A weekend at home

I’ve always felt this immense pressure to ‘make the most’ out of summer weekends. That internal pressure has only intensified since A) we moved north and summer is literally 3 months long – maybe 4 months if we’re lucky and B) Eric only gets every 3rd weekend off work because of his schedule of working 14 days and then having 7 days off. His last weekend off was the epitome of summer as we spent it camping on the lake.

This past weekend was the one after our 5th wedding anniversary, I was definitely feeling the pressure to do something ‘fun’ or ‘special’ or ‘cool’. After a busy week, before we knew it the weekend was here and we didn’t really have solid plans not to mention that the weather forecast did not look good – lots of rain and thunderstorms.

And so, in the end, we did nothing. Well, we didn’t really do *nothing* for the entire two days. But we stayed home for the majority of it. I walked the dog and checked on my garden and did a Fitness Blender workout, I spent lots of time reading, Eric did meal prep for his next work shift, we had my sister-in-law and our nieces and nephew over for dinner after picking cherries with them, we watched the finale of last year’s Game of Thrones in preparation for the premiere this weekend, I slept 10-11 hours each night and I finally, finally hung photos after having them propped up against the wall for the last 4 months! Above is a photo of our gallery wall in the living room and below is a photo of the gallery wall in our hallway upstairs.

It rained a lot and we even had a random hailstorm and lots of thunder and lightning so it really was a perfect weekend to stay home – we definitely did not miss out on any amazing summer weather – but I still felt a bit guilty not only ‘wasting’ a precious summer weekend but also ‘wasting’ one of Eric’s weekends off. He only has 2 more between now and the end of August!

However, at the same time, I also feel really relaxed and ready for another work week. I feel a HUGE sense of relief that I finally got the pictures hung – they had been weighing on me for awhile – and it feels nice to go into a new work week, and another 14 day shift for Eric, with a full fridge and cupboards, a clean, tidy and organized house, and feeling more rested than I have in awhile.

So rather than feel guilty, I am choosing to look at it as a weekend well spent. Sometimes quiet weekends at home are exactly what we need and that’s exactly what this was.

How was your weekend? Do you put pressure on yourself to ‘make the most’ out of weekends? 

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  1. Heather says:

    I am so not into his work schedule!! Will it ever change?

    I am the same as you…summer is slower for me at work and I feel like I should be enjoying every ounce of it at the pool or being outside. It is just too darn hot this summer to really want to be out there for longer than a few minutes.

    • Amber says:

      Not unless he moves onto a new company/project unfortunately 🙁 It’s got a lot of other perks – like great benefits, pension, overtime pay etc. so he’s sticking it out for now. It will also be quite nice when I’m on maternity leave for a year and we have every third week off together as a family!

  2. I struggle with the same feeling about having to fill the weekends. Our summer is longer than yours, but short compared to other parts of the country so I feel the need to make the most of it! But as I get older, the most I notice that I need to plan less so that I get an actual weekend that is refreshing and relaxing. Having a goal of a shouldless day/month has been good for me as it’s forced to me have one unplanned day a month (really I should have more, but baby steps). So Sunday was totally lazy for me but it felt so good to relax and just do what I felt like doing. I still did quite a bit between tending to my garden and doing stuff in the kitchen but I relaxed quite a bit in the morning and afternoon which felt great!

    Your gallery walls turned out so great! I bet it feels so good to have those pictures up on the wall and off the floor! That always makes me feel fully settled into a space!

  3. Marie-Christine says:

    I bought several pictures frame like 3 years ago to do a gallery wall and I have not hung them yet….!!!!

    I was wondering how were the wildfires near Fort St John?

    I’m pretty worried about the wildfires since we are leaving for BC in a few days!!!

  4. Lindsey says:

    I am the same way “with make the most of summer” and it is exhausting. Yesterday we did nothing really and while I felt bad we needed a quiet day.
    Love your gallery walls!! I am the same way, things on ym to do list for too long get to me so to have a quiet weekend helps that a lot.

  5. San says:

    Sometimes a weekend at home is all we need 😉
    We spent a lot of weekends at home and I sometimes wish we would do more, explore more… but J is a homebody (right now) and so we’re enjoying this ‘season’ while it lasts and enjoy our backyard and park in the neighborhood.

  6. Your summer seems like my winter. It only lasts a few months where it’s actually cool enough to be outside comfortably so I want to pack in as many marathons as possible. Glad you were able to make the most of this weekend! Getting small projects completed from a larger list gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. Well done!

  7. I feel more pressure to fill my week-days during the summer, since I am off. I know two months seems (and is) long, but it goes by sooooo fast, and I hate to feel like I wasted it. I try to get up really early, and make sure to spend a lot of time outside, and a lot of time trying new recipes, etc.

  8. I struggle with that feeling so much in the summer! I feel guilty if I’m not making the most of the weekend, but also really want to sleep and get ready to tackle my work week. I’m having an especially hard time ths summer because my partner is working evenings and most weekends, so when we do finally have time together it never feels like enough and I always feel so much pressure to go out and do all the things. I’m really looking forward to winding down for fall!

  9. Stephany says:

    One of the things I struggle with is not spending enough time outside – going to the beach or pool – because I need to take advantage of the sunshine! I definitely do not spend enough time at my pool, that’s for sure, and every weekend, I tell myself that I will do better. I try to make the most out of my weekends, but I also don’t feel pressure to do so. I just do what feels good, and sometimes that’s taking a nap in a dark bedroom when it’s beautiful outside.

    But also, I live in Florida and I can go to the pool/beach just about any day of the year! It gets a little too cold January-April (cold for us thin-skinned Floridians!), but I think that’s why I don’t feel the pressure to make the most out of summer. One of the benefits of living in Florida – summer never leaves, ha!

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