3 days in Kamloops!

Hi friends! I am currently in Ontario with Eric, my brother and my dad. We are having a grand old time and you can catch up on our adventures via my Instagram account: @amberyharding. I am also on SnapChat (@amberyharding) and have been snapping some of our fun too, so follow me there as well 🙂

Before I recap our trip to Toronto I want to talk about the three amazing days I spent in Kamloops earlier this week. Since we had booked this trip to Ontario way before moving was even on our radar the flights were booked out of Kamloops. So my dad and I drove down last weekend and I spent Sunday – Tuesday in Kamloops. I saw SO many friends and had the most amazing time. Even though I’m technically back living in my hometown now, Kamloops will always feel like home to me!


First things first, how hilarious is this photo of Chloe riding shotgun in my Dad’s motorhome?? It gave us both a laugh on our drive down.

Saturday night after arriving in Kamloops, I immediately headed over to my former coworker / work wife / good friend Geralyn’s. Her and her husband recently bought a new house and this was my first time seeing it! It was so fun to see her, her house, her adorable son and have an awesome catch-up session over wine. I really, really miss working with Geralyn and am always happy for our time together. Sadly we failed to take a photo.

Sunday morning started bright and early with the Blackwell Dairy 15km run. This is my favourite race and as you can see by my race recaps page I have ran this race many times before. Due to my lack of training, Sunday was my slowest time ever doing this race at 1hr 41mins and change. Huge thanks to my friend Jennifer who ran the entire race with me though. Running is always better with company, especially when you’re undertrained.


Our group of running ladies before the race – miss these ladies!! 


Thanks for running with me Jennifer! 


Ice cream after the race! 

My brother ran the 3km distance and it was his first race! He shared a race recap on his new blog, which I highly recommend reading as he is about to head off to Germany for a year so should have some pretty interesting content for awhile 😉

Immediately following the race we stopped by my friend Jen’s parents house for a visit with her and her family. It was so great to see them even if it was just for a quick visit.


Also, apparently when your friends have kids you stop taking selfies with them and just start taking selfies with their adorable children instead. At least that has been my experience!

I spent the rest of Sunday hanging out with my mom and my brother. We went to the matinee and saw the new X-Men movie (meh.) In the evening I went to a birthday BBQ for my good friend Tara and also played a baseball game with my old ball team (and we won!)

I was working from home on Monday so spent most of the day at my mom’s kitchen table on my laptop. Chloe and I met up with Carmine and Donut for a lovely (and hot!) hike in the afternoon, which was great!


Tuesday morning started out with Tara and I going on our 1-hour trail run that we used to do 1-2x every single week. This is our Peterson Loop trail that is very very hilly. It was so awesome to get back out there on our old stomping grounds and also have a full hour to talk and catch up. We talked non stop the whole time.


On Tuesday I popped into my old office and saw all my old coworkers then went out for lunch with my old boss and coworker. It was so so wonderful to see them. I miss my work friends and my running friends the absolute most from Kamloops. I had a really great tribe of people in both places and I know it will take time to build that back up in a new place, but in the meantime I just really really miss all those awesome ladies!

In the afternoon I went for coffee (which turned into sharing chicken nuggets!) with my friend Katie and then for dinner with my mom, dad and brother. It was our last big “family dinner” for awhile since as I mentioned earlier my brother is heading off to Germany soon.

Tuesday night I picked Eric up at the airport at midnight (ugh! He had to stay behind and work though) and then we were back at the airport at 5:30am the next morning for our flights to Ontario.

And that pretty much wraps up my three days in Kamloops. Each day was packed full but it was so good to see everyone and I can’t wait to go back again in August!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I just love looking at all your pics from this trip. They look so happy 🙂 I love all the selfies of you and your friends kids. This definitely was my experience too. A lot of my friends had kids before I did and I had a LOT of pics with their kids for a few years there lol.

  2. You packed a lot into this trip home! That is great that you got to connect with so many friends and family while you were there. My trips back to Minneapolis were always so brief as most of them were tagged onto something family-related or for a wedding or something like that so I’d see way fewer people than I wanted to. So it’s great that it worked out for you to see so many! And it helps to know you’ll be back in August!

    I bet that family dinner was very bitter sweet, knowing that your brother is leaving for a year. What a lucky guy! And congrats to him on his first race!!!

  3. Nora says:

    Love seeing your smiling face and all these updates; glad you were able to get time in with friends and family this trip!

    That photo of Chloe sitting shotgun IS hilarious. Jack did that once when Knight had his truck; we hopped into the front seat from the back seat and refused to move when I asked him to vacate my spot. Dogs are the best.

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  5. Travel Spot says:

    It looks like you had a great time back at home! That photo of you and Carmine almost looks like the background is fake; it’s so cool! That’s great news about your brother; now you will have somewhere to go on vacation this year 😉

    I hope you are having fun in Ontario! Toronto is one of the cities that I have not been to but would love to go… I have heard great things!

  6. SUCH a great visit and you got so much in 🙂 Loved the pictures of being back on those trails also—still remember that they are NO JOKE! 🙂 Hope you’re able to get back for another visit again in the next couple of months—I can imagine they all totally miss you too.

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