A full weekend outside in the sun!

WHEW! What a weekend! Actually, what a month. May was insanely busy with lots of stuff happening at work and almost every weekend jam packed full of stuff. I do have to work both Friday and Saturday night this coming weekend but after that I have four glorious weekends in a row with almost zero plans and I intend to keep it that way! Here is a recap of this gloriously sunny and beautifully weekend where I spent about 90% of my time outside!


Honestly I can’t even really remember what I did on Friday night but I do know I was in bed by 9:15pm for an amazing 9.5 hour sleep! I knew I had a crazy couple of days ahead of me and wanted to go into them with as much sleep as possible.


I was up early on Saturday for some puttering around the house and an early breakfast on the deck!

IMG 7392

After breakfast I headed to an amazing and super sweaty hot flow yoga class. I hadn’t been to yoga in three weeks and my body was really craving it. Post yoga I did a quick Farmer’s Market trip but all I got was lettuce as they were sold out of eggs. Definitely time to start going earlier in the day. I then grabbed a quick brunch with my mom and grandma.

Right after brunch on Saturday I headed over to my good friend Geralyn’s house where I was co-hosting her baby shower! It was a beautiful afternoon and we held it in her backyard.

IMG 7393

IMG 7399

IMG 7420

It was a super fun afternoon! I didn’t get any photos of myself and baby Cohen but I just had lunch with Geralyn and the little man the day before so got lots of quality cuddle time in then ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG 7387

Super fun day! On Saturday evening I took Chloe for a long walk, got frozen yogurt and prepared my things for the next day when I had plans to run a trail half-marathon.


Sunday was the day to end all days. It started when my alarm went off at 4:45am. I was then on the road by 5:30am and picked up friends Carmine and Tara along with coffee before driving 2+ hours to Kelowna for a trail race! Two other friends were already there. Three of us did the 21km trail race and two did the 10km race.

IMG 7469

This was another Dirty Feet series race. I actually did the 5km in this race about four years ago with my friend Jamie and remember it being really, really hard. Yesterday I tackled the 21km.

IMG 7475

It was soooo hot! I wanted to jump in that lake the entire time.

IMG 7476

IMG 7464

We ended up finishing in 3:22 and my friend and I actually chatted for the first 2.5 hours so the whole race went by fairly fast. It was definitely a brutal course though with lots and lots of climbing. Check out that elevation profile… I was very grateful for those last 5 or so km that were all downhill.

Screen shot 2015 05 31 at 11 02 31 PM

I was really happy with our time considering I haven’t been on my feet for longer than 1.5 hours since February. Also I actually felt way better after 3+ hours and 21km on my feet in the trails yesterday than I did after 1.5 hours and 15km on the asphalt last weekend. Amazing how much better the trail feels for my body!

IMG 7468

We weren’t quite as attractive at the end as we were at the beginning… Sooo sweaty! And my legs were absolutely filthy.

After the race we cleaned ourselves up as best we could with wet ones and headed for a much needed lunch. I scarfed down the most delicious burger + poutine.

IMG 7470

After lunch we immediately got on the road again and drove the 2+ hours home. We literally drove straight to the baseball diamonds and played two back-to-back baseball games for 3+ hours. I thought I was going to be much more exhausted at baseball than I was. I ended up feeling OK and had a lot of fun.

IMG 7489

Finally a full 16 hours after I left the house that morning I walked back in the door and settled myself on the couch to watch Game of Thrones. I worked on this blog post while watching and as soon as I hit publish I will be collapsing into bed. I better sleep well tonight after all this activity, busy-ness and time out in the sun this weekend. Don’t worry, I was lathering on sunscreen even though I still got a bit of a burn on my shoulder.

I kind of feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend now ๐Ÿ™‚ And of course I have a busy week ahead with an event tonight, a meeting Wednesday after work, meetings Friday night and an event to attend on Saturday night! One more busy week to get through though and life should suddenly be sooo much quieter. Can’t wait!

How was your weekend? Did you spend a lot of time outside?ย 

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  1. Bronwyn says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!
    The sun came out here too, and I did get a lot of outside time. Hiking, biking, chilling by a lake, it was awesome!

  2. Becky says:

    I don’t know how you do all of it! Holy moley woman! Glad you had a great time though!

    This past weekend was Awesome Con for Ben – he had a GREAT time but that means I pretty much didn’t see him all weekend and I was on baby duty 24/7 which was fun at times and exhausting at others. The Walk of Hope is this upcoming weekend and I feel like once we get through that maybe we can finally settle into a routine as the three of us?

  3. Lindsey says:

    That is a jam packed weekend! You did great at your race! I could not have done it without a lot of training. I almost signed up for a half at the end of July but chickened out since I have not ran over 10km in a good 8 months!
    I love spending all the time I can outside since we have such a short summer season I take full advantage of it and feel guilty if I am spending it inside.

  4. Holly says:

    Wow, what a busy weekend! I can’t believe you played baseball after a 21km race. I run 5 km and I’m done for the day – and usually take the next day off too ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a busy weekend with lots of outings – a trip to the local science centre to see the dinosaur exhibit, a good-bye party for friends who are moving in a couple of weeks, and Nathan and I even got to go on a date! We didn’t spend much time outside because it was cool, rainy and windy here. It’s supposed to warm up later this week, so I’m sure we’ll be hitting up playgrounds and spray parks to make up for staying inside all weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jenny says:

    Baseball after a half marathon, what??! You are superwoman!

    This Saturday I went to hot flow yoga, then spent the afternoon outside watching the opening match of the FIFA U20 soccer game and in the evening went to the opera. On Sunday it rained the whole day so I’m glad we got the good weather for watching football ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Before I forget to say this – dang Geralyn looks great! I would never guess that she had a baby 2 months ago! Wowsers!

    Dang life just does not slow down for you! I really hope that those open weekends stay open so you can have time to just be and enjoy the day to day parts of life! I am glad you got to spend a lot of time outdoors this weekend – those are always my favorite weekends! I was outdoors a ton this weekend, too, since we were hiking most of Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday. It was awesome!

  7. Kelly says:

    WOw, that is a CRAZY weekend! I am impressed you slept 9.5 hours on Friday night in preparation for that. If I had this busy of a weekend I’d be too stressed about it to actually get any sleep ahead of time. Gotta work on that.

    Great job on the race and the shower and everything! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope things slow down soon!

  8. San says:

    I miss playing baseball. That sounds like such a fun (but exhausting ;)) weekend.

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