Birthday Weekend in Tumbler Ridge

Hi friends. Thank you all so much for the lovely comments on my birthday post last week. I meant to get this weekend recap up sooner but holy moly have I ever had a smokin’ busy week at work. I can’t believe it’s already Friday!

Anyways, for my birthday last weekend we planned a camping weekend in the mountains. A couple of weeks ago we bought this adorable new-to-us 1973 12-foot travel trailer. I can’t wait to spruce it up next summer! (The Nugget is my inspiration).


Tumbler Ridge is this cute little town/village in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains about 2 hours drive from Fort St. John. It is surrounded by incredible hiking trails, which is what drew me to wanting to spend a weekend there. Their tourism website and visitor centre is robust – full of amazingly detailed brochures for over 50 hikes ranging from 1km to 60km long. The four hikes we went on were incredibly well marked and I can’t wait to go back lots next summer in our little trailer and do more exploring.


We didn’t get out of town until about 11am on Friday so pulled into Tumbler Ridge around 1pm. By the time we set up our campsite and ate a late lunch/early dinner it was 4pm! My dad came with us (and brought his huge fully equipped motorhome so it was really more like glamping!) and he opted to go back to the campsite and rest. Eric and I decided to fit in two short waterfall hikes that were about 2km each.

First we hiked to Quality Falls, which was a 2.5km round trip hike and the trailhead is about 6km North of Tumbler. The trail and trailhead is really well marked and it’s a super pretty hike through boreal forest.




After we were done at Quality Falls we hit up the Flatbed Falls, which were super close to our campsite. We actually could have hiked there from our campsite we realized but it would have been a much longer hike. From the trailhead it was only about 2km.


The fall colours are out in full force up here already (welcome to the North!) and it’s seriously stunning.


After our two hikes we headed back to the campsite to get some much needed shuteye as we had a big day planned of hiking on Saturday!

Saturday morning we all slept in until about 8am and then got up and made a breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast and of course lots of coffee & bailey’s. A camping staple!

After breakfast we piled into the truck and headed out to our main destination for the trip: Kineuso Falls! Kineuso Falls is actually higher than Niagara Falls! It’s a pretty popular tourist destination in the area. Even with it being such a popular spot for tourists it was still a 50km (30ish mile) drive on a rough gravel road. The drive was beautiful though!



We walked out to the main viewing platform with my dad to check out the falls from above and then Eric and I hiked down to the river to check out the falls from that viewpoint. It was only 2.5km round trip but it was a tough hike, especially in the warm sun!



These falls were incredible – I’ve never seen anything like them!


On our hike down!


At the river view point!


My Live Love North pullover is the comfiest thing ever, and was also my birthday present to myself. It came in the mail right before the weekend which was perfect as I was literally living it up and loving it in the north last weekend!

After our hike to Kineuso Falls we headed back down the long gravel road. Our next stop was Barbour Falls which is about halfway between Tumbler Ridge and Kineuso Falls. But first we pulled over alongside this pretty river and ate our lunch and wished we’d had our fishing rods with us!


Barbour Falls was a really nice and flat route and was rated ‘easy’ on the Tumbler Ridge trail map which was perfect because it meant my dad could accompany us on it!



These falls were viewed from up high, looking down on them. They were really pretty! Again it was approximately 2km in and out.


There was even a little bench to admire them from!


On our way back Eric and I scurried down a super steep hill to get to this little pool area which is above the falls. I guess it’s a popular swimming spot when it’s hot out!


It was a great hike!

After that super busy day we all headed back to the campsite to rest for a couple of hours and then went out for dinner at 1 of 2 restaurants in Tumbler Ridge! A cold beer and a steak was just what the doctor had ordered after a busy day of hiking. We slept in until about 8am again on Sunday morning and then got our campsite packed up and ready to go. Eric and I were going to stop and do one more hike on our way home but it was raining so we opted to save it for next time.


See ya next year Tumbler Ridge!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome little getaway. I bet your dad loved joining you guys. It’s good that there were some hikes that he was able to join you for, too. The waterfall pictures are all so beautiful and I’m sure they were even more stunning in person! It’s great that this area is not too far from you guys as it sounds like there is lots to explore!

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Those waterfalls are absolutely gorgeous! Amazing, I’d never heard of tumbler ridge before, but it looks like somewhere I’d love to visit.

  3. Leigh says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend! How did Chloe do in the trailer for sleeping?

  4. Jenny says:

    That little trailer is so cute! I’ve been trying to convince my husband we need a trailer (camping would be so much easier if we didn’t have to pack and unpack all the time) but so far no luck! Looks like a beautiful area to explore!

  5. Heather Johnson says:

    I am so jealous of your trailer!! I’m dying to buy one and rehab it. We just don’t have the room at our current, soon to be former house

  6. Holly says:

    Happy (belated!) birthday! We went camping once this summer. I got food poisoning (at the one restaurant we ate at!) and our tent leaked – next year we’re either going to rent or buy a trailer 🙂 Tumbler Ridge looks like such a beautiful area! I really need to get out hiking more often!

  7. Abby Nastase says:

    Unbelievably gorgeous! I love your trailer! I have always been pro-tent, but am in the middle of a “change of heart” and really am thinking about getting a trailer!!

  8. Fun!!! I had never heard or Tumbler Ridge before now. It’s beautiful!

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