Currently: April Edition

Ohhhh hiiii! Ha ha. I feel like I’m starting a lot of my blog posts off with that lately. Blogging is just not really happening for me these days. It has been kind of a boring month. I have been quite sick for a lot of it, which has resulted in me not really doing anything interesting to share and also Eric has been working night shift and when he works night shift we don’t really get to do anything together because our schedules are so opposite, which also results in me having nothing to share!

However, in only 9 short sleeps we are departing on our next big adventure! We are going to London and Iceland for two weeks. In Iceland, we’ve rented a campervan to live out of for 9 days while we drive the Ring Road. It’s going to be a SERIOUS adventure and give me lots and lots of blog content to share with you all.

Until then, let’s do a Currently post 🙂

Reading: The Turner House by Angela Flournoy. It is an easy and quick read, and I am really enjoying the writing style and the storyline, the only thing I don’t love is that I’m just really not a fan of any of the characters. I have a hard time really loving a book unless I can find a character (or two!) to really get behind and root for. So for that reason alone it will probably only be a 3 or 4 star book for me, but it’s one of those books that I can completely appreciate why it’s so well loved and has won or been the runner up for so many awards even though overall it’s really not for me.

Loving: our new home. Even though we are not even close to being settled in 100% and still have a whole whack of boxes in the garage and not a single picture hung on the wall, I am just loving the space. It’s a great layout and set-up for us.

Feeling: so incredibly over winter. ALL of our snow had melted, so Mother Nature decided it would be “fun” to hit us with 30 cm (over 10 inches) of snow on Easter Weekend. (see above photo taken on Friday morning) Ya. And it’s still snowing out there as I type this. Not funny, Mother Nature, not funny.

Thinking: about what I’m going to have for dinner tonight. Doesn’t get any more exact than this 😉 But, since I’m typing up this blog post at 3:00pm, I think that’s a pretty legit thing to be thinking about!

Anticipating: our trip! This trip has been in the works since October 2015 when Eric first bought our tickets to Harry Potter & the Cursed Child. We have also been wanting to visit Iceland since 2015 and we bought our plane tickets last August!! So yes, it has been a long time in the works and I can’t believe it’s finally here, I’m so excited.

Watching: Friends! So much Friends, my all-time favourite show. I watched a few episodes on our flight back from Kauai at Christmas and then started watching the entire series again from season 3 in January. I’m now halfway through Season 10 and so sad I’m almost done. I just love this show so so much. It doesn’t even matter that I’ve already seen every episode 5+ times. I still love it.

Working: on getting a bunch of loose ends tied up at work before I am away for 2 weeks. I don’t really have someone to ‘delegate’ to at this current position the way I did in my old position / team, so I’m trying to get as much done ahead of time as possible and I will have my work phone on the trip with me and possible have to answer an email or two from away.

Grateful: for this life. Sometimes it is easy to get frustrated at life – our conflicting work schedules and how we never see each other, the neverending winter and me constantly feeling under the weather these days. However, at the same time we have so many things we wanted so badly a year, or even 1.5 years ago. A beautiful new house, steady, good, secure jobs that give us the means to travel. So even though I can get bogged down in the day to day, I truly am very grateful for this life I’m living and the path I am on.

Listening: to podcasts, always listening to podcasts.

Wishing: for the snow to melt and STAY GONE. No May long weekend snow this year pretty please!!

What are you anticipating, reading and wishing for right now? 


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! I haven’t done a weekend recap in awhile, but we had a busy / full weekend so I wanted to recap it. As some of you know, Eric only gets one weekend off every three, so it’s always a special treat when we have a weekend off together.

Friday night… we got pizza delivered, watched the latest episode of Riverdale on Netflix and went to bed early. Exciting times!

Saturday… we both slept in and then I honestly can’t remember what we did in the morning. I think Eric worked out in our basement gym (we have a home gym again in our new house!) and I watched Netflix. Around lunchtime I decided to get productive so I started some laundry, did the dishes and tidied up our main floor. Then because it was sunny and 9 C outside I grabbed Chloe and we went for an hour walk, it was so lovely! After the walk I made banana chocolate chip muffins.

Later in the afternoon my aunt picked me up and we went to yoga at a new studio that just opened. It was the very first class and it was a FULL room! It was an awesome class though in a very beautiful new studio! We both got 10 punch cards on sale so we can go to more classes. After yoga we picked up groceries for a family dinner at our house. We grilled steaks and made baked potatoes and caesar salad. Sooo yummy. I forgot to take a picture though.

Then everyone hung out and played board games until about 10pm. Photo stolen from my aunts instagram account 🙂

Sunday… we slept in again. Eric is preparing for night shift so he has been staying up super late and then sleeping most of the day, and I just used the excuse to lay in bed longer since he was 🙂 When I finally got myself out of bed around 10am I decided I wanted pancakes so I whipped up some banana, blueberry & chocolate chip pancakes with a cup of chai tea. Sooo yum! I ate it while watching Homeland. I’ve watched 2 full seasons in less than a month.

In the afternoon my cousins son came to visit while his older sister went to 4H. He is 18 months old and the busiest little guy! The only photo I snapped of him was after he passed out on the bed after 3 solid hours of playing and a long walk in the sunshine splashing through puddles 🙂

Saturday evening Eric’s mom, dad and nephew came over for dinner and to see our new house. We BBQ’ed burgers and hot dogs. I am so happy it is BBQ’ing season again!!! It was a beautiful sunshine-y weekend (even though I neglected to take ANY photos outside) and it was exactly what I needed – a little Vitamin D to perk up my mood.

After dinner they played nintendo while I made these flourless chocolate chip cookies from PBR. They turned out pretty good, though I used all natural peanut butter and as you can tell by the photo a few of the cookies crumbled like crazy. I think maybe regular peanut butter would have had more sticking power.

Oh and here’s a cute picture of Chloe laying on the new rug my grandma made us for our kitchen. She thought it was for her 🙂

It was a really nice weekend and I’m sitting here on Sunday night feeling quite bummed that the weekend is over. Especially since Eric is about to work a three week shift 🙁 However, at the end of his three week shift we go on our 2-week vacation to London and Iceland!!!!! So so excited.

How was the first weekend of April for you? Is it spring where you are?