Maternity Leave so far!

Thanks for all of your comments on the photo tour of Baby H’s nursery! I am so happy with how it came together. I didn’t have a ‘vision’ in my head when we first started putting it together but I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

So as of today I have been on maternity leave for 1 week and have had 5 official days of maternity leave (again not counting the weekend). The past week has actually gone by super fast and I’ve been pretty busy. I seem to alternate super busy days with super relaxing days. I kicked off maternity leave last Wednesday, November 1 by going to the pool for a swim, cleaning the house, getting a pedicure and going to prenatal yoga. Then last Thursday I spent most of the day on the couch reading. It’s been pretty lovely to do it that way!

Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Sleeping in / Laying in bed

One of the hardest things about going to work the last couple of weeks was getting up and getting ready in the mornings. My sleep has been steadily going downhill since about 36 weeks of pregnancy due to being extremely uncomfortable and waking up several times in the night. Being able to just stay in bed as long as I want / need to in the mornings has been amazing over the last week.


I’ve spent a lot of time plopped right here on our couch reading my book and it’s been amazing!

Walking / Swimming / Yoga

I did do an upper body strength workout from Fitness Blender one day last week, but for the most part I am sticking to walking, swimming and yoga in these end of pregnancy days. Over the last week I’ve walked almost every day at the track with my mom, went swimming twice and went to yoga three times.

House Stuff


I have a list of things I’ve been wanting to get done around the house so I’ve been puttering away at those. The other day I took absolutely everything out of our pantry, wiped it out and organized it. Before and After photos above. Also on my list is to wipe down all blinds / windowsills and baseboards in the house. I will start picking away at that today or tomorrow. Later this week / weekend I plan to spend some serious time in the kitchen making some meals and easy snacks (like muffins!) to freeze.


I am working on converting my Group Fitness Instructor certificate through the YMCA/YWCA to a certificate through the BCRPA since we do not have a Y in my current city. This means I have to retake the Fitness Theory exam which has lots of complicated questions about the muscular and skeletal systems so I have been spending about 1 hour a day studying for that and plan to take the exam this Friday. Wish me luck! I hope my pregnancy brain doesn’t betray me.

Self Care

I booked a pedicure for my very first day of leave – and it was ah-ma-zing. I also am going to the chiropractor weekly and had a prenatal massage yesterday, which I wouldn’t say was insanely enjoyable at the time but felt good afterwards! So I am also filling my days/weeks with lots of appointments that I probably won’t have time for very soon plus the chiropractor and massage appointments feel more like necessities these days, especially the chiropractor!

Seasonal Decorating

Well, so far all I’ve done for that is exchanged some of the fall decor in our entry way for these two winter-y / Christmas-y signs. However, I’ve already decided that if Baby H hasn’t made his or her appearance when Eric goes on days off next week we are pulling out the decorations and doing full on Christmas decorating! The cold weather and snow has me in holiday mode.


I think that about sums it up! All of the above and general puttering / tidying around the house has basically filled my days and I haven’t felt ‘bored’ yet, which I thought I would. I think the fact that I’m very large and uncomfortable helps – for example, that pantry clean out took me about 4 hours with a few breaks whereas I’m sure it would have taken me 2 hours max in my pre-pregnancy days or high energy second trimester days.

I’ve had staycations before – usually over the Christmas holidays – but never ones where you don’t know when the end will be. It could be in 2 days, in a week or (god forbid!) in 2 weeks from now. There is really no way of knowing when this babe will arrive and these early days of maternity leave / having a staycation will come to an end so I’m trying really hard to soak up each day as it comes and enjoy this time even though of course it’s only natural at this point to be starting to feel anxious for babe to arrive already. That said, I have a pretty busy rest of this week ahead of me so would be OK with Baby H staying cozy until this weekend at least 🙂

If you had a couple of weeks off work at home what would you get up to? 

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  1. Britt says:

    Glad you’e getting stuff done! I watched a LOT of netflix while I was waiting for Nora to arrive. I went off work at 38 weeks and didn’t deliver til 41+3. Ugh. The anticipation is killer. Sending out, out baby vibes to your sweet little babe!

  2. Becky says:

    I remember the start of my mat leave looking very similar to yours. I got my hair done and a pedicure on the first day, spent many days reorganizing my house, and so much time sleeping or laying in bed until the afternoon. Oh yes, lots and lots of Netflix too. I was off for 4.5 weeks before my babe came. Enjoy the time you have before that little one makes his or her entrance!

  3. I am glad you have these 2 weeks (or more??) off to relax before the baby comes. I am sure it feels good to get some things done around the house, like organizing the pantry, but it’s nice to be able to take the time to do them well and not feel rushed. I told a coworker that i plan to spend my 2 weeks before the baby comes making lots of freezer meals and she was like – that’s a great plan but just keep in mind that you might only be able to handle an hour on your feet at a time! She told me not in a negative way, just in a ‘be realistic’ way. Which was helpful to hear. I’m actually kind of paranoid that the baby will come early. Preterm labor is one of the risks of steroid use so I do worry that might happen to me. But hopefully it won’t. Mentally I am preparing myself to go a week or 10 days over.

    The last time I had a large chunk of time off was when I was leaving Charlotte to move back to Minneapolis. I had a 4 week non-compete that was paid, though, so it was amazing! I knew when it would end so I could enjoy myself. I spent a lot of time hiking and exploring NC. In the summer/fall, I was in a boot from my stress fracture and then I got diagnosed with RA so I wasn’t able to do much exploring during the nicest season so I am glad I got those 4 weeks to do fun things so I could leave with some good memories of NC.

  4. Shoshanah says:

    That’s so awesome you’re able to have some time to yourself before the baby arrives. Both times I worked right till the last day. Of course a lot of that was due to not wanting to waste my leave before the baby arrived, but in your circumstances i think it’s likely the best way of doing things.

  5. Stephany says:

    It sounds like you’re filling up your time just as you should while you wait for the baby to come – getting stuff done, but also making sure you take time for yourself! I’m not even sure what I would do if I had weeks off at a time – I’ve never had that, haha. Lots of naps and reading and walks, I’m sure!

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