Podcasts, workouts, books and looks of September!

Happy October! Even though it was a very cold day yesterday, we did not wake up to a blanket of snow like we did last October 1, so for that I am very grateful 🙂


I was thinking the other day how much my podcast tastes have changed. Right now I’m really into listening to podcasts where two people chat about every day life. Also, I’m sure it’s no surprise that I am especially enjoying podcasts about motherhood/parenthood as I prepare to enter that stage of life myself. Here is a rundown of my favourite podcasts lately: The Girl Next Door | Chatty Sisters | The Simple Show | Matrimoney | Minimalist Moms Podcast | The Mom Hour.

If you have any other recommendations of podcasts that are two people chatting about every day life please let me know. Bonus points if it has a motherhood / parenthood angle! I also really like husband & wife podcasts but the only two I listen to are Matrimoney and Young House Love Has a Podcast.


My workouts have definitely decreased as I move further into the third trimester. Unfortunately, due to our local pool being closed for maintenance in September I didn’t do ANY swimming. And after completing 10,000 steps every single day from June 1 – August 31 I really cut back on the walks in September as well. Also, I know walking feels amazing to most pregnant ladies but it’s actually felt the most uncomfortable for me. I get round ligament pain pretty bad in my lower belly if I go for too long of walks or walk too quickly.

The two things that feel amazing to me are strength training and yoga. I did several Fitness Blender workouts the first few weeks of September and on September 21 I started teaching a morning bootcamp class twice per week! So far my participants do not seem to mind that I modify a lot and they still do the full version! 🙂 I teach it on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:15 – 7am. Exercise also still feels best to me in the morning, by the end of the day I am very tired and get crampy if I’m on my feet too much. I went to 9 yoga classes in September, some of them prenatal and some regular classes. I modify A LOT in the regular classes, but still love how they make me feel, especially hip openers.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the pool one or two times per week in October!


I read four books in September. I’ve read 40 books so far in 2017 so need to get moving on it if I want to finish 12 more to meet my goal of reading 52 books this year!

Behold the Dreamers was definitely my favourite book of September. It is such a well-written book that really shines a light on the difficult experiences immigrants to North America face and how much those of us born here take things for granted. I can see why it was an Oprah book club pick! The Little Paris Bookshop was not my favourite at all, I definitely would have given up on this book if it wasn’t a book club pick! I managed to get through it (barely) but don’t recommend it at all. The Hate U Give has had a lot of buzz and I did really enjoy it. It’s a page turner and very relevant right now. I did find it to be a bit on the long side, and some of the dialogue lacking, but overall enjoyed it. The Year of Living Danishly was interesting and well-written, though I did find the author spent more time making fun of Danes and their traditions than praising them! However, it did reiterate the impact living in a country where people feel safe, secure and taken care of by the government can have on one’s happiness.


I loved this dress and kimono I wore to my baby shower, both are from Pink Blush Maternity.

I also liked the outfit I wore for our maternity photos. The top is from Pink Blush Maternity as well!

I just wore this outfit last Friday. Both the dress and jean jacket are pre-pregnancy pieces. Obviously the jean jacket doesn’t do up whatsoever, however works as a layering piece. I’m 34 weeks today and basically at the point of pregnancy where I’m living in leggings and dresses!

What were your podcasts, workouts, books and looks from September? 

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  1. Starr Struck radio started their new season today and it’s all about being a mom! So you’ll have to check that out if you haven’t already. I will have to check out some of the podcasts that you recommended, especially the parenting ones as those are obviously of interest to me these days, too! One of my favorite podcasts these days is The Simple Show, which made your list. I love their ‘yes/no’ approach to each topic they discuss!

    My workouts were non-existent in September but I am going to start to add in some strength training this week now that I’ve gone 2 weeks without a flare. But with a work trip next week and a trip at the end of the month I think my workouts will still mostly consist of walking! My favorite books were Beartown, Refugee, and Expecting Better! And I finally had some looks to share this month after not sharing any looks for the last couple of months. I’m pretty much 100% in maternity clothes now. I am not showing all that much but my work pants are not comfortable and don’t feel secure enough with the belly band (maybe I should have gotten a smaller one? who knows) so I am wearing maternity pants. Some work tops still work so at least I can still wear those!

  2. Lindsey says:

    I hated that lower ligament pain! I got is pretty bad with Chloe too. I lived in leggings and dresses near the end with both pregnancies!

  3. Leigh says:

    I had lower ligament pain with Amelia from walking too far/too fast as well. Not so much with Gabe which was nice! I haven’t read a book in so long. It’s bad! My looks include workout wear and comfy clothes most days!

  4. Caroline says:

    Love all your looks with your bump!! So exciting. I live in leggings and dresses anyways and I’m not pregnant, oops! Comfy all the way. I’m really into stuff your mom never told you and the lazy genius podcast 🙂

  5. Stephany says:

    I can’t wait to read The Hate U Give! Other books keep getting in the way of me reading it. I’ve had it for over two weeks now! I also really want to read Behold the Dreamers because everyone I know who has read it has raved about it.

  6. Those podcasts sound like ones that I would like 🙂

    Also, the last two books you mentioned both sound great!

    I am so into kimonos – they are just sooooo pretty!

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