I haven’t done a TGIF post in foreverrrrr, so here is another one to finish off the week!

The high of my week was harvesting the above lettuce and zucchini from my garden yesterday after work (I clearly live such a thrilling life ;)) but in all reality gardening has been such a fun hobby for me to take on this year. So far I’ve only been able to harvest lettuce (this is my second haul this size) and this one zucchini, but I have an insane number of green tomatoes so I’m excited for them to turn red so I can pick them.

The low of my week was work stuff. I’ll leave it at that as I don’t get into work things on the blog 😉

A podcast episode I loved was this episode by Planet Money on Donald Trump Jr. meeting with the Russians. I’m always amazed how Planet Money can fit SO much information into such short episodes! I also am still binge listening to old Girl Next Door episodes and loving every one of them.

For my workouts, I completed Fitness Blender HIIT/Strength workouts on Monday (HIIT & Total Body Strength), Wednesday (Tank Top Arms) and Thursday (HIIT & Lower Body Strength). Regular yoga at my studio on Tuesday after work. Prenatal yoga on Wednesday evening. 10,000+ steps every day (almost 15,000 yesterday!) and this morning I’m planning to go swimming for the first time in months.

The best money I spent was on the house cleaner. Man oh man having our house cleaned every 2 weeks is the best money spent. I’ve considered cutting it out many times recently – and sadly will have to cut it out once I go on maternity leave as my income is majorly reduced – however, it really is the most amazing ‘treat’ every couple of weeks to come home to a spotless house.

My plans this weekend include going to go to the Farmer’s Market and yoga tomorrow, catching up on some work stuff, baking a cherry pie (any good cherry pie recipes??) because we picked a bunch of cherries last weekend. Oh, and I also want to start painting a dresser and nightstand for our nursery. So I guess it will be a bit of a busier weekend. Eric is working so I hope to be very productive around the house.

What was the high of your week and the best money you spent last week? 

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  1. Lori says:

    I had fresh lettuce (out of a garden) for the first time this past spring because Michael grew some on the back porch, it’s amazing the difference! I had absolutely no idea! I’m sad because I think our tomatoes are done for the year, I need to research to see if there is a way to keep them producing longer… I’m trying to convince my mom to hire someone to clean since I’m moving out in 3 weeks. I haven’t convinced her yet but I don’t want to make the time to go back and clean every other week as my life is pretty busy and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. I love all your workouts! I’m trying to be consistent and I’ve stayed on track. I have a girls weekend planned for the lake in 2 weeks and one of my friends who is coming is a yoga instructor. I’ve never taken yoga, other than a strength class with Lisa when I visited MSP in 2014, so I’m going to talk to Brittany about maybe doing something out on the dock in the early morning as I think that would be a special memory for that weekend. Hoping you get everything you want to done this weekend!!!

  2. Picking things from your garden is so exciting! I picked a bunch of cherry tomatoes, green beans, zucchini and cucumbers last night. So fun to have fresh produce to use! Now that you have one zucchini, be prepared for an onslaught of more! I’m giving a bunch away this week since I’m not around much for the next couple of weeks.

    The high of my week was a fun night with Phil on Monday. We went to the driving range together which is something we hadn’t done for nearly 2 years. I am terrible at golf but it’s still fun to do something outdoors together. And the best money I spent was on nothing, really. My spending has been pretty non-existent since the wedding which feels so good after feeling like I was bleeding money for months! I mean, it’s not like I am not spending any money as I’m still buying basic things like groceries and stuff for around the house. But besides that I haven’t really done any shopping for myself. I am envious of your cleaner, though, as you know that is something that I would like to hire but have had to concede on that with Phil – at least until we have a child.

  3. Meghan says:

    You really should make a cherry galette - So delicious with the hint of almond extract! And way less fussy than a pie. Just make sure you use parchment paper on a cookie sheet so you don’t end up with a big mess to clean up!

  4. Vanessa says:

    I’ve been loving my little patio garden so much this year! We’ve got kale/peas/tomatoes/herbs happening and it’s been so much fun harvesting them. I’ve already been scheming up plans to expand the space next year.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I manage my time and what I can do to free up more of it for the things that really matter to me (spending time with Jackson, volunteering, hobbies, etc.). Hiring someone to clean our home a couple times a month is definitely something I’ve thought about and am for sure planning to do in the future. I’m glad it’s been working out so well for you!

  5. Travel Spot says:

    Harvesting vegetables is so rewarding. I don’t think that it’s not exciting! I think it’s so fun! Your zucchini is a little bit small, no offense 😉 what kind is it? Mine is one of the Italian kinds and they were HUGE, like as long as my forearm. Maybe I just didn’t pick mine early enough? This year I have not had any yet, but most of mine are “volunteers”, aka seeds that replanted themselves from last year, so I am not too worried. Except that they will probably all be ripe at the same time, and most likely when I am out of town on vacation. I also have a TON of tomatoes, but only about a handful have become red so far, but they are all heirloom, early girl and bush (big varieties) which take a bit longer to ripen than the cherry versions.

    Wow, enough about gardening! It sounds like your workouts have been going well, even through pregnancy. I love the Fitness Blender workouts; they are quick and they work up a sweat in a short time! Also, I like that there are a lot of different ones, as I don’t have weights so I usually do the body weight only HIIT videos. What do you get (extra) for the paid version? I have always just done the free ones.

  6. Stephany says:

    Ooh, I should listen to that Planet Money episode! I’ve never subscribed to Planet Money, but they often come up in podcast roundups. I should add it to my feed – lord knows I need yet ANOTHER podcast to listen to, ha.

    The high of my week was having Friday off! Even though I only work a half day on Friday, it was nice to sleep in and have a slow morning. 🙂 And the best money I spent was $9 on some wall hangings that I found in the Target dollar spot – hooray!

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