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Over the years I’ve shared lots of blog posts about the kind of workouts I’m doing from weekly training recaps to monthly workout recaps to random posts such as this one.

Now that I’m about halfway through my 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy, and coming up on 6 months pregnant, my workouts are definitely looking a lot different than they used to. For example, look how much I worked out in February 2015!! I definitely do not workout that much these days but I have been feeling pretty good about how active I’ve managed to stay during this pregnancy, so here’s what I’ve been up to lately…


I kept up a really solid yoga practice at the beginning of the pregnancy and I am continuing to do 2 – 3 classes per week including 1 prenatal class per week. I’m definitely noticing how much I have to modify though, especially in the last couple of weeks as my belly gets better. I also find that morning yoga practices feel wayyyy better before my belly is not only full of baby but is also full of food from eating all day! I definitely hope to keep up my yoga practice right until the end if I can. I just signed up for another 8-week prenatal session that starts end of August so I’ll be solidly into my third trimester by then. The prenatal yoga especially feels really good because it’s less flowing and more long holds and lots of hip openers, which feels amazing right now.

Fitness Blender HIIT / Strength Workouts 

I’ve loved adding these back in during my 2nd trimester! Doing HIIT didn’t feel that great when I was super nauseous and sick during the 1st trimester so it’s been great to get back to it. I also just love that I can do these workouts at home with minimal equipment. Right now I’m doing three Fitness Blender workouts per week that range from 25 – 40 minutes each. My favourite workouts are the ones that include HIIT and strength movements so I get my heart rate up, get my sweat on and also feel like I get some good strength training in. I haven’t had any issue modifying these workouts for pregnancy either, I just cut out the high impact jumping and modify all the core stuff to do things like bird dog or plank instead of crunches.

I should also say that with both Fitness Blender workouts and yoga I am still going on my back. I stopped going on my stomach at all around 16 weeks because it didn’t feel good, but it still feels OK to be on my back for a short amount of time (I prop myself up with a bolster for long savasanas) so I’m going with it. Some people are not comfortable going on their back as early as 16 – 18 weeks though. You just have to do what feels right for you!


I have managed to log a minimum of 10,000 + steps every single day since June 1! I’m trying to keep the streak up for all of July and maybe even all of August too. This usually involves at least 1 walk per day with Chloe but more often than not it’s 2 dog walks and then just my other general moving around the house. I don’t sit still very often in the evenings and am always moving / puttering around the house and yard which helps me get my steps in as well. Once or twice a week I try to push the pace on our walks a bit and do a bit of a faster walk to get a sweat on and get some cardio. I really do miss running and look forward to adding it back into my routine after Baby H is here – I might be done with long-distance running though, we’ll see.


I actually haven’t been swimming since my first trimester when it was the only cardio I could stand because of the nausea. But now that I’m really noticing my belly getting in the way again I am going to try and add it back in once a week as it is a great pregnancy workout and also just all around awesome cardio.


Right now I am doing a Fitness Blender workout and/or yoga class at least 5 days a week and walking 10,000+ steps every day. I haven’t added the swimming back in yet, but plan to soon!

What do your workouts look like lately? If you’ve been pregnant before, what did they look like when you were pregnant, especially in the 3rd trimester as you got bigger!? 

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I’ve always been impressed with how active you are, and now I’m even more so! It’s awesome that you’ve been able to adapt your workouts to suit your pregnancy and that you seem to be enjoying it so much.

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    I like to read about your workout, it gives me motivation!! 😉

    My workouts have not been good this week because I recently got a lot of mosquitos bites on my feet (and that made my feet really swollen!) so I can’t wear anything but flip flop for now, so not great for running/training.
    It’s getting better so I hope to be able to do 1 or 2 workouts before we leave for our trip!

  3. Marie-Christine says:

    I forgot to ask about why you think you might be done with running long-distance?

    • Amber says:

      It is just a big commitment to train for such long races – you have to spend A LOT of time running – and I enjoy working out so much more when it’s varied!

  4. It’s awesome that you are getting in so many workouts! I hope I am able to do that when I am pregnant as staying active is really important to me and I think it will help when labor comes around! And it’s so good for a person mentally!

    My workouts haven’t been great lately as I haven’t been feeling great so I’ve mostly been going for long walks. I want to get back on track with adding in strength training again as I fell off the wagon over the last couple of weeks.

  5. Alli says:

    Literally nothing feels better to me right now than walking. Somehow just the way my body moves when it’s walking just feels great which I need right now considering I’m a whale.

  6. Heather says:

    Good for you able to do something!! My pregnancy wore me out, I was always too tired. The third trimester, I did a lot of prenatal yoga and it was so wonderful. Some people in my class would end up falling asleep, but it was a nice way to stretch everything out

  7. Sam says:

    I think you’ll appreciate this, so in my third trimester, lots of aqua jogging with a belt (the weightlessness of water and being able to “lie” on my front and let my belly hang was amazing), and the classes at the Y for spin and body pump (or that weightlifting class you used to teach at John Tod). Weightlifting was great to do right up until the week Eleanor came out. Running was up until 24 weeks then it’s too hard on the pelvis. Barre is also low impact and great for the legs (in case your birth plan includes squatting!)
    Prenatal yoga is amazing too! Good for the flexibility and mental coaching.
    Keep up the good work, you are doing such a good job of taking care of yourself and baby 🙂

  8. Lindsey says:

    You are doing great Amber! I found staying active in pregnancy helped me a ton after! In my last trimester I do light weight workouts and yoga and “ran” – meaning waddled lol.

  9. Stephany says:

    You are so good at getting in varied workouts and I’m so impressed that you log 10,000 steps daily! I’m trying to get 6,000 steps and some days are easier than others. I’m also bad at sitting at my desk for hours at a time, eeks.

    Right now, I am trying to go to three spin classes a week, two Body Pump classes, and then do some other cardio workouts, like elliptical or long walks. I try to do SOMETHING every day because I just feel better when I do.

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