28 in review!

Well, hello! September 9th really snuck up on me this year and I almost didn’t get this post done. But I couldn’t miss reviewing the last year of my life, as I have done for the past SEVEN YEARS, on this blog so here I am.

Today I am 29 and Monday I will be 31 weeks pregnant. Last year on my birthday recap I shared a bit about our struggle to start a family. To say I feel grateful and have a full heart this year would be an understatement. Not a day goes by that I don’t feel lucky even on days where I also feel incredibly sick, exhausted and/or fat. Isn’t it funny how we can have conflicting emotions all at the same time?

That said, life is still not perfect. But is it ever? With challenging and conflicting work schedules and work environments that aren’t the best for either of us, I have to admit I felt a bit nostalgic looking back on last year’s birthday recap, as well as some of my blog posts from last summer / fall. We’ve really struggled with having a work / life balance this year and I am a bit sad that our summer wasn’t as “fun” as they have been in the past. Especially since it’s our last summer without a baby and I’m sure finding a balance will only get harder. This was also our first full year up north!

So, here we go, 28 in review…

We had a wonderful weekend camping and hiking in Tumbler Ridge to celebrate my 28th birthday.

Our first snowfall happened on October 1 – and it stayed. Welcome to the north!

I had so much fun throwing Eric a beer-themed 30th birthday party!

Eric was the best man in a wedding in Vancouver…

…and then we jetted off to Kauai, Hawaii and spent 7 days there over Christmas. It was our first time ever going away at Christmas and it was amazing! (You can find the recaps here, here, here and here)

We bought another house!! This time a half-duplex. We had been saving like crazy and house searching the entire 8 months since moving and we finally found the right place for us. I have to say, 6 months later and I still LOVE our home so much. The layout is perfect for us and it’s just the right size. Not too big or too small. I am still fully obsessed with our kitchen as well. I have to say, I didn’t think I’d be 29 and own two homes but this is another thing I feel pretty darn grateful for.

Not shared on the blog so no link, but towards the end of January I started taking medication for what we had planned to be an IVF cycle. Then, in February we had a whirlwind weekend where we traveled to Kelowna and stayed in a hotel with daily appointments at the fertility clinic. On February 19, 2017 we did our IUI which as you all know worked. I promise I’m going to share the full story very soon but now looking back I am remembering that in a 3 week span I was finishing up my 2nd round of Whole 30, doing my first round of IVF medications (so my hormone levels were CRAZY) AND we bought a house. It was an intense time to say the least!

I finished my 2nd round of Whole30. I still love this program so much and hope to do it again in 2018.

January – March I went cross-country skiing almost every weekend. Such a fun winter hobby!

We moved into our new house! We found out we were pregnant on March 7, 2017 and took possession of our new home on March 8, 2017. Eric did 95% of our moving during his week off work (thank god!) But again, another whirlwind time in our life.

March / April were a whirlwind of moving, Eric working an extra long night shift and me being in my first trimester of pregnancy and SO SICK. I basically spent all my extra moments in March and April on the couch or in bed or puking over the toilet… and that is why I only blogged twice in April 🙂

At the end of April we headed off to London and Iceland for two weeks! Amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip. Truthfully, I do wish we could have done this trip when I wasn’t pregnant as I still wasn’t feeling 100%, however it was still an amazing trip and I’m glad we got one last bit international trip in together before starting our family.

Of course, or main reason to go to London was to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Eric had snagged us 2nd row tickets 1.5 years earlier – it was epic!

And then we spent 8 days camper vanning around Iceland chasing waterfalls, hot springs and hiking. Recap posts here, here, and here!

Mother’s Day weekend, right after returning from our trip, I hit 14 weeks pregnant and was officially in the 2nd trimester so we announced our pregnancy ‘publicly’ on social media and the blog.

At the end of May I traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to watch my blog BFF Lisa marry the love of her life, and also had the most AMAZING weekend with a whole bunch of blog friends. And I never did recap this amazing weekend on the blog (whoops!) how ironic 😉

On my way back from Minneapolis I spent the weekend in Calgary and got to see my good friends Robyn and Michele! I also went to my first Surf Fit class.

I planted my first ever veggie garden (full recap on that coming!) and Webster went missing for a very terrifying 48 hours.

We had an amazing 3 day camping weekend in June to kick off summer!

On July 9 we hit FIVE YEARS of marriage! Trust me, I did not expect us to spend our 5 year anniversary the way we did – having breakfast together and then watching a movie on the couch in the morning because Eric was on night shift – but after the year we had leading up to it it actually was quite perfect. We’ll do something big for 10 years! You can tell how tired we both were from our 5 year anniversary selfie!

In July we had our much anticipated anatomy scan at 22 weeks and Baby H gave us a big wave.

At the end of July / beginning of August I spent a week at my mom’s lake house and got to catch up with some dear friends from Kamloops.

We went back to Hazelton, BC (where Eric and I took our first ever vacation together to) for a week of camping and fishing in the mountains.

I walked 10,000 steps a day every single day from June 1 – August 31!

And I spent an incredible amount of time reading and relaxing on our back deck oasis this summer 🙂


It’s so funny how much life changes. You don’t see any big race recaps in this yearly review, or even a lot of time spent with friends or family compared to year’s previous, but it was a BIG YEAR and I know the next year and the one’s after that will be even bigger.

I will basically spend the majority of my 29th year on maternity leave since we are so lucky to get 12 months off in Canada. I know we go into every year having no idea what’s going to happen, but I really have NO IDEA how the next year is going to look. I’m really trying to go into it with 0 expectations and trusting that even though it will be incredibly hard, it will all work out in the end and the hard days too shall pass – just like the hard days of dealing with infertility and wondering if I would ever have a baby have passed (for now).

For now, I will focus on the present and remember how much I wanted what I now have and enter the next year of life with an incredibly full and grateful heart <3

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  1. Marie-Christine says:

    Happy birthday Amber! 🙂
    Hope you have a great day!
    You really had a big year!

  2. Shoshanah says:

    Happy birthday Amber! Hope you have an awesome day!!!

  3. I love your birthday recaps! It’s always fun to read about everything that you pack into each year! It’s pretty cool to see it all listed out as it reminds that you really did do a lot and had a lot of great adventures and travel! I love that my wedding made your recap! That was definitely the best day of my life thus far!!

    I can’t wait to see how the next year unfolds for you. I think you are wise to go into the coming year with an open mind and no expectations for what life will look or feel like. It will definitely have it’s challenges as you adjust to being a mom but it will also be a wonderful year full lots of firsts!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I love your birthday recaps! I have my IUI procedure TOMORROW (excited and nervous!) and I appreciate you expanding on your experience a little bit. Going for those daily appointments is annoying and these hormones are crazy, but I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it. I love reading about others’ experiences with IUI so I hope you share more – although I totally get that it’s a very personal thing, too. Anyway, happy birthday and all the best in the year ahead!

  5. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday! (see FB, I’m now saying it a second time- take that!) I love your birthday recaps because you did fit a lot of fun into your years and it’s so much fun to look back on it with you.
    I’m so happy and excited for you as I think about the year ahead. I can’t tell you exactly what the next year will look like either, but I do think that some of your challenges in the last year with conflicting work schedules and less time with family and friends will be a thing of the past once that baby is here. Everyone loves to see a baby, so you’ll have many visitors and your maternity leave should give you guys some time together (though it will be with a baby- which is obviously a little different). I think it’s going to be a great year for you guys and I’m really excited for you. When you have the hard days, I’ll also be home to listen to them and offer unsolicited advice and ALL the podcast recommendations 😉

  6. Becky says:

    Happy birthday! You guys had a really amazing year! <3

  7. Abby says:

    Wow what a year you’ve had!!! So much! Good travel, pregnancy, new home. Lots to celebrate

    However, I totally get how much work schedules and environment can rock one’s world. My husband is o night shift a lot – and let’s just say it’s not my favorite lol.

    I look forward to hopefully some day he doesn’t do this – but that is years down the road!

    I had no idea you get 12 months leave in Canada. Wow!! That is nice to be able to really get that first year of bonding.

    Happy birthday and here is to a new, exciting; and special year!!!

  8. Sam says:

    Your face with the positive test brought tears to my eyes. 28 and 29 have been/will be life changing years. You will be even better for it. xoxo

  9. Happy birthday again, love! You had a wonderful, whirlwind of a year. And you might not believe it with 30 looming, but your 30’s are sooooo much better than your 20’s are you will be blown away. Still, this next year is going to be another whirlwind as you start to share life with a 3rd person. Enjoy! xx

  10. Leigh says:

    You guys made some wonderful memories last year! Hope this one is even better with baby 🙂 Hope you had a great birthday!

  11. Lindsey says:

    Happy belated!! You guys had some great adventures in the past year! I think your next year will be even better 😉

  12. Alison says:

    This is so awesome you do this!! What a great way to look back and a great year. Oh man but next year will be AMAZING!!

  13. Stephany says:

    Happy belated birthday, Amber! I love these yearly recaps you do – it must be so fun to look back and see everything you did in one year. I have a feeling 29 will be a whirlwind, but a good kind of whirlwind. <3

  14. What an incredible year!! That trip to Hawaii makes me want to go there sooner than later. I’ve never been to Maui (only to Oahu about 10 years ago), but it’s on the list for sure.

    Happy belated birthday 🙂 29 is going to be full of new experiences, and I am so excited for you!!

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