Hello from a winter wonderland

Hello. I kind of played a disappearing act there. Work got really busy for a bit and then the longer I went without blogging the easier it was to not blog. Anyway, here is a random life update post with a few photos of the winter wonderland I am currently living in thrown in… I am truly in Northern Canada right now! It is a snowy, winter wonderland up here and the temperatures are now permanently below 0 — likely for the rest of the winter!


This is a picture from mine and Chloe’s normal walking path just down the street from our house. I think it’s actually quite beautiful right now! I love all the frosted trees.


And a view from our front porch. I actually stopped and took this picture this morning when I walked out the front door at 9:45am to head to yoga. Like I said, the frosted trees just get me and then the blue sky on top of that is so pretty!


Another photo of our walking path from the walk we went on today. It was -13 C (8 degrees F) when we went for our walk today but when you’re bundled up and the sun is shining and you’re moving it really doesn’t seem too bad!

Other life updates… 

  • I’m actually about to escape the snowy wonderland for a bit as I fly out tonight to spend 4 days in Kamloops / Scotch Creek visiting my mom and some of my friends. I can’t wait to see everyone! In some ways, our life down south feels like forever ago. It can be so strange to get ‘this time last year’ updates on Facebook or Timehop and realize that a year ago our life looked so so so different!

I’m sure there are other things happening in my life, but right now I’m not really sure what else to say. Life has seemed a bit — disjointed lately. Eric started a new job mid-October and has very intense and long work shifts. My work, while not nearly as demanding on my time as my old job, also feels disjointed and intense sometimes. I don’t feel very good healthy living wise. I haven’t ran in over a month and the last time I watched what I was eating was when I did Whole 30, almost 6 months ago now.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming New Year and a bit of a fresh start in 2017. 2015 and 2016 were life changing and life defining years for us – and in a later blog post I may go into that deeper – but I basically feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster the last two years and had some very high high’s and some very low low’s. I’m ready for 2017 to be a little more steady. A little more quiet. A little more about building routine and finding our stride again.

So there is a random life update, with a bit of reflection for the future and some snowy winter wonderland photos thrown in. Random, I tell ya!

What is something new that is going on in your life lately? And what are you looking forward to about 2017? 

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  1. Jenny says:

    It looks so pretty with all the snow! We don’t have any in Calgary (yet) but I’m looking forward to when we finally do. Right now I’ma also working a lot so I’m really looking forward to winter break starting (less than 4 weeks)! I’m also hopeful that we’ll settle into a better routine in 2017 – things have just been so busy.

  2. We have no snow here in Regina, and the temperatures have been soooo nice!! It was +6 on Friday!

  3. H-woman says:

    I’m looking forward to ski season! And the lottery gods to bless me with a big win…=P

  4. Bronwyn says:

    I’m just looking forward to 2017. Unlike most of the world (it seems) 2016 has not been personally all that bad, in fact it’s been pretty great! But I always love a new year, and this year I’m excited to have a quiet and down time filled December to reflect on this past year and prepare for the new one.

  5. It sure does look beautiful and that walking path is absolutely breath taking! I’m glad that you’re able to get out and enjoy it with all the layers—cause that sounds COOOOLD 🙂

    And I feel like that has been a recurring theme for many in life this year—that 2016 from the get go was just sort of well, rocky, or “off” seeming. I truthfully had one of my best years in 2015, but I’m ready (in some ways) for 2017 (even with all the unsteadiness it might present). FOR YOU, I am hoping for a truly life changing (in a good way!) and restoring 2017, because if anyone deserves it…it’s you lovely lady! Sending a big hug to you….

  6. Leigh says:

    Oh man, you guys have a lot of snow! We just got a dusting, but definitely not that much. I’m not ready for winter, haha. I haven’t been running either… come back spring weather!

  7. Stephany says:

    These pictures are so beautiful! They look like a postcard. 🙂

    I, too, am ready to let 2016 go and see what goodness 2017 has in store for me. It hasn’t been an awful year for me personally, but I always love the beginning of a new year and the hopefulness it brings.

  8. Lisa of Lisa's Yarns says:

    I love your winter photos! Those trees are so beautiful! We had some snow in November but it was wet and heavy and melted right away. It’s going to get cold this week so I hope we get snow because if it’s cold, it might as well be snowy!

    I feel similar about my health right now. I am not working out as consistently as I would like and my eating could be better. I might do something like a 21 day fix after the holidays to reset.

    2017 feels like a blank slate to me. I haven’t made any plans so I don’t really have anything I am looking forward to. I am hoping we can do a quick winter getaway to Florida in Jan or feb to visit my aunts and uncles that live down there. Besides that I am just looking forward to seeing how the year unfolds!! I hope 2017 is a calmer and happier year for you!!!

  9. Abby Nastase says:

    Your winter wonderland photos are so beautiful. I do miss seasons when I see pictures like this!! That walking path near your house is beautiful! How nice to have that so close to your home.

    I pray that your 2017 can have a little more peace and stability. We all have peaks and valleys in life, and getting out of those valleys can be really hard at times! I have faith that you are in the right direction to getting back in your stride again. You’ve had a lot of change this year!! I am excited to see what 2017 holds as well – and also nervous, as I feel like there are so many unknowns ahead! But my goal is to do my best to keep my stride moving forward 😉

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