Looking Forward!

Oh hey friends, I thought it would be fun to do a ‘Looking Forward’ post today as I have not done one in a very, very long time.

Today I am looking forward to going to yoga after work tonight and trying out my new Manduka mat (which I will be reviewing on the blog soon)!

manduka mat

I’ve been so busy with going to classes at the gym and doing home workouts and the occasional run that I have not been doing much yoga at all these days, maybe 2-3 classes a week. I have been thinking a lot about the idea of a yoga retreat lately. The hard thing is that Eric and I prioritize traveling together and he doesn’t do yoga. I need to figure out a way to integrate a day of yoga into our next vacation or if I could find an inexpensive long weekend yoga retreat to do with girlfriends that would be perfect. At the very least I’m hoping to check out a yoga studio when we’re in Maui – I love going to yoga in new places!

This week I am looking forward to another beautiful, sunshine-y weekend in these parts. So grateful for this weather! I am running a half-marathon on Sunday morning – the hypothermic half won’t be very hypothermic in Kamloops! – and other than that I don’t really have any plans. We will be doing some hiking with Chloe, I need to do some fitness course studying, and some yoga and reading will be in order.

This month Ok so it’s slightly over a month away (44 sleeps to be exact) but I don’t care I’m counting it! I’m sooo looking forward to our beachside break to Maui in April! Literally counting down the days to this little getaway. If you guys can believe it we I haven’t planned out a single thing. Ok, we have plans in our heads, we know we want to go hiking and trail running. We know we want to do some snorkeling. We know we want to eat good food. But we haven’t actually planned out anything or booked anything with the exception of the condo and the flight. It’s so not like me but I am working on being better about not planning out / being in control of every single thing in my life so I’m trying to be a bit spontaneous with this one!

Amber Eric s Wed-0026

This year I am also really looking forward to our second vacation of 2015 which is to the Sunshine Coast in July! We will finally make it back to the beautiful area we got married for our third wedding anniversary and I’m so so excited. We opted to rent a secluded, self-catered cabin for 4 nights rather than stay at the resort where we got married and again we have no real plans for that trip either. British Columbia, and especially the sunshine coast, is so full of beautiful and rustic locations so I can’t wait to do more exploring in the area!

Side note; I had a few people ask me where we book accommodation for traveling. We used Air BnB for our July vacation to the Sunshine Coast and VRBO for our condo in Maui. I often use Priceline for hotels (though more and more we opt for self-catered when traveling) and I have also heard venere.com is great. When randomly browsing trip destinations the other day (seriously people, trip planning could be a part-time job for me) I noticed that venere.com offers good deals for hotels in lots of beach destinations, including the beautiful Torremolinos, Spain, which looks amazing! Spain is on my never ending travel bucket list.

Other things I’m looking forward to this year is summer time in general, I just love summer where we live and we will hopefully be doing lots of camping! Also I’m excited to host Lisa over Labour Day weekend in September.

What are you looking forward to today, this week, this month or this year? 

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  1. Your approach to planning your Maui trip sounds very much like how Phil and I approached planning Santa Barbara. We had one thing each day that we planned on doing, but nothing required any booking so that was nice! And then we just filled in around it. I am a huge planner but it was so nice to not have a fixed schedule for our vacation so we could relax. Plus when you are close to the beach, it’s so easy to fill downtime because you can always go for long walks on the beach!

    Today I am looking forward to book club with some girlfriends tonight, this week I am looking forward to getting together with some college friends, this month I am looking forward to having some quieter weekends, and this year I am looking forward to visiting you, completing my first tri, and training for a marathon! I’m also hoping to add in some other trips this year like a trip to visit Becky after she has her baby and a trip to Miami with the girls in my family but those haven’t really been booked yet!

  2. Becky says:

    I’m excited to hear what you think of your Manduka mat – I’ve used them before and like them a lot! Also I think it’s great you’re not planning out all the thing for your Maui trip – maybe just one big thing a day and let the rest fall where it may?

    Today I am looking forward to my sister-in-law coming over in the evening to help me do some organizing for Lemon’s room. I’ve done a lot since the shower Sunday but now need to find places for things and she’s offered to (literally) do the heavy lifting for this part!

    This week I’m looking forward to our blogger hangout on Sunday – I think it’s going to be so much fun!

    This month I’m looking forward to doctor’s appointments – that sounds weird but I like going because we get to hear his heartbeat every time. Right now they are bi-weekly (my next one is Monday), but before the end of March I will be going every week which means I’ll really be in the home stretch!

    This year I’m looking forward to having this baby! We are SO not ready financially (I’m dreading our huge deductible because every time we get a decent amount saved something else happens and we have to put the money towards that), but emotionally I couldn’t be more antsy! I actually have a counter app on my phone – 61 days until my due date!

  3. Leigh says:

    You have lots of fun things to look forward to!

    Today: looking forward to taking Harley and Amelia on a walk as the weather is nice here today
    This week: nothing much going on for the rest of the week for me
    This month: looking forward to my two baby showers
    This year: looking forward to making a trip to Ontario in the summer and watching Amelia grow (but not too fast!)

  4. Bronwyn says:

    I’m going to be doing lots of local exploring this year. I’m pretty excited for that. The West Coast of the island is full of hidden gems of beaches and surf spots, and hikes, and this is the year I get out and see them all!

  5. Kara says:

    I don’t have much going on for the rest of this month other than Kyle’s birthday, but I’m looking forward to prepping for the arrival of Baby #2, my trip to Vancouver in March for the Maroon 5 concert, as well as just good ol’ family fun!

    And FYI – I believe my old yoga instructor, who has since moved to Penticton, is thinking about hosting a SUP Yoga retreat this summer. Could be fun for both you and Eric! I can keep you posted if I hear anything 🙂

  6. Holly says:

    Today I’m looking forward to picking up a book I have on hold at the library – I look forward to small things 🙂 This summer I’m looking forward to a week in Winnipeg (The kids and I are in a wedding) and possibly a long weekend getaway for our anniversary – we’re actually thinking about going to the resort where you had your wedding! I’ve got my fingers crossed that it actually works out for us, since Nathan and I haven’t been away – just the two of us! – since before we had kids!

  7. Stephany says:

    You have so many exciting trips planned this year! I can’t even wait to hear how Hawaii was. I am sure that is going to be an incredible vacation!

    Today, I am looking forward to SCANDAL. (This season is sooooo good!) This weekend, I’m looking forward to a trip to the zoo. This month, I’m looking forward to my nephew being born and my trip to Savannah (well, end of March, but I’m including it!) And this year, I’m looking forward to my CRUISE. 86 days to go – can.not.wait.

  8. To be honest, now that we’re back from Mexico, there isn’t a lot I’m looking forward to. How sad is that? I need to remedy this! I am looking forward to one of my best friend’s wedding in Oregon, but it’s not until August. Six months is a long time to wait for something good to happen!

  9. I LOVE my Manduka mat. It was a gift from my mom last year for my bday, but I would totally spend my own $100 on it now after using it. And this thing will last me so much longer than my other mats did! Seriously, it has not had even a tiny chunk come out of it and my old ones would just leave pieces of mat on my pants and such.

    It is on my bucket list to go to a yoga retreat (hopefully by myself or with a really good friend) so I can just enjoy it. I wanted to go a few years ago, but never made it happen. It is hard when you have a spouse and you want to travel with them and save your $$ for trips you can take together.

    We don’t really have any trips planned, but I am looking forward to this summer when the baby is in a wrap or carrier and being able to still go to some festivals or outdoor adventures before the baby becomes mobile. 😉 You could say I’m treating this as our last summer of fun together. Sad, but true. I hope we also do a little baby moon either to Seattle or Bend.

  10. Emilie says:

    I am also looking forward to hearing how your trip to Maui is! Hawaii is a bucket list trip for me but I’m terrified of flying over bodies of water. Actually, Canada (Vancouver) is really at the very top of our short list along with Seattle BUT the Sunshine coast always sounds so wonderful when you talk about it. Maybe we’ll just take a 3 week trip to the west coast, ha! In the short term, I am looking forward to spring (30 days) and warm temperatures (really, anything above freezing will feel balmy at this point!) I’m also counting down the days until our cruise in April/May. We are going with just my parents which will be nice as I rarely spend that much one-on-one time with them without my siblings around. Also meeting Stephany in April before we leave for the cruise!! Lots of good things coming up in the next couple months 🙂 I’m also looking forward to a big family reunion in July and a visit from some of my relatives in Sweden!

  11. Caroline says:

    I’m so jealous of the nice weather you’ve been having! It’s currently…. 4 degrees and we have 7 feet of snow haha. Certainly making marathon training difficult 🙂

    I’m still trying to figure out where I want to travel to in 2015 and when. So far I know I’m doing a short trip to Charleston, SC for a friend’s bachelorette and I’ll be in DC again to shoot a wedding.. but I’d love to plan a week away somewhere!

  12. Travel Spot says:

    You are going to have NO problem finding places to do yoga in Maui. I haven’t been there in probably 15 years and even back when I was there, there were so many yoga studios! It’s like the yoga lovers Mecca.

    I am also a big planner. However, sometimes it’s good to have an idea of what you want to do, but not to have it all booked, depending on how popular it is. When I did the Round the World trip, we booked the flights and sometimes the first night’s stay, but otherwise just went where the wind took us, and it was so fun! We would meet people and they would give us a suggestion and we could just do it, instead of having to say no since we were already locked into something else. I also think Maui is an easy place to not plan too much, since most things can be done on a whim. I do think you would like to watch the sunrise from Haleakala, as well as the drive to Hana and kayaking in the bays…. you can always fit beach time around everything!

  13. This week I am looking forward to dinner with my in-laws … this month, I’m looking forward to visiting my mom, and this year, a trip to NY!

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