Whole 30: Days 21 – 25

Hello from day 27 of Whole30. HOLY CRAP! I am definitely at that point where I’m getting a little bit nervous to be done. While I’m daydreaming about all of my favourite things to eat… grandma’s fresh baked buns, ice cream, pizza and sushi… I’m also nervous about going back to bad eating habits after eating SO cleanly for 30 days!

I am toying with the idea of staying on Whole30 from Monday – Friday but eating whatever I want Friday night – Sunday. I definitely want to figure out a balance because eating this way does make me feel really good.

Anyways, here are Days 21 – 25.

Day 21


A sweet potato bowl on the deck with a delicious coffee from the coffee shop around the corner! Perfect Saturday morning 🙂 


3 eggs over fried sweet potato. 


Almonds for a snack. 



Dinner and breakfast enjoyed al fresco! A good day! 


Fruit for ‘dessert’

Day 22






Blueberries while video chatting with my brother in Germany


Lunch! 2 eggs on sweet potato with avocado and salsa. 


Afternoon snack with an iced coffee – black. 


More snacks while watching Gilmore Girls. I snack a lot on the weekend! 


Taco salad for dinner with homemade Whole 30 mayo processed up with avocado and cilantro. Soooo good! 

Day 23


Pre-run fuel. 


Back to chia seed pudding, but this batch turned out a bit too runny and I’m definitely way more in love with the sweet potato bowls. 


Tuna with dijon over a salad. Pickles and olives on the side. 


Afternoon snack. 


My FAVOURITE Whole30 meal yet! Cauliflower rice + Whole30 Pork Carnitas + Avocado-Cilantro Whole30 Mayo + salsa. As you are about to see I ate this steady for 3 days straight and loved every last bite. It was so so so good! And I was also so impressed with the cauliflower rice. I would definitely make it again. 


A delicious and juicy Farmer’s Market peach (I’d ate half of it by the time I took this photo) and an adorable orange cat in the background. 

Day 24


More runny chia seed pudding and black coffee. 


Apple with a bunch of runny almond butter on top. I have been eating a lot of almond butter this last week! 


That incredible meal again for leftovers at lunch and I don’t have a dinner photo for you because I ate this exact same thing for dinner as well!! Seriously SO good, I had two servings and made mmmmmmh sounds. 


Finished the evening off with some blueberries. 

Day 25


Almonds before the gym. 


Last of the runny chia seed pudding! 


So I showed you pretty pictures of my favourite dinner / lunch earlier but here is what it looks like approx. 30 seconds after I take the photo and mix it all up. I know it maybe doesn’t sound or look that amazing but it was SO GOOD! ha ha 


Snacky snack! 


The last of my pulled pork and cauliflower rice 🙁 It wasn’t quite a full serving so I had some extra snacks on the side. 


Blueberries + a juicy peach + almond butter for a bedtime snack! 

And that’s a wrap! Only one more Whole30 recap to go!

If you have done Whole30 how did you change your eating habits after finishing the program?? How did you stay on track and not lose the healthy eating momentum you’ve built up? 

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  1. Lisa of Lisa's Yarns says:

    Yum all of your eats look good, especially the pork carnitas. We really liked the cauliflower rice, too. We had that with a curry I made and Phil said he would switch it out for rice in the future.

    I went on vacation shortly after finishing whole 30 so I didn’t exactly maintain those eating habits but I haven’t been eating dairy except occasionally as a treat or when I am a guest somewhere. I also try to limit my sugar intake as I know it makes my energy tank. I think this is an easier time of year to stick to healthier habits, so that should help you stay on track since there’s so much fresh produce available and it’s easy to grill healthy meals.

  2. Mmmm, that surf and turf dinner outside looks sooooo good!! Those crab legs – oooooh yeah!! That picture makes me want to eat outside. We haven’t been able to yet this year, as all spring we had a bad tent caterpillar problem in Regina, and they were so terrible in our backyard. Then each day after they cocooned that we planned to eat outside we didn’t have the best weather. Soon though!

  3. Susan says:

    Your whole 30 posts inspired me to have chia seeds pudding plus raspberries for breakfast. Such an awesome combination I’d never tried before!

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