Currently: September Edition

I haven’t done a Currently post for a few months so I thought it would be a good way to catch you all up on life 🙂

Reading The Year of Living Danishly. It’s a memoir about a woman and her husband who move to Denmark for 12 months and she spends the time there trying to figure out / understand why statistically Danish people are the happiest people in the world. I’m 40% into it and finding it to be a really fun, light, funny read even if I haven’t learned anything earth shattering about happiness, yet.

Loving fall! Not only is it my favourite season but the colours up here in the north are incredible. I need to try and take some pictures soon because the leaves are already starting to disappear, fall is a very very fast season in the north but man, you just can’t beat the incredible colours the trees turn.

Feeling pretty tired. Yesterday afternoon I thought I was going to fall asleep on my drive home from work! The late pregnancy exhaustion is definitely really starting to set in lately.

Thinking about everything I want to get done around the house before November… which is the same answer I gave in my July currently post, ha! However, we have ticked a huge number of things off our list such as setting up our entryway and cleaning out our garage to get it ready for me to park my car in. The next big thing I want to get done is getting our office organized and the nursery fully organized!

Anticipating being done work! 5 weeks from today (October 31) is my last day.

Watching nothing right now. I still have How I Met Your Mother on when I fold laundry, but I only make it through 2 – 3 episodes per week. I am sure I will be watching A LOT more Netflix this winter while I’m on maternity leave, so hit me up with your favourite binge-worthy shows!

Working on getting everything prepped for my maternity leave at work! My replacement starts next Monday so we will have almost 4 full weeks together. This week is all about getting organized and ready for her to start.

Grateful for this little baby in my belly. As much as I am sooo done with being pregnant, I also am trying to soak up, appreciate and be grateful for every moment because I waited a long time for this and I might not ever be pregnant again. I especially love feeling him/her move. I’ve gotten a few more sharp and painful kicks / movements lately but I don’t even mind and don’t think I’ll ever get sick of the movements.

Listening to podcasts still. I am still binging Girl Next Door Podcast, but I’m almost all caught up to their current episodes which makes me super sad. I also just started listening to The Lazy Genius and am enjoying that, I like how short the episodes are. On a totally different, and more sad / sinister note, the new Terrible, thanks for asking episodes have been really good.

Wishing that Eric didn’t have to work night shift. It’s so hard on the body and I can tell it’s taking its toll on him. Plus it’s just the actual worst if your spouse works a normal schedule. Seeing each other for 20ish minutes a day sucks.

What are you grateful for, wishing for and anticipating these days? Oh, and hit me up with your Netflix recommendations! 

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  1. Travelspot says:

    Wow, only 5 weeks left! That is crazy Amber! My brother’s girlfriend works at Costco and she does the unloading and merchandising of merchandise, so she usually works like a 3 – 11 or 4 – 12 shift and he works a normal 9 – 5 and it is very hard on them! To make it even worse, for the next couple of months the store is doing a remodel and she has to go in at midnight!

  2. I need to check out The Lazy Genius podcast. I’ve really been enjoying this season of The Simple Show. I also listened to some TTFA episodes this weekend – they were so good but so incredibly sad. I’m going to a live recording of her show in November with some book club girls. We are reading her book for our Nov/Dec book club so it will be a good segue into that book club meeting!

    I’m grateful that I’ve gone a week with no flares and wishing for no more flares during this pregnancy! I’m anticipating our trip to Asheville at the end of October! As far as Netflix recommendations, have you watched Master of None? I LOVED that show, especially the first season. I can’t remember if you are caught up on Suits, but that show is on Amazon Prime! I’m on Season 6 of 7, I think, so almost done with it. I”ve watched a lot more since I’ve been pregnant!!

  3. Ris says:

    I heard that How I Met Your Mother is disappearing from Netflix this fall so if you haven’t gotten your fill yet, keep watching! I’ve been watching Parenthood, which I really like, and old episodes of Friends, which take me way back 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    How I Met Your Mother was what I binge watched when our little guy was born this spring. Definitely lots of time to watch TV during the first few weeks!

    I’m grateful that my husband has been on pat leave while I’ve gone back to work this month and while I’m enjoying being back I’m anticipating a week off in November so I can spend more time with my little guy.

  5. Nora says:

    Netflix recommendation: Jane the Virgin (it’s hilarious and ridiculously dramatic but not in a sad/scary kind of way). I have not watched it all by an means but Gossip Girl is supposed to be good along with Pretty Little Liars, the Fosters and the Secret Life of An American Teenager. I’ll keep brainstorming for you 🙂

    I am so glad for fall temps to arrive; after several days of being near 100 it’s finally in the 70s today and it feels so nice.

    I’m anticipating my birthday + five year anniversary trip with D. Hard to believe it’s been that long…!

  6. Stephany says:

    I just finished Gilmore Girls and I’m trying to decide what my next binge series will be! I wanted to finally watch Friday Night Lights, but it’s leaving Netflix in October. 🙁 So I’m thinking either The West Wing or Mad Men! But I also second Lisa’s suggestion of Master of None. Such a well-written show. Oh! Grace & Frankie is a good one, too!

  7. That book sounds like something that I would LOVE. I really like non-fiction, and am super interested in topics such as psychology, happiness, nutrition, and science (especially science dealing with human development and behavior). I’ll have to add that to my list of books to read!

    Fall is so beautiful; I am loving it too. The weather here has been unbelievably nice.

    On Netflix Christopher and I really enjoy Scandal, and if you haven’t seen Californication, it is probably my favourite series ever, although I don’t know if it is on Netflix.

    I am grateful for having paid off my car today! I am wishing for a warm winter. I am anticipating a very busy October (fun, but so, so busy).

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