A weekend recap full of SO much thankfulness <3

For the last three years I have done a recap of our Thanksgiving weekend with a special focus on all I have to be thankful for. This year my heart feels so full it could burst, so despite barely having any photos to go along with this post, here is my annual weekend recap of thanks.

Eric’s weekend off fell on the long weekend, which I was so so grateful for. We decided to take a small ‘babymoon’ and jet over to Grande Prairie (the “big city” – ha) for the night. We got a hotel room, went out for a nice dinner and then spent Friday doing some shopping.

I am thankful for every second spent with my husband these days. He works so much and our schedules almost never line up, so time together is so so important to me! 

Our main reason for the trip was to acquire a new couch for our living room. We bought a couch at IKEA when we did our one day trip last year but it really only had space for 3 people to sit and wasn’t the most comfortable couch. I loved the look of it, but it’s not the kind of couch you get all cozied up on. We wanted either a love seat + couch combo or a sectional.

Well we ended up with a microfibre sectional with recliners on either end – something Eric has wanted for a long time! I admit I was not sold on this couch at first and kept saying I was having buyers remorse when we first put it together. However, after having it for a few days it’s really grown on me. It’s SO comfy and the reclining feature is pretty nice. It’s also nice to have room to seat more than 3 people side-by-side.

I am thankful for those sweet pets of ours. 

Other shopping that happened included some fun seasonal decor at Homesense (Oh how I love that store!), some more maternity clothes for me and a few baby things :). I was trying to resist buying any more maternity clothes but the bigger I get the more I need them so I got two more pairs of leggings and 3 tops. We also got two adorable little sleepers and a sweet Christmas sweater. I have to say though, baby clothing stores are SO gendered. One whole wall was BOYS (aka blue) and the other whole wall was GIRLS (aka pink) and there was one tiny sliver of wall for neutral stuff.

I am thankful for a house that I absolutely love. While there are a few things I would change about our house, for the most part it is perfect for us and I am obsessed with the layout of it as we really couldn’t ask for a better layout. 

Friday night I went to a get together with extended family, it was great to see so many second cousins and aunts and uncles.

I am thankful to live close to family again after so many years away. 

On Saturday morning Eric and I went to our first prenatal class together, we are doing private sessions due to Eric’s work schedule. It was a great chance to learn more about labour and afterwards we went out for lunch together and chatted about what our birth plan will look like based on some of the things we learned in the class.

Off to prenatal class at just shy of 35 weeks in my new maternity clothes 🙂

I am so thankful to be planning for the birth of our sweet babe. We waited a long time to get pregnant and truly wondered if it would ever happen for us. No matter how many downsides there are to being pregnant, it is something I feel blessed and grateful for every. single. day. 

Saturday afternoon Eric’s parents and his nephew came over and we made our first Thanksgiving dinner together. It was really fun to host them and after dinner they played a couple of rousing games of Settlers of Catan and then my in-laws spent the night. I unfortunately got quite sick, so did not participate in the board games.

Again, I am very thankful to be near family and also have a home where we can host people on a whim.  

My Thanksgiving weekend did take a small turn for the worst on Saturday evening as I spent the night puking my guts out!! Something definitely did not sit right with me from our dinner and my body wanted it OUT. Even in all my sickness during the first trimester of pregnancy I did not puke as much as I did that night. I’m not really thankful for anything here – puking just plain sucks 🙂

Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better and so I continued with my plan to go to yoga. I met my friend Robyn, who was in town for the weekend visiting family, at the studio. Yoga has been one consistent over all my Thanksgiving recaps over the years as I always try to fit it in this weekend.

I am thankful for my yoga practice. I am especially thankful that at 35 weeks pregnant I am still able to go to regular flow and vinyasa classes at my local studio. Don’t get me wrong, I modify a lot, but I’m very thankful for a body that has continued to do yoga throughout this pregnancy. I’m also thankful for how good yoga makes this pregnant body AND mind feel! 

After yoga Robyn came over to see our house and have a visit. I had been teasing nagging Eric about how messy the house was and he had it cleaned up so it was absolutely spotless!! I was so proud 🙂 It was more clean than when we’ve had a cleaner in.

I have known Robyn for over 10 years now and it was wonderful to catch up as we only see each other once or twice a year in person.

I am thankful for the friendships that pick up right where they left off even if you have not seen each other in awhile. 

On Sunday evening we had Thanksgiving dinner #2 at my aunts house. There were 13 of us and my grandpa flew up for the occasion. Of course I failed to take any pictures other than of the three pies my grandma made.

I’ve already said how thankful I am for family twice, and I felt that way again after our dinner on Sunday evening, but I am also thankful for delicious pie and super thankful to live so close to my grandma who I’m very close to and is an amazing whiz in the kitchen. These pies were ah-ma-zing! 

Sunday evening Eric and I both fell asleep on our new couch with full tummies 🙂

Monday was a very quiet day and I had no plans, which was perfect. I slept in until 8 and then laid in bed until 8:30 or so. When I finally got out of bed I made myself some breakfast and then curled up on the couch with my coffee and my book. Eric was also just puttering around the house that day.

I am thankful for quiet and relaxing days with no plans! 

The weather was too nice not to get outside, so I texted my mom to see if she wanted to go for a walk. Chloe and I joined her and her dog Murphy for a walk/hike in the local community forest.

I am thankful for beautiful weather on the Thanksgiving weekend this year, especially considering last year we had 1/2 a foot of snow! 

After our walk we did a bit of shopping and then she dropped me off at home. I did some more puttering around the house that afternoon before going over to my mom’s place for our family book club chat. My two aunts, my mom, my brother and I all have a book club and we get together once a month to discuss our most recent read. My one aunt doesn’t live here so we video chat her in. This month we discussed Behold the Dreamers by Imbolu Mbue, which was my pick.

I am thankful for my love of reading. It is my most treasured hobby and I would choose reading and books over TV any day of the week! 

And that pretty much wraps up my weekend. It was early to bed on Monday night before kicking off a short work week. As of yesterday I officially only have 3 weeks left at work before I go on maternity leave. Time is flying!

This shirt (also one of my new maternity clothes purchases) basically sums it up <3

For my Canadian readers, how was your Thanksgiving weekend? For all readers, what are you especially thankful for this week? 

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  1. Kelly says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m just so so SO happy for you- reading this post made me tear up. I just can’t wait until that little baby arrives! So glad you had Eric home this weekend too.

  2. Travelspot says:

    How nice that Eric was home so you guys could spend the long weekend together! I know that for me, spending time with loved ones is really the best part of the holidays! I especially feel this way lately, as friends parents are passing away and it makes one realize that these days will not be around forever. Not to sound morbid, but it does make you think!

    My weekend was spent attending a friend’s dad’s memorial in my home town, so I did a lot of driving. In addition to that, I went for my annual check up, did a couple of runs, spent time with my mom and helped a friend by babysitting / proofreading some legal docs. It was a very busy weekend and unfortunately went by way too fast!

  3. I’m so glad that Eric’s week off coincided with the Thanksgiving holiday! I am sorry that you got so sick – that is awful! I am glad that the weekend was fun and wonderful, otherwise! Your new coach looks super cozy. My parents have something similar with recliners on either end and I LOVE it. The recliner spots are definitely the most popular spots on it!

    This week I am thankful that I’m almost half ways through the pregnancy! I am trying to appreciate being pregnant and I am extremely grateful that we got pregnant so easily but I will honestly be happy to be done with being pregnant since it makes my RA so difficult to manage. If it wasn’t for my RA I would say I’ve had a very very easy pregnancy but the RA just complicates things. I can’t wait to be able to go back on an injection so I don’t have to deal with ongoing flares. So I guess this ‘thankful’ comment is kind of negative, but that’s just kind of where I am at right now since I just got my 7th flare of this pregnancy!

  4. Becky says:

    I love love love that mustard floral top!

    So glad you guys had a great weekend!

  5. You definitely have a lot to be thankful for <3

    So sorry to hear that you got so sick! That's awful. Food poisoning is brutal, and I have found that I can no longer eat the foods I got sick from in the past. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you, because if you think it's the ham, that would be sad. I love ham, haha!

    Christopher says thank you for the nice comment! We have fantasized about opening a restaurant in the past, but I think that will only come to fruition (maybe) in retirement. I will retire with full pension at 53, so it's something we could definitely do at that time, although sometimes I think owning a business would be a giant headache. Haha, who knows … maybe someday 🙂

  6. Kara says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome Thanksgiving! We had a pretty good weekend as well; we got some of the railing back up on our new deck and enjoyed two turkey dinners! I’m definitely thankful for my family, my health, and being fortunately enough to live in this amazing country of ours!

    I dream of owning a sectional one day; our living room has weird lines so one wouldn’t fit so great. Yours looks amazingly comfy! Kyle really wants a recliner one day, so maybe we can kill two birds with one stone, haha. (And Mom Pro Tip: Make sure that microfibre couch has stain guard on it before baby arrives! Haha, I’m also thankful our couch is bonded leather because kids are MESSY, lol.)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! After the baby comes you will actually be more grateful to be near family. It really is such a huge help. With each of ours, Kelley’s mom stayed with us for about 5 weeks. I say “stayed” loosely, we couldn’t make her leave. But she was a huge help.

  8. Stephany says:

    Your weekend – minus all the puking, of course – sounds so ideal and perfect. I’m so glad Eric’s time off coincided with Thanksgiving for you guys!

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  10. San says:

    I loved reading this. So much to be thankful for! <3
    After all the bad news lately, this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing this.

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