Meals, miles, books and looks of September!

Happy October my friends! While you are all enjoying your beautiful fall weather this is what we woke up to on the morning of October 1.



It is apparently a bit early for this much snow. As you can see by this photo fall wasn’t quite done yet but the snow came anyways!


Lovely! Rumour is it’s going to melt before the true/permanent winter sets in. Fingers crossed that is the case – I will report back.

As for now, time to look back on September!



One of my favourite meals that I made in September was this Lentil Bolognese Zucchini Pasta from Minimalist Baker. It was so so good!


The lovely Lisa sent me the Minimalist Baker cookbook for my birthday and I have made quite a few recipes from it already. The zucchini walnut muffins (pictured above) were also delicious!



I didn’t do a ton of running in September but I did manage to get in 24.9 miles / 40.0 km of actual running miles but I know I walked many many more miles than that. Eric got me a Fit Bit (review coming soon) for my birthday and I have been aiming to get in 12,000 steps a day. I walk Chloe twice a day, usually for 60 – 90 minutes total, and I also try to walk more around my office building during the day (which was the main reason I wanted the Fit Bit!)

So while my running miles are down I am definitely spending a lot of time on my feet these days 🙂 Oh, and September was my first full month having an unlimited pass to the yoga studio and I went to 11 classes, which I am super happy with. I’m aiming to go 3x per week.



I only read three (3) books in September so I have to read exactly one book per week for the remainder of the year to meet my #read52in16 challenge!!! Eeeep. I hope I can do it. It’s coming into prime reading months though and I actually spent the majority of this past weekend reading so hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem.

A Little Life is a book I had been hearing about for over a year and it certainly lived up to all the hype. It was a truly incredible book, while also being emotionally devastating. I loved it though. I loved the characters so much and missed them so much when it was done. It was so impeccably written. I highly, highly recommend it. The Lowland was our family book club book for September and it definitely made for interesting discussion. It wasn’t quite as plot-driven as I like my books to be but the writing was really beautiful. I listened to the audio version of Notes from a Blue Bike and loved it! Tsh Oxenreider has a beautiful voice and was an excellent narrator and the book has some wonderful nuggets about living an intentional life and slowing down — something I am putting A LOT of focus on for the remainder of 2016. I recommend checking out the audio version of this book if you decide to read it!


I have lots of looks to share this month for a change! As mentioned a couple of times I now work on a construction site so the dress is much, much more casual than how I’ve been dressing over the last four years. It’s been an adjustment but I think I’m starting to nail it. Here are my looks for the month 🙂


Black jeans, linen tank top, navy cardigan, scarf and necklace. Combat-style boots sooo wouldn’t have been my style a year ago but now I wear them almost daily!


Super casual the other day. This pic shows the combat boots off a little better too. And I finally found a plaid shirt! I was looking forever.


This look was inspired by this outfit on Unfancy. Black jeans, white blouse, jean jacket and flats. Super simple but comfy and looks fairly polished.


Remember when I said I couldn’t get behind distressed jeans?? Well these jeans are distressed – barely! You have to look very very closely at the knees and you can’t actually tell in this photo. ha ha. I dressed them up a bit with a blazer and kitten heels, but still pretty casual.


I wore a dress!!! This was the first time I’d worn a dress since the spring and it’s because I had an event to attend all day 🙂

And that’s a wrap on September. Hopefully my looks for October aren’t all burrowed up winter looks 🙂

What were your meals, miles, books and looks of September? 

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  1. I still can’t believe you guys got snow. 🙁 I hope it melts quickly and that you get a break before the next dumping! It was 70 degrees here yesterday so I can’t even fathom having the kind of weather you guys did! But since you were feeling under the weather, the snow probably helped you take it easier!

    My favorite meals this month were probably the 2 recipes I made from Minimalist baker (a lentil chili and the curry you made yesterday). I also want to make some muffins from her blog, maybe I will get around to that this weekend! As you know I”m not running, but I logged some miles on my bike and got to return to more rigorous workouts like bodypump and spin! I read 6 books and my favorite were 2 you recommended (I Let You Go and Come Away With Me), and my looks for the month were more interesting than the previous months as I wore some new outfits. Your looks are so cute, though. You always look so pulled together. If we lived close to each other, I’d hire you to thrift for me. 😉

  2. Stephany says:

    Yikes – I can’t believe you got snow! Florida is still seeing 90-degree temps, so I can’t even fathom that.

    I read Notes on a Blue Bike and loved it just as much as you did. I wish I had listened to the audio, though. I love Tsh’s voice. It’s so soothing!

  3. Leigh says:

    A big no thank you to the snow! I’m not ready for winter at all and I’m sure we will get some soon. Love all of your looks this month! The bolognese would have been good minus the olives! Haha.

  4. Caroline says:

    Love all your cute fall outfits! I can’t believe it snowed, it’s sooo early for snow! Ah. I don’t want to think about it quite yet. I’m glad you’re enjoying Minimalist Baker’s cookbook! I’ve been wanting to buy it. I’m making my way through Shalane Flanagan’s right now.

  5. I love the dress! I am totally a dress person 🙂

    Ughh, we have snow too 🙁 I am not impressed.

  6. San says:

    You had snow already! Wow.

    That dress in the last picture is supercute! Also cardigan+scarf look! 🙂

    I’m impressed with your Fitbit goal. My goal is 10,000 steps but I can only hit that if I have a scheduled run on the calendar. If I just walk around normally, even on a good day, I might hit 7,000.

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