Oktoberfest Trail 8km Race Report

I had a really awesome time running a fun trail race on new-to-me trails last weekend so I thought I would share my experience on the blog. It feels like in 2015 I mostly ran races I’ve done before so didn’t do many race reports this year.

Last weekend a group of five of us drove up to Harper Mountain, which is a small ski hill about 30 minutes from town for an Oktoberfest 8km Trail Race. My running partner Tara had ran the race the year before and said the trails up there were amazing so I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint.

The five of us convoyed up in two cars, got checked in and had a coffee in the lodge and before we knew it the 9am start had arrived.

IMG 9715

There were not a whole lot of people doing this race, maybe 40 or so, but because the trails were single track it took quite a while for everyone to spread out.

IMG 9717

Most of the trails around Kamloops are very open and bare. We do live in a very desert like climate after all. The trails up at Harper Mountain were amazing! They were technical with lots of roots and rocks and you were almost always under the cover of the trees. They also had some amazing single track trails and most of the race was on rolling hills so it was a very runnable 8km.

IMG 9745

IMG 9721

IMG 9733

One of my favourite parts of the whole race was near the end when we broke out of the trees and ran along the side of the ski hill. I looked behind me and the autumn colours were beyond stunning!

IMG 9743

Such a fun Sunday morning! The group of us that went up together are the same people who tend to run together every Friday morning for an hour. Those early morning runs on Friday are more about social time than they are about getting a workout in. I even get up for them on days when I don’t have to work, like this coming Friday.

I feel so lucky to have made so many amazing running friends since I first started running in 2009.

IMG 9744

As of right now I don’t have anymore races planned for 2015 so the Harper Mountain Oktoberfest 8km trail race was the absolutely perfect way to cap off my race year. I will definitely be back again to do this race next year!

I also had an awesome run in the trails last night with Carmine, Donut and Chloe! Gosh do I ever love fall trail running. I really don’t want this season to end.

Do you have any fall races planned? If you trail run what kind of trails do you prefer? 

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  1. Fun! Sounds like an awesome race! You are so lucky that you live in an area with all of these different trail systems that are not very far away! Also, I love that I recongize/have met most of the people in your race photo! 🙂

    The marathon was my last race for the year. I want to continue to run when my legs heal but my mileage will be much lower and I’ll be more focused on strength training and other workouts. And I have not ran enough trails to have a preference yet!

  2. Fantastic! Those trails are beautiful. Congrats on such a fun way to end the season!

  3. Jenny says:

    I just tried trail running for the first time this year by running a series of 7 races, the last one was at the end of last month, and it was so much fun! I can easily see the attraction to trails as it offers something quite different to road races. I’ve got 2 more road races this year 🙂

    I love your photos! Those kinds of forest trails are probably my favourite.

  4. Leigh says:

    Sounds like a fun race! And that’s awesome that you’ve made such good friends thanks to running 🙂

  5. Nora says:

    Glad you had such a great time! Gorgeous photos; I can see why you love living in that area 🙂

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, those trails do look gorgeous! Not that I’m surprised at this point. Glad you had a fun race!

  7. Travel Spot says:

    Those trails look great! I think you have similar options to us, where you can do open, dry hills or green forested trails. I like having the option of both!

    I only have one more race planned and then I need to reevaluate my plan for next year. This year, I did not space out my races very well and ended up doing a clump of them in April and May which led to a heavy feeling of fatigue and lack of motivation over the next few months. Plus I was (am?) injured, which is difficult as well.

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