The high of my week was hitting 24 weeks, which is the first viability milestone of pregnancy! Obviously I will continue to hope for an uneventful pregnancy where Baby H cooks for the remaining 16 weeks, but it’s always good to know that if something crazy happened the chances of baby surviving are higher than ever, and only getting higher with each passing day.

24 week bump! 

The low of my week was realizing that I’m probably going to have to slow down a bit with my workouts. Since week 16 I’ve been doing Fitness Blender HIIT / Strength workouts 3x per week and feeling amazing. However, on Monday and Tuesday of last week while doing my workout I noticed this pressure / uncomfortable feeling in my lower belly. I also noticed it later in the day when taking Chloe for a brisk walk. I’m going to mention it to my doctor at my next appointment and see what they say, but for now I’m taking it as a sign that I need to ease off a bit. I did do a Fitness Blender workout that was strictly strength last night and felt fine, so maybe it’s just the higher intensity stuff I’ll have to cut (even though I’ve been doing low impact modifications). I also felt fine when I swam this week, so may have to add in swimming an extra day a week instead.

A podcast episode I loved was all the old Girl Next Door episodes I’m binge listening to are amazing. They are just SO fun to listen to and have me laughing out loud. The latest Young House Love Has a Podcast episode is also laugh-out-loud hilarious! I love when they slow their voice speed down to show their listeners what ‘drunk’ John and Sherry would sound like!

For my workouts, I completed Fitness Blender on Monday (Total Body Burnout) and Tuesday (Fat Burning HIIT Cardio with no equipment) mornings, on Wednesday morning I went swimming for 30 minutes before work, on Thursday I did another Fitness Blender workout (Challenging Dynamic Superset Workout) after work. I’ve also hit my 10,000+ steps every day this week. As of today I am on my way down to Scotch Creek to spend 5 days at my moms lake home, so I plan to just take lots of walks and possibly swim laps in the outdoor pool for the next week and give my body a break. I really hope to continue doing some sort of strength training throughout the remainder of the 2nd trimester and into the 3rd, just not sure what that will look like yet!

The best money I spent was on the chalk paint to re-paint a dresser and nightstand we’ll be using in the nursery. I really really wish I had taken before photos, but sadly I did not. This dresser used to be a teal green-blue colour and the nightstand was a typical dark brown. My mom helped me sand them down and paint them and then we also spray-painted the handles grey. The 2 small cans of chalk paint, spray paint for the handles and sandpaper came to $75. Way less money than I would have spent buying a new dresser and nightstand! Plus I have enough chalk paint left over to easily refinish another piece of furniture, that chalk paint sure goes a long ways!

My plans this weekend include being in vacation mode! I will be in Scotch Creek, where it is currently around 35 C (95 F). I plan to sleep in every morning I’m there, go for a walk before it gets too hot out and then spend lots of time by the pool and/or lake reading my book. I also want to bike to the local Farmer’s Market on Sunday as the Farmer’s Markets down south are sooo amazing with all the fresh fruits and veggies. Even though I’m definitely not looking forward to the 12 hour drive to get there, I am very much looking forward to spending 5.5 days down there relaxing, hanging out with family and visiting some friends in the area!

What are your plans for this weekend? What did you do for workouts last week? 

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  1. Lisa of Lisa's Yarns says:

    Have the best time on your getaway! It will be so nice to relax and see family and friends! That drive sounds LONG but you are so good about long car trips. I can barely stand the 3 hours it takes me to get to the lake!!

    I am at the lake now and will stay until tomorrow afternoon. It will be nice to get back on Saturday so I can get some things done around the house and spend time with phil. I haven’t cooked much lately so I want to try to make a nice dinner for us on Sunday evening. Maybe lentil enchiladas since that is his favorite meal. It’s not a summery meal but sounds good right now and makes the best leftovers!!

  2. Lindsey says:

    I know that pain in the lower belly, I had it a lot, sometimes just walking did it. Mine was caused my pressure on a nerve from baby.
    I agree re-finishing furniture is way cheaper than buying new, I cannot believe how much some sets are.
    Everyone your holiday!

  3. Lindsey says:

    I meant enjoy your holiday 😉

  4. Sam says:

    Think of all the pee breaks on the trip! Ha ha. It is great that you’re coming down for a visit. Don’t beat yourself up on the fitness stuff, you are growing a person every single minute of the day and it takes a lot more work than we’re usually aware of. The bump looks awesome :). Have a safe drive!

  5. Stephany says:

    Awww, your bump is so cute. I can’t believe you’re already 24 weeks!

    A 12-hour road trip sounds like my nightmare, haha. A good time to get caught up on podcasts and/or read an audiobook or two!

  6. Lauren says:

    Hope you have a great trip and getting in lots of relaxing. And hopefully, backing off the HIIT helps keep any weird pains at bay. 🙂

  7. San says:

    Have so much fun on your long weekend trip , it sounds fantastic!

    Also, look at your cute bump! 🙂

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