Whole30 Round 2 Wrap-up

I finished my second Whole30 on Monday, February 6! I recapped the first week here and weeks 2 & 3 here.

I’m so glad I tackled Whole30 for a second time. The first time I did Whole30 was last June/July and at the time I really wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it. I spent at least a month getting mentally prepared for it and spent about 1-2 weeks meal prepping / planning before starting. It was quite an expensive Whole30 last time, whereas this time my Whole30 groceries only ended up being an extra $100 more than our regular grocery budget. And considering I only ate once in the entire 30 days, I will call that a win! I also bought way more fresh fruit last time, which was partially due to the season.

The 2nd time was definitely easier. I didn’t get any crazy ‘carb flu’ at the beginning of it and I definitely found it easier to eat on the fly because I had a really good understanding of what I could and could not have. However, other aspects of it were harder. I really missed Friday night beers with Eric and towards the end I kind of got tired of cooking and just kept eating leftovers and then got really bored. By the last three days I was ready for it to just be over already!

Last Tuesday was my first official day post-Whole30. I had a bit of cheese right after work for a snack and then for dinner I had sushi and wine. Two other things I had been craving like crazy during my second round of Whole30! I didn’t bother doing the reintroduction phase because I did a reduced version of it last time and I don’t believe I have any food intolerances.

I admit I have totally face planted into bad food for the last week. After sushi came fries, more wine, beer, pizza, hot wings and fro-yo. Those are just a few of the things I had last week!! This week I am determined to do better.

Will I do Whole30 again? 

Definitely. I love this eating program. It is such a great reset for me and I truly feel SO amazing when I fuel my body with REAL & WHOLE foods for 30 days. Even though parts of it are definitely hard and I miss takeout and I miss wine and beer it also feels amazing to eat such real and healthy foods and to tame my sugar dragon. I plan to do Whole30 again in June or July (I’d like to keep up doing it twice a year) and I might even take on a Whole45 or Whole60 next time… I wouldn’t mind doing it for a few extra days and seeing how my body does!

Have you ever done Whole30? Would you do it again or would you try it? 

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  1. I have not. I have considered it but it would require a discipline I’m not sure I possess ha. It’s hard when the other people I eat/live with would not be doing it.

  2. Congratulations on making it through another round. Way to go!! I have done Whole30 once, as you know. I am not sure if I would do a true Whole30 again, though. I think if I did it again I would allow myself to have legumes so I could cut back on the amount of meat I would need to eat. Plus I know I don’t have an intolerance or sensitivity to legumes. That is great that you did not end up spending nearly as much money as last time. I definitely found W30 to be soooo expensive and so much work! But it does feel good to fuel your body with good foods!!!

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