Kauai Recap: Christmas Day

You can read about our first two days in Kauai here

On Christmas Day we slept in a bit, until about 8 am, and then got up with a plan to borrow two bikes from our Air BnB (one of the best things about it was that it came with bikes!) and bike the Ke Ala Hele Makalae Trail, which means ‘The path that goes by the coast’. Here are more photos and information about our amazing Christmas Morning bike ride!



It was sooo beautiful and the absolutely perfect way to start off Christmas Day!


The bike ride was 8-miles round trip and took us about 1.5 hours with stopping for photos.

Once we got back to our Air BnB we made a huge and amazing breakfast including mimosas and sangria.

40 christmas day breakfast

We also skyped and chatted on the phone with some of our family.

Around 10am we hit the road. Our big plan for Christmas Day was to visit the Koloa Rum Company. We always try to do wine / beer / alcohol tours and tastings if there are any in the area when we travel. They are some of our favourite things to do!

41 christmas day rum tasting

We managed to get there in time for the last rum tasting of the day. The lady who hosted it was soooo awesome and fun, we had to take a selfie with her 🙂 I usually don’t like rum very much but I loved the coffee rum!

42 christmas day rum tasting

We ended up buying four bottles of rum total! I was super nervous about them all getting home safe and sound, but they did. Even though the TSA agent did inspect my suitcase and move the rum to a different spot so I had a slight freakout when we got home thinking they’d confiscated it!

43 christmas day rum tasting

After the rum tasting we drove further south on the island to Port Allen where we grabbed a late lunch at a little hole in the wall shrimp restaurant.

On our way back from the south we stopped in to see the famous Wailua Falls. They were pretty amazing and you can just drive right up to them, which was cool.

44 wailua falls

And honestly by the time that was all done we got home around 5pm and we were pretty tired. We originally had Christmas Dinner reservations at a nice restaurant in Poipu, but once we realized we were a good 40 minute drive one way (further with traffic) drive from Poipu we decided to just stay in for our Christmas Day dinner. We had some of the food we’d bought at Costco, a few drinks and watched another Christmas movie and then went to bed early.

It was definitely a very different Christmas Day than what we’ve ever experienced before but it was also really, really nice to be away and spend the day just the two of us celebrating Christmas while also not really celebrating Christmas in the traditional way.

How did you spend Christmas Day this year? Have you ever traveled for the holidays? 

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  1. That bike path looks so beautiful! What a great way to start your Christmas day!

    I have never traveled on the holidays but think it sounds like it would be something fun and different to do! This year on Christmas we woke up at my parents and had breakfast with my family. Then we hit the (icy) roads and drove back to Minneapolis to spend Christmas day with Phil’s mom and brother. We ended the day by taking his brother home and driving around to look at Christmas lights in a torrential downpour, which was soooo weird for Christmas day!!

  2. Alison says:

    What a gorgeous bike ride and way to spend Christmas. SO beautiful.

  3. Sherry Sim says:

    Amber, Christmas Day we were in Christchurch New Zealand. Totally different for us as well but we were staying with my cousin. Christmas Day we woke up had some coffee and got ready for my cousin’s husbands family to come for lunch. There were 6 Canadians sitting at the table with a bunch of Kiwi’s so that was really fun! Afterwards we sat outside for awhile and everyone went home…..Then we had a great evening with my cousin and her husband tasting lots of New Zealand wines…..The weather was warm, and totally unlike a Christmas at home. Loved it! A change makes us appreciate it more…..or not….lol. It’s so easy when it’s just Jordan and I….., same as you and Eric! Happy New Year!

  4. Abigail says:

    Your Christmas day looks amazing! Man!!!– I wish we would have hit up that rum tour! But between our backpacking trip and scuba diving excursion – we didn’t really get time for that in Kauai. Coffee rum sounds fantastic. I had a coffee Rum while we were in Barbados, and really enjoyed it. It was my daily “medicine” when we would return from diving (b/c I was sooooo sick with a sinus infection)

    We have had some unique holidays lately due to our weird current situation of Ryan living all over the place. We did Thanksgiving in Vegas. Bet on NFL games, drank buckets of beer, and ate sushi for dinner with our friends — and then walked the strip and people watched. When I would put “the ideal situation” out of my mind – it was a BLAST!

    That bike path looks breathtaking! Ah, how I miss Hawaii.

  5. Ruby says:

    Hi Amber, I love reading your blogs, you clearly seem to be having a fun time every time.
    Keep it up, will keep reading your stuff

  6. Stephany says:

    Ooh, that rum tour sounds like fun. Rum is one of the few liquors I actually like, if you can believe that. I tried a chocolate rum in Jamaica the last time I was there and I’m still annoyed at myself that I didn’t buy it! It was soooo good!

    I had a pretty normal Christmas – woke up at my mom’s, opened presents, had my brother and his family over, ate a light dinner, and watched football for most of the day.

  7. What a way to spend Christmas!

    We were home this year, but for the two years before this we were in Vegas for Christmas day 🙂

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