Maui: Day 3 & 4

I’m finally recapping our trip to Maui! Click here to read about Day 1 & 2. 

Day 3 – Sunday, April 5

Day 3 was our early, early morning day. Our sleep had been off since arriving in Maui so on Easter Sunday I set my alarm for 2am (what? I know.) and got up to make coffee and get ready to go to the Haleakala Crater for sunrise. If you look up ‘Things to do’ in Maui on Tripadvisor the Haleakala Crater is number one and apparently getting up there in the wee hours to drive up for sunrise is worth it.

We left our condo at 3am and while I know that sounds crazy keep in mind that we weren’t totally on Hawaiian time yet so it really felt more like 6am to us. The drive up to the crater really wasn’t bad at all and went by pretty quickly. I couldn’t believe that in 2 hours we drove 10,000 feet above sea level!

31DSC 0625

33DSC 0633

38MG 6455

Click here for more photos & details about our visit to the crater at sunrise!

When we arrived back at our condo around 11am it was crazy to think we’d already done so much that day! haha. Not going to lie, the crater wiped us out and we spent the rest of day three laying around our condo and on the beach. In the afternoon we drove into Lahaina and checked it out a bit and on a whim bought a Go Pro camera! Talk about an unexpected travel expense 😉

We obviously had to play with our new toy so when we got back to our condo we went straight into the water for almost two straight hours! We ended up snorkelling until just before sunset this day and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I can remember sitting bobbing in the water, looking at the sun going down and telling myself “remember this, remember this, you are so lucky” (not going to lie, remembering this memory right now means a lot to me because we’ve had some crappy things happen in our life lately).

IMG 6500

IMG 6498

This sea turtle swam right up alongside us while we were snorkelling. It was SO cool!

47IMG 6491

Click here for more photos & details about our experience snorkelling at Napili Bay!

When we were done snorkelling we rushed inside, grabbed beers and dried off and rushed back outside to watch the sunset from the rocks alongside the beach in front of our condo.

52IMG 6504

IMG 2181

On day 3 we got to watch the sunrise AND set and both were absolutely stunning. I remember feeling so grateful for being on this dream vacation and having these amazing experiences.

After that we went to Imu Imu BBQ down the road from our condo for a late dinner. It was a cool place and the food was pretty good.

IMG 6478

The waiter gave me a pretty flower to put in my hair 🙂

IMG 6480

And that concluded Day 3 of the vacation 🙂

Day 4 – Monday, April 6

This was probably our most relaxing day of vacation! We laid around our condo all morning. Drinking coffee and reading on our lanai. It was lovely and relaxing! We were going to go for another hike this day but both of us decided to just relax and it was a good call because we were both tired and let’s be serious, doesn’t hanging out looking at this view sound like heaven? I’d do anything to be back here right now.

IMG 6518

Around lunchtime we decided to try another new beach for snorkelling and drove a few moments down the road to Honolua Bay. This bay has really great reviews for snorkeling but we found the water pretty murky.

051IMG 6621

050IMG 6622

Click here for more photos & details about our experience snorkelling at Honolua Bay! It was fun but definitely not as nice as snorkelling at Kapalua Bay or Napili Bay!

The only other thing we had on deck for day 4 was the Kaanapali Sunset Luau!

I wasn’t crazy about going to a luau but Eric really wanted to. We didn’t book anything ahead of time and just ended up at this luau because it was super close to our condo.

60IMG 6565

59IMG 6550

The sunset from that beach was AMAZING but other than that the luau was just OK – I would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

56IMG 6529

Click here to see more photos & details about our experience at the Kaanapali Sunset Luau!

And that concludes Days 3 and 4 of our wonderful trip to Maui. In hindsight, 6 days went by WAY too quickly and I can’t wait to go back for 10 days or two weeks in the future!!

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  1. I’m dreaming of a warm weather getaway right now as it’s stupid cold out right now (26F with the windchill!). You guys packed a lot into day 3 so I can see why you took day 4 easy. Plus with views like you had, you’ve got to take advantage of that and do some lounging/relaxing!! I’m glad you’ve got these great memories to reflect back when life throws your crappy curve balls. 🙁

  2. Alison says:

    What amazing photos!! You look stunning. I need to get there someday. I love all the underwater shots too. So awesome.

  3. Nora says:

    Those sunrises and sunsets are TO DIE for. I’m sorry you have some rough stuff going on in your life, I know that can be really hard. here if you need anything! Thanks for sharing your experiences with in spite of what is going on. <3

  4. Stephany says:

    I can remember sitting bobbing in the water, looking at the sun going down and telling myself “remember this, remember this, you are so lucky”

    I love that! What a special memory to have. I usually have a similar mantra when I’m off on a cruise because it is SUCH a unique time and so special and I always feel so blessed to have the ability to do something I love so much and that makes me feel so happy. I remember feeling this way when I was in Jamaica and watching the whole island before my eyes through an air tram and it was just BEAUTIFUL and special and I felt so lucky in that moment. It’s been 3 years since then and it’s still my happy place! 🙂

  5. I had a client who split his time between Atlanta and Hawaii, so 3 am hawaii time is only 9 am eastern time. He used to call/skype me all the time while his family was asleep and he was working with his office. insane! That sunrise is absurdly beautiful. What a fun event.

  6. Caroline says:

    Sooo awesome! Love all your photos! I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and watch the sunrise, sounds amazing!

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