Big Bam Vertical Slam Race Report

Well I officially finished my first race since moving back up north, and it was a DOOZY! On Saturday morning I tackled the first annual Big Bam Vertical Slam with my friend Janine and her sister Nicole. Big Bam is a small ski hill outside of the city and they hosted this race as a fundraiser since the ski hill is a non-profit. So you literally climbed the ski hill. We were ambitious and signed up for the 10km option which was two loops as the race route is only 5km long.

Before I get into the recap I’ll just say, this was the hardest 10km race I’ve ever done. The hill was SO STEEP. It really was more of a hike than a run since we had to hike up all the hills. It had also rained for three days straight going into race day so the hill was so so muddy and slippery. You really had to watch your footing! I fell during the first loop and my pants were covered in mud for the rest of the race.

Anyways, onto the recap…


Here we go at the start! Some of these photos will be cloudy because my phone was in a plastic bag…

IMG_1049 IMG_1050

We climbed this hill (which was about 0.5km long) not once, not twice but four times!


This picture maybe kind of gives you an idea of the kind of mud we were running through! It was intense.


The view from the top, we also passed this view four times. This was the first time. Very cloudy and misty still!


You could see a little more of the view the second or third time past.


Yup, it was a muddy one…


2hours 20minutes later and we were done! That is a long long time for a 10km. The winner of the race ran it in 1:05, which is how long it would normally take me to do 10km on the road. So that alone tells you how intense of a route this was! According to the Health App on my phone we climbed 240 flights.

Post race we got a much-deserved beer. Nothing like running/hiking through insane mud like that and then drinking a beer all before 10:30am.



Not going to lie, if it hadn’t been for Janine then Nicole and I would have quit!! Since the conditions were so crappy they gave the option to drop out after 1 loop. And since you come almost all the way back down to the finish line after 1 loop it is very tempting to do so! But my friend Janine was enthusiastic and gung-ho to go out for our second loop so out we did. The only small issue was I don’t think they were expecting so many people so they ran out of water cups. Also, I was not expecting this race to take me so long and didn’t bring any food or gels and the aid stations only had water so I was STARVING by the end. Luckily there were cookies and oranges at the finish line or that one beer may have done me in 😉

Overall though it was an awesome, awesome race especially since it was the first one. I will consider doing it again next year but will probably only do the 5km this time. That second loop was so brutal!

What’s the muddiest, muckiest race you’ve ever done?? 

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  1. Oh man, good for you for doing a 2nd loop! I would have been so tempted to drop, especially since the conditions were so awful!

    I have actually never ran a really muddy race, which is a good thing because I have an aversion to things like that. I can’t stand feeling dirty or muddy so I would have struggled with the race you did!

  2. Nora says:

    Holy cow, that hill is crazy looking! Mad props to you for sticking with it and doing a second loop. I don’t think I would have!

  3. San says:

    Wow, good for you for sticking it out…. must feel like such an accomplishment that you finished!

  4. Jada Rogers says:

    Morning Amber,

    We at the BBVS just wanted to say Thank You, for all your kind words and we are so very happy that you and your girlfriends enjoyed yourselves.

    Hope to see you at our September Event (we are currently looking into bulk orders of cups hahaha)


    Laurie, Jada and Tracey

  5. Janine says:

    Awwww such good time! So happy we did it!!! I signed up for the one in September 🙂 This time around I am sure it will be easier and we know what to expect lol! Glad you are back home and we can run together woop woop!

  6. Kelly says:

    Oh man, this sounds like a tough race! I definitely would’ve wanted to quit after one loop but could see myself being peer pressured to do two ha ha. Thank goodness they had snacks and beer at the end for you!

  7. Fatemeh says:

    WoW! It seems you had such a great race. This place has very beautiful view. Actually I have never take part in any race like this, but I have experience to Mountaineering in muddiest, muckiest places you just cant imagine! LOL

  8. Travel Spot says:

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! I don’t really love loop courses, as it is so hard to go out there again after completing one of them. There is one I do in February which is 6 (or 7?) loops and every time when I am on the second to last one I tell myself I am never going to run that race again… Of course I always do! But the loops are brutal!

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