The high of my week was / is having Eric home. He is on days off right now before going back on a long 14 day long night shift. The night shifts are the worst because we are passing ships in the night, so I’m soaking up all the extra time with him this week while I can.

The low of my week was not sleeping well, which I’m sure is just going to be the story of my life for the next 3 or so years. Ha. I’m at that point of pregnancy (almost 32 weeks) where by the end of the day I feel really big and my back is also killing me. I have been going to the chiropractor and/or getting massages weekly to try and help but it’s still been bothering me a lot. I honestly cannot really fathom how this belly is going to grow for another 8+ weeks (being my first baby, likely 10ish more weeks). I seriously feel SO BIG by the end of the day now.

A podcast episode I loved was One Crazy Summer by Matrimoney – I started listening to this since one of the co-hosts is Kelsey from The Girl Next Door. It’s fun to listen to a husband and wife talk about money and finances! I also enjoyed my other favourite husband and wife podcast, Young House Love Has a Podcast and their episode about money.

For my workouts, I completed a Fitness Blender workout (Fun Upper Body Workout) on Monday, prenatal yoga on Tuesday, another Fitness Blender workout (At home butt & thigh workout) on Wednesday, rest on Thursday and today I’m doing another Fitness Blender workout. I really miss the pool right now and can’t wait for it to open again on October 1!!

The best money I spent was on booking our prenatal sessions with a doula and on our maternity photos (which as you can see the sneak peek is sprinkled throughout this post!) It was an expensive week as those two things combined cost over $500, but so worth it 🙂

My plans this weekend include Saturday afternoon I am flying down to Kamloops, arriving that night and then spending Saturday – Tuesday at my mom’s lake place before we drive back up north together. On Sunday, I have my first baby shower with all of my wonderful friends down there – I cannot wait to see everyone and am so grateful I have such an amazing group of friends who are like family in my 2nd home to celebrate Baby H with <3

What podcast episode did you love this week and what was the best money you spent? 

Photos by Christina Marie Photography 

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  1. I love your maternity photos! You look beautiful and the setting around you is so pretty! I can’t wait to see more!

    I loved the Chatty Sisters podcast – I basically feel like I am hanging out with them when I listen and I always want to text Kelly with my thoughts as i am listening but that would be obnoxious, so I don’t! Ha!

    The best money I spent this week was on some maternity clothes at Gap. They had a 40% off sale so I decided to get some essentials. I am not showing yet so can still wear my normal clothes but I know I will start to show soon so I figured I’d take advantage of the sale. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t all that excited to shop for maternity clothes as they just didn’t really appeal to me but I am sure I will appreciate them when my belly starts to grow!

  2. Stephany says:

    Your maternity photos are STUNNING. What a beautiful setting and you just look outstanding. Those are going to be so lovely to look back on through the years. And how fun that you get to have a baby shower in Kamloops!!

    The best podcast episode I listened to this week was Hillary Clinton on Pod Save America. I just adore her. And the best money I spent was dinner on Tuesday night! It was one of my mom and I’s first real meals in a few days after all the hurricane madness. SO DAMN GOOD.

  3. Nora says:

    Those photos are simply stunning! Definitely going to be hard to decide what to frame (all of them, I say!).

    Best money I spent this week- is it lame to say on dinner from Chipotle on Monday night as it was a LONG day, D was away for work and cooking wasn’t in the cards? I hope not 🙂

    I am super behind on podcast listening so I can’t speak to that right now. Maybe one day I will catch up!

  4. Heather says:

    Those pictures are so beautiful! You may have said this before, but I do not remember. Will Eric have a little time off when the baby gets here?

  5. Bronwyn says:

    You look beautiful in your maternity photos Amber! Absolutely stunning.

  6. Kara says:

    Your maternity photos are stunning! You and Eric look so happy – I can’t love them enough!

    I don’t listen to podcasts, but the best money I spent was at the Gap Factory on a sweatshirt and jeans for Isla. On top of the in-store discount I got an additional 40% off, so I saved $45 on my entire purchase – woo!

    Enjoy your shower!!

  7. Marie-Christine says:

    Great pictures!!! Love the setting!

    I didn’t spend any “fun” money this week… just money for groceries!

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