Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I haven’t done a weekend recap in awhile, but we had a busy / full weekend so I wanted to recap it. As some of you know, Eric only gets one weekend off every three, so it’s always a special treat when we have a weekend off together.

Friday night… we got pizza delivered, watched the latest episode of Riverdale on Netflix and went to bed early. Exciting times!

Saturday… we both slept in and then I honestly can’t remember what we did in the morning. I think Eric worked out in our basement gym (we have a home gym again in our new house!) and I watched Netflix. Around lunchtime I decided to get productive so I started some laundry, did the dishes and tidied up our main floor. Then because it was sunny and 9 C outside I grabbed Chloe and we went for an hour walk, it was so lovely! After the walk I made banana chocolate chip muffins.

Later in the afternoon my aunt picked me up and we went to yoga at a new studio that just opened. It was the very first class and it was a FULL room! It was an awesome class though in a very beautiful new studio! We both got 10 punch cards on sale so we can go to more classes. After yoga we picked up groceries for a family dinner at our house. We grilled steaks and made baked potatoes and caesar salad. Sooo yummy. I forgot to take a picture though.

Then everyone hung out and played board games until about 10pm. Photo stolen from my aunts instagram account 🙂

Sunday… we slept in again. Eric is preparing for night shift so he has been staying up super late and then sleeping most of the day, and I just used the excuse to lay in bed longer since he was 🙂 When I finally got myself out of bed around 10am I decided I wanted pancakes so I whipped up some banana, blueberry & chocolate chip pancakes with a cup of chai tea. Sooo yum! I ate it while watching Homeland. I’ve watched 2 full seasons in less than a month.

In the afternoon my cousins son came to visit while his older sister went to 4H. He is 18 months old and the busiest little guy! The only photo I snapped of him was after he passed out on the bed after 3 solid hours of playing and a long walk in the sunshine splashing through puddles 🙂

Saturday evening Eric’s mom, dad and nephew came over for dinner and to see our new house. We BBQ’ed burgers and hot dogs. I am so happy it is BBQ’ing season again!!! It was a beautiful sunshine-y weekend (even though I neglected to take ANY photos outside) and it was exactly what I needed – a little Vitamin D to perk up my mood.

After dinner they played nintendo while I made these flourless chocolate chip cookies from PBR. They turned out pretty good, though I used all natural peanut butter and as you can tell by the photo a few of the cookies crumbled like crazy. I think maybe regular peanut butter would have had more sticking power.

Oh and here’s a cute picture of Chloe laying on the new rug my grandma made us for our kitchen. She thought it was for her 🙂

It was a really nice weekend and I’m sitting here on Sunday night feeling quite bummed that the weekend is over. Especially since Eric is about to work a three week shift 🙁 However, at the end of his three week shift we go on our 2-week vacation to London and Iceland!!!!! So so excited.

How was the first weekend of April for you? Is it spring where you are? 

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  1. That rug is awesome! Your grandma is so talented! I could see Oscar thinking that rug was for her as well. She likes to lay on fluffy things.

    You guys packed a lot into a weekend! I’m glad the weather was finally nicer for you guys! It was nice here as well and it makes such a huge difference in my mood!

    My weekend was pretty low key which was what I needed. We stayed in and watched a move on Friday (Moonlight, didn’t care for it), Saturday I had a training session, met w/ a florist, did meal prep and then we watched a documentary on Netflix about an atheist woman that was really hated by many Americans. Yesterday I did very little. I was on the couch most of the day. I read and we watched the 2nd season of Love on Netflix. I went to barre at 4 but that was the only time I left the house. I just felt super exhausted. I know why now, though, as my hand started to hurt when we went to bed and I woke up in pain from an RA flare. 🙁 Work is super busy this week and my coworker that is usually in the office with me is out so I can’t take any time off today. Hopefully I can get a steroid rx. My doctor is pretty good about quickly prescribing that when I flare. Autoimmune disorders SUCK SO MUCH.

  2. Alison says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Sleep ins are the best!! So glad the weather is looking better for you guys as well.

  3. Sherry Sim says:

    I love your Grandma’s rug…..

  4. That sounds like a lot of rest, plenty of fun, and some socializing! I like it.

  5. Stephany says:

    Yay for a weekend with your husband! And super yay that after his next shift, you’ll be going to Europe!! That’s so super exciting.

    It is definitely spring (or maybe summer?) in Florida! I tried to go to the pool this weekend, but it’s closed for renovations. I can’t wait for it to reopen in 2 weeks, so I can spend some time at the pool.

  6. Leigh says:

    That’s awesome that you and Eric finally got to spend a weekend together! What’s Riverdale about? Homeland is such a good show. I’m not that into the current season, but I liked all of the previous ones

  7. Is is totally spring here, and it’s been wonderful! The first week of April has been pretty great, other than the fact I came down with a bit of a cold. I was good allllllll winter, and now this week had a sore throat, and a bit of hoarseness.

  8. Nora says:

    I love that rug your grandma made. She really should open her own Etsy shop! I find that when I’m having a lot of fun with friends/family, I rarely take pictures. As it should be, I suppose, as we are all living in the moment! The cookies may have been crumbly but how did they taste?

  9. Marie-Christine says:

    No Spring here yet… We often have snow until the end of May in Northeastern Quebec… I need some warm weather!

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