Currently: July Edition

Jumping in for another Currently post today!

Reading nothing at the time of writing this blog post… I just finished reading The Widow by Fiona Barton this morning and I will likely start one of the books on my kindle after I’m done posting this blog post. But as of right this second, nothing! What a weird feeling. The Widow was just OK. I am so tired of every book being marketed as “The next Girl on the Train or Gone Girl”. While it was a page turner, I didn’t consider it an edge-of-your-seat thriller and I definitely didn’t think it had a huge twist at the end (spoiler alert, maybe?)

Loving summer! I adorreeee northern BC summers! The temperature rarely goes above 30 C (86 F), which in my opinion is perfection, and we have these incredibly long long days. It’s 9:50pm as I write this blog post and still light out. Also after such a long winter (snow from October 1 – April 20 thankyouverymuch I cannot get enough of summer and know it will go by way too quickly so trying to appreciate it. Also our back deck faces directly west so we get lots of afternoon / evening light on the back deck in the summer. I’ve been loving sitting out there and reading my book in the evenings lately.

Feeling really great! I know I keep saying this but after such a hard first trimester of pregnancy it really does feel amazing to have so much energy and feel like my old self again. The energy is especially amazing after feeling soo drained for months on end.

Thinking about all the stuff I want to get done around the house before November. This weekend I’m going to finally try and get pictures hung on the walls. Only took 4 months 🙂

Anticipating our anatomy scan on Tuesday! So many people associate the anatomy scan with finding out babies sex, but it’s so much more than that. They really check everything very carefully to make sure baby is developing properly. So even though we are not finding out the sex of baby, I’m anticipating seeing him/her on the ultrasound screen again AND getting the clear that all is A-OK!

Watching nothing really. Lately I just have How I Met Your Mother on in the background when I’m doing things like folding laundry… or writing this blog post 🙂

Working on getting stuff done around the house. I wouldn’t say I’m “nesting” because I really don’t *feel* like doing it… but I know it’s gotta get done so I’m making to-do lists in my bullet journal and slowly getting things done.

Grateful for any time spent with Eric. He’s back on night shift which means our time together is fleeting these days. So anytime we can fit in a bit of quality time together is extra special.

Listening to The Girl Next Door Podcast. After my friend Kelly recommended this podcast multiple times on her podcast (Chatty Sisters) I finally started listening to it and I’m obsessed. I’ve been binge listening to old episodes and enjoy the conversations these two neighbours have soo much. It’s quite parenting focused as they both have young kids, but I still find it really fun and relatable. It’s also made me laugh out loud several times.

Wishing for nothing at the moment. Feeling pretty content and pleased with life these days. I guess if I had to wish for anything it would be that Eric and I could have more time together. We were talking the other day how we really took for granted when we used to work basically the exact same schedule and had every weekend off together. Hopefully one day we have that again!

What are you reading, watching and listening to these days? 

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  1. I’m glad you get such nice summers since your winters are so awful!! A high of 30C sounds perfect to me as that is plenty hot! I imagine it’s not very humid either since you are so far north but I might be making the wrong assumption about that?

    I’m reading A Little Life which I’ve put off reading for a long time as I was worried it would be too emotionally devastating! But I know you loved it so hopefully I do, too. I’m not watching much tv either. Phil and I tried watching the latest season of House of Cards but I can’t really enjoy it anymore now that our real life political system is so messed up. I’m listening to all the podcasts as usual!

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    You are lucky to get great summers! Where I live, the winters are similar to Fort St John’s winters, (October to the end of April, with -35C!) But summers are so short here and we rarely get any temperature over 20C, and there is always winds!!!

  3. Reading – nothing yet, but we’re going camping next week, so I’ll take two books with me on that trip.
    Watching – Big Brother!!! (that’s my morning show while on summer holidays; I enjoy it while having breakfast).
    Listening to – I just got the new Lorde and DeadMau5 CDs, so I am excited to spin those for the first time while we drive to Clear Lake on Sunday

  4. If you’re getting 30C highs and tons of snow, that sounds amazing to me. I’d be ok never seeing 90F again, and I get it for the next 3 months at least. ugh. Enjoy the summer!

  5. Kara says:

    Highs of 30 sounds wonderful to me! It’s currently 36 degrees right now at my house in the “mountains” of Kamloops and it’s just gross.

    Right I’m currently reading All the Light We Cannot See. I’m having a hard time getting into though so hopefully it picks up!

    I’m watching Orange in the New Black and have 3 episodes left of the latest season!

    Annnnd I’m listening to a lot of music from the Trolls movie thanks to Isla 😉

  6. San says:

    Not having the weekends off together sounds awful, so I could definitely see how you and Eric would wish for that… I hope it will happen sometime soon again!

  7. Stephany says:

    I’m glad your old energy is returning. I can only imagine how difficult your first trimester must have been – I know you like to keep busy! Right now, I’m reading Cocoa Beach by Beatriz Williams and LOVING IT, I’m watching Big Brother, and I’m listening to all of the podcasts.

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