Maui: Day 1 & 2

Maui Day 1 – Friday, April 3

I backdated nine posts about our trip to Maui over the last week and now I’m finally recapping it day by day! If you see links to different excursions / things we did it just means it links to a blog post with more photos and details about individual experiences. 

Our first day in Maui was super relaxed. Our flight had arrived at 9pm the night before so by the time we got our rental car and drove to our condo it was 11pm. We woke up with one thing in mind – FOOD! We originally tried to go to the Gazebo Restaurant which was just down the beach from us and had awesome reviews on yelp but when we got there at 7:35 (they opened at 7:30) there was a line at least 50 people deep. No thanks! So we hopped in our rental car and drove about 10 minutes down the road and ended up at Slappy Cakes. 

IMG 6311

Considering Air Canada ran out of food on our flight (yup) so we had swedish berries for dinner the night before we hadn’t ate a real meal for almost 24 hours. We were STARVING.

After a delicious breakfast we headed across the street to stock up on groceries for the week. We spent a good hour in the grocery store. I’m so so happy we rented a condo with a full kitchen so we could make our own food while on this vacation. Not only did it save money it was nice not to have to eat out for every single meal. 

After our grocery shopping we pretty much just hung out at the beach right outside our condo all day. Why go anywhere when we have this right there? 

IMG 6321

We basically spent that first afternoon alternating between laying on the beach, sitting on our lanai reading and snorkelling. It was pretty blissful. 

6 IMG 6322

7 IMG 6330

Around 4:00pm we got ourselves cleaned up and walked down the beach to the Sea House restaurant for “Aloha Hour” where all appies and drinks were only $5 or $6! 

8 DSC 0557

We got yummy appies, drank delicious drinks and enjoyed sitting on the patio as the sun set! 

9 IMG 6332

10 IMG 6336

And that was a wrap for day 1 of our trip. Pretty mellow which was perfect after the long day of travel we had to get there. 

Maui Day 2 – Saturday, April 4 

We started off day two of our trip with a lovely 3.1 mile / 5km run along the Kapalua Coastal Trail! 

IMG 6372

Click here for more photos & details about this beautiful trail! After our run we went back to our condo and made breakfast to enjoy on our lanai! 

IMG 6375

IMG 6515

We ate, read our books and hung out on the lanai for an hour or so. I decided to go for a swim while Eric rested so I did a 45-minute snorkel in Napili Bay and then went and got Eric and we drove over to Kapalua Bay to snorkel there

0011 9A

This was our first snorkel experience where we saw a sea turtle! Click here for more photos & details about snorkelling at Kapalua Bay

Like I mentioned in my snorkelling recap posts, you’d head into snorkel and feel like you were climbing back onto the beach only 20 minutes later and an hour or more would have passed. Time kind of stood still when you were snorkelling, or at least it felt like it! We had an awesome time snorkelling in Kapalua Bay and it was probably my favourite place we snorkelled the whole trip! 

IMG 6381

Once we were done snorkelling we quickly went back to the condo to change and eat lunch before heading to catch the shuttle at 1:30pm so we could hike the Mahana Ridge Trail. In hindsight day two of our trip was super active!! 

IMG 1949

21DSC 0591

23DSC 0603

Click here to see more photos & details about the Mahana Ridge Trail! This trail was a total hidden gem and I would highly recommend hiking it if you’re ever in this area of Maui! 

So after our run + over 2 hours of snorkelling + a 2.5 hour hike we were EXHAUSTED. Needless to say we hung out in our condo that evening and made dinner there. I think we were in bed by 8pm this night. 

Chicken fajita’s, a beer and another dinner with a view. Couldn’t really ask for more! 

IMG 6422

And that concludes Day 1 and Day 2 of our wonderful trip to Maui!  

11 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    Looks like you had a great time! So beautiful!

    Also – your bathing suits are super cute!

  2. Your first 2 days sound amazing! I can’t believe your airline ran out of food, though! That is awful! Plus it’s not like it’s a short flight! I hope they gave you some sort of voucher to make up for that!

    This sounds like my kind of vacation as you relaxed but also stayed active!

  3. Stephany says:

    I love vacations that are equal parts relaxing and active. I think you have found the perfect mix in your Maui trip! You don’t want a vacation where you are so busy that you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation when you get home – but you also want to see & do & explore the place you are in!

  4. Nora says:

    Gorgeous views from your condo, I can certainly see why you relaxed and hung out there the first day. I love renting places and being able to cook/make food/have snacks when you need them vs. buying everything out all the time. Better for the waistline and the budget!

  5. Heather says:

    Looks absolutely perfect!! Cant wait for more!

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  7. Abby says:

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Looks like such a great 1st days! That picture of you snorkeling with the sea turtle is one of the coolest pictures ever!! How fun!!!

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  9. Air Canada is the worst!! The food that you did get to eat looks great though.

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