Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend even though it of course sucked Eric was working. However, at least he’s on day shift right now so we ate dinner together and watched TV together each evening which was really nice.

Friday night… I was in the mood to cook and bake! I had a bit of a stressful week at work and I do find cooking and baking to be sooo relaxing and a nice way to decompress after a long day. I BBQ’ed chicken and potatoes, made a salad with lettuce from my garden and made this delicious Cherry Galette recipe (which I’m so glad Meghan shared in my blog comments last week!)

Other than pitting the cherries, which took forever, this recipe was so easy and delicious! I’m going to make another one this week as I picked a whole bunch of Saskatoon berries over the weekend.

Saturday morning… I slept in until about 8:30 and then got up and had breakfast and coffee while reading my book. Then at 10am I headed to yoga. It was an amazing flow-y yoga class, but man did I use my blocks a lot. This belly is really starting to get in the way! After yoga I picked up my mom to head to the Farmer’s Market where I got some fresh fruit and beets. So much yum!

We then went for lunch and after lunch I headed home to get productive. I swept and sprayed down our driveway, tidied up the house, started the laundry and started making dinner. When Eric got home we hung out on the couch together and watched two episodes of Big Brother.

Sunday… another sleep-in until 8. Oh how I love weekends! Then I had a delicious breakfast with coffee and my book.

After breakfast I took Chloe for a 45 minute walk and then met up with my aunt to pick some saskatoons. Later my mom and brother came over to help me paint the dresser and nightstand for the nursery.

I absolutely love how it turned out! We painted them with the rustoleum chalked paint in chiffon cream. They are much creamier in colour than they look in the picture. The nighstand was a dark brown before and the dresser was a teal colour. I was so impressed by how well the chalk paint covered them both!

After painting we went out for lunch and then I spent some time laying on the couch reading my book and resting. Later I met up with my aunt to pick more saskatoon berries – they grow wild up here and there were a bunch of bushes near our house. I can’t wait to make a galette with them!

Sunday evening I got dinner ready for when Eric got home at 7:30pm and then we ate together on the couch while watching the new Game of Thrones episode. I went straight to bed after that as I had to get up and get to work early yesterday, which is why this weekend recap blog post is a day late.

And that was my weekend! Obviously if Eric hadn’t been working it would have been even better, but at least we got to spend our evenings together since he’s home at night.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? 

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  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like a lovely summer weekend! I totally remember yoga after about 20 weeks being hilarious. But it’s still so nice to do!

  2. I’m glad that Eric is on days again so you can at least have your evenings together. So tough to see so little of each other! Sounds like a really great weekend, though. That gallette looks soooo good! I love desserts like that. I should see if there is a GF version of that.

    My weekend was really nice. We left early on Friday so we could get up to my parents by dinner time on Friday. We played this rummy game that I absolutely love and I won! Woo hoo! Saturday was a great lake day. I took a nice long walk in the morning, we went on a pontoon ride mid-day, and then to a dinner theater play in the evening. Sunday wasn’t very nice so we left around 1 which was nice as I don’t like getting back late on Sundays!

  3. Mmmm, Saskatoon berries are my fave!! I had some this morning 🙂

    My weekend was really good, as we went to Saskatoon to visit my mom.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Dark Matter! I really liked that book.

    My weekend was great. It rained here on Saturday so I spent the day getting things done inside, which was much needed. The weather on Sunday was perfect so we went outside and wandered around checking out festivals, etc. Winnipeg just hums at this time of year – there’s so much going on!

  5. Lindsey says:

    I love saskatoons! We usually pick them but have not gone out this year yet – boo!
    What do you think of Big Brother this season? There are some special people on there lol
    The dresser and night stand look great!

    • Amber says:

      Oh man – I was SO FRUSTRATED by the last two episodes. Jessica is ridiculous and totally wasted her power! But I love the drama and love the competitions, so I’ll keep watching.

  6. Stephany says:

    Hooray for Eric working days! That must be such a nice change, even though it sucks he’s not home during the day. But at least you get some nighttime with him.

    Are you watching BB USA? I always forgot that you’re a fan!

    My weekend was pretty good! I had some freelancing to do, got my hair cut, had game night with the fam, and met with a friend for writing.

    • Amber says:

      Yes we’ve been behind so catching up but finally got all caught up tonight! I didn’t watch it last summer but I have watched several seasons of it in the past, it’s my favourite reality show!

  7. Lauren says:

    That galette looks amazing!

  8. San says:

    That cherry pastry looks delicious!

  9. John Iyer says:

    Looking so Delicious. Really Nice and Interesting Post. Keep Posting. Thanks for Sharing.

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