Kauai Recap: Days 6 & 7

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Day 6: Wednesday, December 28

So as you read in my last Kauai recap, days 4 & 5 were intense! Over the course of two days we hiked around 25 kilometres. 25 very technical, muddy, hilly kilometres I might add. We woke up tired and SORE on Wednesday. After a decent sleep-in, I think until about 8 or 8:30am, we definitely took our time getting ready to leave the house. We made breakfast and coffee, read our books and just kind of lazed around the Air BnB. This is one day where I really wish we’d had a condo on the beach – I honestly don’t think we would have left the condo / beach in front of our condo this day if it wasn’t for wanting to go to the beach…

We started by driving south to Poip’u Beach because I really wanted to do some snorkelling and had read online and in my book that it’s a great beach for that. Because we didn’t get there until about 11am it was SO BUSY. I did go in the water for a bit (Eric was not at all interested because it was so so busy) but it was honestly impossible to snorkel with so many people there so I gave up after about 15 minutes and we hit the road to find another beach.

We decided to go back north because we love the north end more and it seems less busy than the south. So next we found ourselves at Donkey Beach. The only thing with the north side of the island is the waves in the winter basically mean no swimming, so we sat in our chairs and read our books.

You can really see the waves in this photo!

Full disclosure, Donkey Beach was not the nicest beach and I probably would not recommend going there. There was a lot of garbage and the sand wasn’t very nice…

After about an hour sitting at Donkey Beach we headed back down the road and hit up the Green Pig Food Truck before settling in at Kealia Beach, which is right across the road. I had a super super delicious pulled pork sandwich!

Eric built this amazing chair in the sand at Kealie Beach, ha ha!


After another hour or so at Kealia Beach it was already almost 4:30pm so we decided to head back to Kapa’a and hit up the little Food Truck market on the north end of town, we had been meaning to go there for ages. Good thing we got back when we did because they were just starting to close up so we got there just in time to get some dinner.

Goofing around while waiting for our food 🙂

Yummy fish taco’s! They were so good!

I honestly don’t remember what we did after this. I think we probably just retired back to our Air BnB as we were still pretty tired from the hiking the day before and we were ready for bed!

Day 7: Thursday, December 29

This was our last full day in Kauai and actually our flight left at 10:45pm on the evening of December 29. One of the best things about our Air BnB is that we were able to do a late checkout for a small extra fee, so we didn’t have to checkout until 8pm! It was SO nice. When we went to Maui we also had a redeye flight home but we had to check out by 11am meaning we were feeling quite icky and tired by the time we got to the airport.

We started off the last day with a walk along the beach to see our last Hawaiian sunrise of the trip.

Since we loved the north so much we decided to drive north for the third and final time on this day. The plan was to go to Ke’e Beach, however the weather was really not that great as it was sprinkling on and off so on our way north we ended up stopping in Hanalei to rent kayaks and kayak the Hanalei river.

It was like a scene out of Jurassic Park. I half expected there to be dinosaurs along the edge of the river 🙂

After kayaking we had lunch at yet another food truck, Hanalei Taro.

Eric had a taro burger and I had the Kalalau bowl, which was Kauai pork and this special salsa with salmon in it (that we saw everywhere) over poi. I also had a yummy mango smoothie.

We then continued to drive north to Ke’e Beach but by that time it was around noon and the beach was packed. There was no parking to be found. If you want to go to Ke’e Beach when you are in Kauai go EARLY! The parking lot is tiny and it is a busy little beach!

So we headed back to the beach we hung out at on Christmas Eve, Lumaha’i Beach.

The weather really was not great. Very windy and sprinkling on and off. So we sat on the beach, drank beer, read our books and watched the waves crash. There were actually quite a few people there just to watch the waves. The pictures don’t do them justice but they were huge and so neat.

After a couple of hours we packed up and headed back to our Air BnB. We spent the afternoon packing, cleaning up the rental unit and I went and gassed up the car and vacuumed it out – it was so full of sand!

Once that was all done we hopped on the bikes and biked to the famous Bubba’s Burgers! We had heard so many people talk about it we knew we had to eat here at least once.

And after sharing this food from Bubba’s we also had to make one last stop at our very favourite place…

My bangs are ridiculous in this picture. Ha.

That cajun shrimp though…. seriously. SO good.

After eating we loaded up our stuff and headed to the airport. On the way there I stopped to pick up some Hula Pie because I was determined to have some before leaving Kauai!

By this point I was in a bit of a food coma from all the good food we’d had that evening so I only ate about half of it 🙂

And then we were off!! It was really nice to have two super relaxing days in Kauai after a few busier days at the beginning of the trip.

I will do a full blog post comparing Kauai to Maui later as I know a lot of people have asked for my thoughts on that 🙂

If you have been to a Kauai, please leave your BEACH reccomendations in the comments because I do feel one place we really struck out was finding good beaches. Or all the “good” ones were just soooo busy! Maybe it was the time of year we were there too? 

Have you ever had Hula Pie? 

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading these recaps! Phil and I read your Maui recaps earlier this week when we were deciding where to stay for our Honeymoon. I am so excited for that trip! We’ll be there for 8 full days. I know we’ll be exhausted from the wedding so I think we will relax for the first several days but after that I know we’ll do some exploring so your posts are so helpful!!

    I don’t even know what a hula pie is! But I am guessing I won’t be able to have one as I imagine they are not gluten free. Womp womp. I love that you were able to eat at so many food trucks! That is totally our style of eating. 🙂

  2. man that is cool! Looks like such a fun time. And all of that food truck goodies, wow.

  3. This looks like a great vacation!

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