthdays, and in the end that’s all that matters. So I’m sharing these photos and trying to be proud of them and not too critical of myself.

My weight gain has been on the higher end, just over 40 pounds, and I also went into pregnancy at a higher weight than normal thanks to fertility treatments. I am trying to remember this is a season of life and this too shall pass and right now a healthy babe is most important. I will have LOTS of time to get back to a weight I’m happy with and even if I never do, my body GREW A FREAKING HUMAN. That in itself is amazing.

Weeks 34 – 36


Walking started to get hard around the 34 week point. I kept it up and am still keeping it up now, but I was getting a lot of round ligament pain when walking especially in my right side. At 33 weeks pregnant I started teaching a bootcamp two mornings per week from 6:15 – 7am and I taught right up until 37 weeks! By the end I wasn’t really doing anything other than demo’ing and walking around the room – and I would do squats, lunges and upper body work with the class – but it still felt pretty awesome to lead a bootcamp class when I was so pregnant 🙂

It was right around 35-36 weeks that I started having some pretty intense pelvic pressure / pain. It was (and still is) the worst after sitting or laying down for longer periods of time. I would literally have to brace myself on the nightstand or bathroom counter when I went to the washroom in the night. It is still pretty bad but I think I’ve just gotten more used to it now. Oh and I dealt with a bit of a scare when my blood pressure was on the higher side at my 35 week appointment, but it went down again the following week and has stayed down since

35 weeks pregnant! 

Mentally & Emotionally

I recorded feeling tired but good. Starting to get ready for being done work! My replacement at work started the week I hit 34 weeks and we had 4 weeks together. I’m so lucky to get a 12-month partially paid maternity leave in Canada.

Weeks 37 – 39


This is when I truly slowed way down physically. I was no longer leading bootcamp in the mornings and since 37 weeks my workouts have consisted of prenatal or beginner yoga classes (I did my last vinyasa flow yoga class around 35 weeks I believe), swimming and walking. I still had a lot of pelvic pressure and pain but prenatal yoga and seeing the chiropractor weekly really helped.

I also found that I had major restless leg syndrome by the end of each day at this point. My legs / inner thighs would ACHE each night when I climbed into bed.

37 weeks! 

Mentally & Emotionally

Feeling tired and oh so done with work at this point. It wasn’t even the working part that was tough, it was the getting up in the mornings and getting myself presentable / ready to actually GO to work!! I am so glad I was able to take off almost 2 full weeks before my due date as it’s been SO nice to be at home nesting and getting stuff done before baby arrives.

40 weeks!

And here I am yesterday at 40 weeks! I’m honestly so lucky. I have had some of the normal issues – morning sickness, aches and pains, exhaustion, trouble sleeping etc. but overall I’ve had a very very easy pregnancy. I kicked off 40 weeks by going for a swim! I’m so lucky my body has allowed me to be active for the entire pregnancy and it’s felt amazing to do so.

Now it’s just a matter of being patient and waiting for Baby H to make his or her arrival. Hopefully soon!

Anything else you want to know about the third trimester? If you’re pregnant or have been pregnant before how was the 3rd trimester for you? 

PS: Today is my amazing husband’s 31st birthday!! Love him so much and so grateful for all his support during this pregnancy. Wouldn’t it be so cool if Baby H arrived just in time to share a birthday with his daddy 🙂 Fingers crossed!

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  1. TravelSpot says:

    Happy Birthday to E!!! I hope you guys have a great day!

    Your belly really did pop! I think it’s funny hearing you talk about how you thought it was big (or that your back hurt or that you peed a lot) when you were in your second trimester, but if you would have only known what it was going to be like, you would have appreciated it. Isn’t that how life is!? We don’t realize what the extent of the thing is until we reach a different level! Like in running… first a 5k is hard, then a 10, then before you know it you are running a 50k and you are looking back and wondering how you could have had trouble with a 5k!

  2. Kara says:

    Happy Birthday Eric!!

    You look so amazing in your third trimester! I remember feeling just so unbelievably done being huge. Everything was so dang uncomfortable, I lived in sweatpants and pyjamas during those last couple of weeks.

    Is there an induction plan if you end up going way overdue? My doctor wouldn’t induce until I was 10 days over but we did some other tricks to help things get going before then.

  3. Stephany says:

    “His daddy”! <– Freudian slip? 🙂

    It's been such a joy to follow along with your pregnancy, especially knowing the long road it took for you guys to be able to experience this. I hope Baby H makes his or her appearance soon, though! So exciting!!

  4. Emilie says:

    Personally, I think you look FANTASTIC. I also struggled with weight gain, 37 lbs, and body image during my pregnancy. It’s so hard. I will say that since having Noah I have not cared all that much – it’s funny how my priorities shifted so drastically. Fingers crossed baby decides to arrive soon!

  5. Lori says:

    I think you are so beautiful! I can’t understand pregnancy having never been pregnant but I do get the struggle with body image. I think it’s awesome that you have been able to be so active through your pregnancy! I hope that baby H comes soon!!!

  6. Britt says:

    Ugh dude, I feel you on the body image business. I gained a whopping 66lbs during pregnancy and thought I’d never be the same. Well, I’m not the same, but I resemble my former self and my self-acceptance has gotten dramatically better post-partum. Sending you love and hugs. Be kind to yourself. It may take a year (or more!) but you’ll once resemble who you were before you grew that lovely human.

  7. I totally understand the struggle with body image… I thought I would be fine gaining weight during pregnancy since it’s something that is supposed to happen. I barely gained any weight during the first trimester but now it’s been coming on fast. I’m up 16 pounds so am worried that the 25-35 pound range won’t happen for me as I’d need to only gain a pound a week for the rest of the pregnancy. Which seems doable but also not doable at the same time… especially given how fast the weight has come on since week 14… Bleh. It doesn’t help that I can’t work out either. I know so much of our weight management is eating but sometimes I feel soooo hungry. My friend Courtney gained 40 pounds for her first and said she’s on track for a similar weight gain this pregnancy but she got back down to a healthy weight eventually so I know it can be done…

    All that said, I think you look beautiful! You look like you are all belly to me! I know we are far more critical of ourselves than others are of us. If only we could view ourselves through the lens that others view us!

    I’m 24 weeks today so about a month from being in the 3rd trimester. This pregnancy can’t go fast enough for me honestly. Having RA just makes it so painful. I am definitely very thankful to get the chanced to carry a baby but I will be so happy when the pregnancy is over and I can get back on better drugs and stop having these stupid painful weekly flares!!

  8. I noticed that you wrote “his” daddy too!!! Haha! I am guessing that you’re having a boy anyway 🙂

    I think you look AMAZING in those photos! I am super critical of photos of me, even not being pregnant, and always worry about looking like I have a double chin. I definitely never notice double-chin in any of your pics. I think we are always noticing flaws in ourselves, whereas other people don’t see them.

    I think it looks like you gained only belly 🙂 Love the pics, and you look so happy!!!

  9. Marie-Christine says:

    You look great!
    Love your pregnancy recaps!

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