First Trimester Recap

On Saturday I will be 21 weeks pregnant, but better late than never to recap the first trimester of pregnancy right!

I might start doing weekly recaps in the third trimester, but honestly in the last 20.5 weeks I haven’t found my body changes *that* much week-to-week, not enough to write a whole blog post about it. Maybe that will change as I get further along?

This was actually the second test I took, I took the first one on a Sunday evening around 8pm, but it was a 2 year old dollar store test so I immediately went to the drugstore and bought a digital test and took it the next morning! 

How we found out: Well, I found out the typical way – by peeing on a stick 🙂 However, since we conceived via fertility treatments  / an IUI there was more to it than just that because I had to go for a beta test the next day, and then 2 days after that again to ensure the number doubled and another one a week later to confirm it continued to double every 48 hours. So I didn’t really tell anyone except for a couple very close friends and Eric until after both beta tests were done. Oh we also found out the day before we took possession of our new house and a week where I had 3 big events / meetings for work. It was quite the week!

How I told Eric: I mean again, we did an IUI, so he was expecting to have positive or negative results that week as well so it’s not like it was a totally out of the blue surprise 🙂 I took the two positive pregnancy tests and put them in a gift bag with a nice card and put it on the kitchen table for him to find when he got home in the morning from his night shift. It was really fun watching him open it, he was very excited and it was at the very beginning of his week off, so great timing to give him such good news!


Symptoms: So I found out right at the beginning of week 5 and week 5 – 6 was fine. Literally the Saturday morning when I woke up and was on week 6 I woke up sick. I was extremely sick from weeks 6 – 11. I had all the typical terrible first trimester pregnancy symptoms. All day nausea, puking, constipation, extreme food aversions, exhaustion and more. It was honestly a very terrible time for me. I actually just took a look at the notes I jotted down in my journal and around week 9 I did all of a sudden have a reprieve from the sickness for a few days, I remember it actually made me nervous something was wrong. Then week 10, which fell on Easter weekend, the extreme sickness hit again. I laid in bed or on the couch and was nauseous all weekend. Every night that weekend I would start barfing around 7pm and barf up everything I ate that day. I was actually really down on the Easter weekend. I was soooo tired of feeling SO sick, Eric was on night shift, I wrote down that I was feeling very emotional and sad at that time.

At 11.5 weeks we headed off on our big trip to London and Iceland and I think the time changes, excitement, being busy etc. helped a lot. I remember feeling nauseous a few times on the trip, but nothing like I had been leading up to it.

Oh, other random symptoms: peeing 4+ times a night and waking up at 3am RAVENOUS.


Workouts: Despite the crazy sickness I managed to keep up semi regular workouts during the first trimester. I walked Chloe every day, I still went to yoga once a week or so, I taught my 6am spin classes twice a week (I think I called in sick twice) and I did a few random Fitness Blender workouts. Towards the end of the first trimester I also started swimming twice a week. From weeks 6 – 8ish I didn’t start to feel nauseous until around 8am, so an early morning workout would be fine. By week 8, I was literally sick all day from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep. I remember laying in bed one night at 9:30pm trying to fall asleep and feeling like the room was spinning I was so nauseous!

Cravings: Carbs!! Like so many other pregnant women, I wanted all the carbs. I ate a lot of mac & cheese, bagels and cream cheese, fries, toast and cereal. I also ate an insane amount of fast food during the first trimester because I NEVER felt like cooking and picking up something after a long day of work was so much easier. I swear I ate more fast food in those 6 weeks than I did in the entire year leading up to it.

Aversions: Anything healthy, ha ha. Veggies & fruit did not sound good at all. Also I developed a terrible aversion to green olives, which I still kind of have now and it makes me super sad because I used to love green olives!

How we told our families: So my mom “had a feeling” and kept asking me. I avoided the question the first 3 times she asked, but finally she straight up said she knew I was ignoring her question and so she was going to ask me again. So she found out right around the 6 week mark. Again, a few close friends knew we had done the IUI so knew I would be testing that week so I told them. I avoided telling most people until after our first ultrasound, which we had at 8 weeks! I wanted to make sure little bean was measuring well and had a heartbeat, which he/she was. 174 bpm at 8 weeks, 3 days!

I told my brother and my dad by giving them these cards on Easter weekend when I was 10 weeks along.

And we had Eric’s parents over for dinner and told them the weekend before we left on our big trip, so at 11 weeks.

Because I was feeling a little bit anxious about how babe was doing after our big international trip and because it was so difficult for us to get pregnant, I convinced my doctor to let us get another ultrasound at the 14 week mark when we got back from our trip. So glad I did because baby actually looked like a baby at that point and we got to see our little mover & shaker wiggling around like crazy! It also made me feel better about officially announcing the pregnancy (which I did 3 days later on Mother’s Day the day after we hit 14 weeks / entered the 2nd trimester).

I think that’s it! But if you have any questions, let me know! Not to give away too much of a spoiler alert ahead of my 2nd trimester recap… butttt the 2nd trimester has been like NIGHT & DAY to the 1st. I honestly have felt so so great since about week 16. My energy levels have been great, my workouts have felt amazing and I’ve been working out super regularly, and just all around I feel completely normal other than a growing belly that is starting to get in the way sometimes and having to modify some movements in yoga and my workouts. So happy to be feeling good again!

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  1. I am so glad that the first trimester is behind you! I know how awful you felt.. 🙁 It’s tough to get excited about something when you feel so incredibly sick! I’m glad the 2nd trimester has been so much better, though. I love seeing all the bump photos. Of course it’s fun for me to see it grow since I don’t have to deal with clothes not fitting or feeling uncomfortable.

    I’m just so over the moon excited for you guys! I know that you had a very long and hard road to becoming parents-to-be but I am just so so so thrilled that it is happening for you! I can’t wait to meet baby H!!!

  2. Lori says:

    So excited for y’all!!! I’m thrilled to hear that you’re not constantly feeling sick all the time still!!! I’ve heard that the cravings for all the Carbs are so real!!!

  3. Creen says:

    I love the card idea!

  4. Kara says:

    First, I was so, SO happy for you an Eric when I saw the announcement that you were expecting! I’m pretty sure there was a tear or two for you guys. <3

    The first trimester is SO hard, so I'm glad it's behind you and that the second trimester is going good so far! I think it was the favourite of the three for me for both of my pregnancies. Can't wait to read more recaps, and your bump pictures are adorable!!

    Congratulations 1,000 times over!!!

  5. Heather says:

    So happy you are out of that nasty first trimester! My first tri wasn’t as bad sickness wise but what weird food cravings. Cheese, cheetos, and sweets.

    And get used to the constant peeing!! I went on a work trip when I was 30 weeks and peed about every 30 mins to an hour. I only knew that was the time frame bc someone commented on it.

    Baby butternut looks good and so excited to hear more about your journey!!!

  6. Leigh says:

    So excited for you and Eric! Did you ask your doctor about getting the medication to help stop you puking? The name is escaping me right now. Either way, glad you are feeling better!

  7. Marie-Christine says:

    Feeling so sick must have been so hard! Glad for you it’s over now!

    I think you are not finding out the gender? I think I would be too curious to wait if it was me! 😉

    Did you have more than one IUI done to get pregnant? I can imagine there was a lot of medical appointments etc, etc!

  8. Kelly says:

    I’m so glad your second trimester has been different than your first! Our pregnancy experiences (especially my first) have been basically the same, right down to the immediate sickness at week 6 and the international trip lol! I love all the bump pics and that I got to see this bump in person! Can’t wait until that baby is here!

  9. Sam says:

    Love this so much. Can’t wait to keep reading about your experiences. Keep growing that beautiful baby and taking good care of yourself, no matter what that looks like! (Delicious cheeseburgers included…)

  10. Stephany says:

    Oof, I’m sorry the first trimester was such a rough one for you. Every women in my family who has been pregnant has spent the first trimester SO sick (my cousin actually LOST weight in her first trimester because she couldn’t keep anything down!), so I’m nervous about that when my time comes. Nausea/puking is the wooooorst. I’m glad the second trimester has been much smoother sailing. <3

  11. H-woman says:

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for you!! (And reading the cards made me cry)

    Glad you’re feeling better in tri2. =)

  12. Sorry to hear about weeks 6-11 being so rough 🙁

    I love this re-cap, and it’s crazy how your food tastes have changed so much! I’d be sad about the green olives too, as I looooooove them!

  13. San says:

    So very excited for you… looks like things are going well 🙂

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